Women’s Mysteries Weekend Immersion

Healing the Feminine & its Abundance, Magnetism and Power

Join Fatima on a 2-day journey to unlock your truth, creativity and freedom. To dissolve barriers to Love. To let all the old stories rise to the surface, pass away…and to allow Radiance, Joy and Abundance to manifest in all Life Areas.

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Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne:  2019

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What do you really want to create and experience in the Key Areas of your Life?

Do you feel empty, uninspired?  Exhausted, unwell?  Does your life reflect who you really are?  Are the shackles of old conditioning constricting you from fully expressing yourself?  Do you feel ‘not good enough’?  ‘Not worthy enough’ to share your gifts?  Do you hold yourself back in relationship?  Sexually, creatively?  Do you ‘make yourself small’ to fit in?

The thing is, we are ‘biologically-wired’ for Abundance, Love, Ecstasy, Joy, Creativity, Radiant Health and Connection to the Source-Field. It’s in our DNA. Our bodies are own Holy Grail Vessel, with a natural, Ecstatic Pathway to co-creating harmonious Partnerships, Finances, Health, Soul-Centred Purpose, Transformation, Freedom, Manifestation and JOY.

But, for thousands of years, this Ecstatic Pathway that is the Sacred Feminine, our Sexual Energy and our Bodies, has been suppressed.  The power-centres that are our bodies have been considered shameful, ‘less than’, dirty, shameful, taboo and ugly…and so, that ‘biological-wiring’ has been severely distorted. This has created huge blocks within and repressed our passion, creativity, freedom and abundance.

And at this especially critical time, too many of us are ‘unconscious’ to the Power, And Freedom, Wildness and Beauty that exist deep within.



Join Fatima on a 2-day journey to unlock your truth, creativity, wildness, and freedom. To dissolve barriers to Love.  To dissolve stagnant, negative emotion. To let all the old stories rise to the surface, pass away…and to allow Radiance, Joy and Abundance to manifest in all Life Areas.

Over the weekend, Fatima will lead you into reclaiming the deep, magnetic core of creative power pulsating within your body and in the sexual organs and that is the Sacred Fire that is also known as Kundalini, Shakti, the ShekinahYour Life Force. 

In this way, you rewrite the ‘faulty scripting’ of the old paradigm and evolve into the New.

Yes, these are exponentially-transformational, challenging times that are pushing the envelope, pushing us all to the brink of our limitations and belief systems.  Asking us to be more than we ever have been.

And so, weaving fluidly a combination of the body’s Chakric systems, sacred pathworking and intuitive, shamanic processing, Fatima will move participants through Sacred Dance, Chanting, Breathwork, Mindfulness, the ecstatic poetry of Rumi and Hafiz, and more.

In Sacred Circle, we will share that which is present for us and Fatima will channel for the group the archetypal Black Madonna energies of Isis, Mary Magdalene, Kali, Lilith, Persephone, Sekhmet and others.

This is a transformational, integrative journey to embrace yourself with compassion, in deep surrender and love to bring to light, and to heal, your past and the accumulated fears, density, blockages, toxic imprints and memories stored in your body that inhibits growth, happiness and freedom in all areas of your life.


Join Fatima in an intimate gathering for a deeply experiential, transformational passage…


The body is the vessel, the key, the passport, the portal, the temple…to Living the Light, and living in a ‘New Earth’.  By freeing up its overall vibrational frequency from suppression, wounding and pain into its inherent Ecstasy and Joy, we ‘step into’ and merge with the Quantum Field, called by others the Source-Field, the New Earth, the Zero-point, the 5th-Dimension, Diamond Consciousness, Shambhalla, All that Is.

When our energy is trapped, distorted and driven down into old pathways that no longer serve us, we:

  • live in fear, survival, doubt, shame, guilt, loss
  • lower our overall vibrational frequency and magnetize what we don’t want in relationships, finances, health
  • inhibit our evolutionary growth by holding onto old hurts, beliefs and toxic imprints
  • feel crippled by lack of self-worth and self-esteem, and lean on our inner Masculine to ‘get things done’…to the point of exhaustion
  • experience abandonment, separation, rejection, loneliness
  • live life ‘comfortably numb’ and continue to ‘learn through suffering’

When our bodies are loaded with crippling imprints, life is joylessness, illness, limitation. We become controlling to get our needs met, or we may not even bother. We may ‘spiritually-bypass’ our own Truths and detach from how we really feel and create more problems through that bypassing and self-denial.

