Wouldn’t It Be Nice If

As the Shift deepens and we transition from the old hierarchial, linear, dominator paradigm into the new horizontal, spiraling, partnership paradigm, we can feel buoyed within the chaos that there are many on the same wavelength within this transition. 

They may have different terminologies, different approaches and different areas of interest and livelihood, but they are part of the overall Shift nonetheless in our potential to renew ourselves and all our systems:

    • We have awakeners and broadcasters heralding all things new
    • We have systems busters and whistle-blowers, exposing  that which is outdated, unethical and corrupted culturally, technologically, financially, politically, spiritually, socially
    • We have those actively resisting change
    • We have those who pray, meditate, intend and focus their thoughts, feelings and actions to manifest the new, as well as to heal their own and others’ shadows
    • We have those going about ‘business as usual’
    • We see ‘bridge-builders’ holding and articulating the fragile space between the old and the new, also covering all walks of life
    • We have those actively halting the destruction of rights, freedoms, resources, human beings, species and the earth so as to respect and keep these safe for present and future generations
    • We have those wanting to destroy those rights, freedoms, resources, human beings, species and the earth, with limited or no concern for present or future generations
    • We have those hands-on building the New frameworks via legislation, organising, constructing, activism, grassroots coordination 
    • We have those who, conscious of the multidimensional Quantum Field, experiment with co-creating the New…again, culturally, technologically, artistically, financially, politically, spiritually, socially
    • We have those fully immersed in the conscious communities and intentional alliances springing up globally for sustainable living

…and so much more.

Remember, all of the above is in the eye of the beholder.  However you ‘slot in’, and however you view all the other 7.7 billion of us….we all of us move us forward in an unending flow ever-forward….sometimes quickly, sometimes slowly, sometimes smoothly, sometimes chaotically/violently. 

In these times, due to numerous factors and massive cycles of change, it’s fast and often chaotic, with little respite unless we know how to cultivate respite.  (Make you sure do.)

Let’s keep this in mind when we feel overwhelmed by change and we are reactionary, rather than proactive. 

And also, let’s move on from ‘us-and-them’ in the sense that: my method is better than yours, I’m awake and you’re not, I’m right and you’re not, etc.

It all fits, and all the parts serve a purpose.  Even the ones we  don’t like. 

We are best to open into the purposes being served by the collective right now, and then be true to what it is we are discerning, creating, manifesting as a result.  That way we move on from not seeing ‘them’ as fellow actors with integral roles to play in our collective evolutionary journey and advancement, however volatile the roles may be.


Wouldn’t it be nice if we could consciously embrace how all the parts fit, and rather than engage in the old hierarchical ‘us-and-them’ stuff, we could choose to learn to fully be here, fall in love with life, ourselves and the earth, and become respectful keepers and caretakers of this interconnected, intelligent, living biosphere?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could act as if all life and love matter to us and to future generations, too?

Wouldn’t it be nice if we could be the guardians of the earth and its species because they mattered enough and we’d love them to stay?

Wouldn’t it be nice if ___________(this is where YOU fill in the blank)

What’s your ‘wouldn’t it be nice if’, and how might you go about co-creating it with others?

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