The body as a temple-gateway connects you to the Divine, and to your Empowered Self.

Over the weekend, you will embrace your body and truths, clearing that which is out of alignment….and learn to hold, flow and radiate LOVE and remember the purity and power of Who You Really Are.

In this way, you become a powerful conduit and co-creator for personal and planetary transformation. You change the fabric of your life as you know it…and Live Life as Love Itself.  Free.


Merge with your radiant creative potential and co-create directly with the Source of all Life…

People Who Have Worked with Fatima in various of her Programs say….

“’Thank you’ will never be enough… you are a most clear channel and skillful, heart-felt facilitator. I bow to your wisdom, your intuition, and your extraordinary skillfulness in the work you so joyfully and lovingly present to those fortunate enough to spend time with you in a life-enhancing journey where veils dissolve and spirits shine with clarity to do what we each came here to do.” AG, USA

“Words cannot describe the gifts Fatima brings to this changing world” CM, Qld, Australia

“Fatima I sincerely thank you from the bottom of my heart, as I feel so blessed for having had the privilege of being part of this priceless, unforgettable event, sharing it with you & our special group.  Also with your loving, caring, gentle way, you catered for all our individual needs – being attentive and totally supportive of our physical and emotional needs as presented” SA, Vic, Australia

“The way you have shared is (like) taking the buried (shadow) treasure from the chest (bottom of the sea), then dealing with the screaming “Mimi’s” that want to keep it hidden. The route I was going was maintaining where I was and not into my full light. The way you have shared with me is taking my birthright back.” M, Colorado, USA

“I’ve known Fatima since 2008 and had reading, workshop and personal mentoring sessions at various times with her since then. Her holistic understanding enables incisive, powerful, relevant and personalized advice and steps for action and serve as a unique bridge to our own deeper transdimensional understanding and growth. This has granted me a number of breakthroughs and “a-ha!” moments – each one being a potential game-changer.” B Gooden, Japan

“Fatima guided me through a life transformation. Working with me while I travelled internationally, she continued to provide me with insight, encouragement and love to bring me to right place at the right time. What an incredible journey it has been, not always easy but definitely leaving me wiser, stronger, confident and excited about the future. I am so much more appreciative of all my gifts and empowerment and fearless in my power to move ahead, confident in my abilities to be the master of my own destiny.” GM, Myanmar

“I can honestly say that (Fatima’s Mentoring Program) is the most valuable investment that anybody can make. With Fatima’s guidance I really learned to understand myself, my purpose and all that is. She has guided me in changing my life for the better. She is a beautiful person and I will be forever grateful for attracting her into my life!” ML, NSW, Australia

“I look at the world and my life in completely new ways and the results have been miraculous. Fatima has been there all the way, helping me, guiding me, going through my defrags and roller coaster rides. Fatima gives so much to each session, it’s like you are the only one in the world that matters at this moment to her.” SC, Qld, Australia

“This series has been essential for my journey. It has given me essential tools to navigate the changes. It has confirmed and further expanded my thoughts about the possibilities the future holds and has given me more confidence to manifest a positive, awesome future. It has given me a very insightful analysis of where we are at and an understanding of how we have arrived at this point. I am so grateful this is your passion and you have made this info available.” SJ, Adelaide, Australia

“The course is extremely powerful and effective. Old patterns and beliefs that did not serve me quickly dissolved. Received tools for manifesting what it is I really want, Now.” KS, CA, USA

“I want to thank you for coming into my life when God sent you. I have noticed a difference already. I will not fall into the old patterns again. Thank You.KJ, Illinois, USA

“In the space of only a few weeks we have moved onto the fast track and are truly in control of all that lay before us. Whilst everyone already has all they need to Be in this world, having Fatima at your side is a blessing. If your paths have crossed it may just be for a very relevant reason.” DS, Vic, Australia

“I can literally feel the new brain connections and the energy shift within my body. My DNA is twisting and twirling and somersaulting as it is taking on a new form. Of all the seminars I have done, I had the most growth from yours. It really was magical. Thank you!!!” KT, Qld, Australia

.Join Fatima!  Reclaim your Feminine Self and its Sexuality, Essence, Magnetism and Power. Live Life from Passion.

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