Women’s Mysteries 7-Session Sacred Online Temple

Three months in Spain have shown me many things.  And in this final day in Malaga in Andalucia in southern Spain, I have been shown all the more the Joy of Living, as if to indelibly stamp it within.  And for me, that Joy of Living is very ‘Red’. That is, filled with passion, power, music, heart, heat and sexuality…with all these very evident here.  It has been an extraordinary time.

Yesterday as I sat at La Teteria cafe, drinking coffee and writing, there was first one, then later another, flamenco guitarist.  Their playing and singing made my Heart soar as the power of their passion poured through.

And I thought of that saying,

“Don’t die with your music still in you.”

I vowed to myself to continue to embrace life as fully as possible in what are clearly turning-point times where we are rapidly moving now from one evolutionary paradigm to another.  Physicists, personal development leaders, biologists, visionaries and mystics the world over all attest to theIS Shift, along with the power we all internally possess to change our lives from the inside-out by consciously and actively directing our focus, thoughts and emotions into the New.

A critical part of this Shift is the return of the Sacred Feminine after 5,000 years of patriarchal repression.  We are watching women rise to power as never before, and by extension, we will witness the final collapse over these next years of patriarchy and all its toxic structures of control, destruction and continual warring.

Correspondingly, there is even greater focus now in personal and spiritual development circles upon healing the toxicity relating to those 5,000 years of repression so that we can ‘make the evolutionary jump’ to the New…

The Women’s Mysteries 7-Session Sacred Online Temple

…is a transformational, integrative journey with a small, intimate Group to assist with reclaiming our ‘lost’ Feminine Self and its Sexuality, Essence, Magnetism an Power.  We will embrace ourselves with compassion, in deep surrender and love to bring to light, and to heal, our sexual pasts, body-shame and the accumulated fears, density, blockages, toxic imprints and memories stored in our bodies that inhibit growth, happiness, abundance and freedom in all areas of our lives.

The thing is, we are ‘biologically-wired’ for Love, Ecstasy, Joy, Creativity and Connection to the Source-Field. It’s in our DNA. Our bodies are own Holy Grail Vessel, filled with Lightcodes that enable a natural, Ecstatic Pathway to co-creating harmonious Partnerships, Transformation, Freedom, Manifestation, Abundance and JOY.

But, when our energy becomes trapped, distorted and driven down into the dark, we:

  • live in fear, survival, doubt, shame, guilt, loss
  • lower our overall vibrational frequency and magnetize what we don’t want in relationships, finances, health
  • inhibit our evolutionary growth by holding onto old hurts, beliefs and toxic imprints
  • feel crippled by lack of self-worth and self-esteem, and lean on our inner Masculine to ‘get things done’…to the point of exhaustion
  • experience abandonment, separation, rejection, loneliness
  • live life ‘comfortably numb’ and continue to ‘learn through suffering’

We just cannot move forward into the New whilst carrying old mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually.

Join me over 7 Sessions in our small, intimate, online Temple where we will share in Sacred Circle deep subject matter and all that is present for you. We will journey with Kundalini Shakti and transform under the Guardianship of the archetypal Black Madonna energies of Isis, Mary Magdalene, Kali, Lilith and others.  We will experience powerful Guided Processes to heal, liberate, activate, upgrade.  We will share in a private Facebook Group and assist each other to grow.  We will play with a Daily Practice of dance, music, invocation and breathwork….and more.

Women’s Mysteries 7-Session Sacred Online Temple
~ Healing the Feminine Self & its Sexuality, Essence, Magnetism and Power ~
26 July at 11am Bris/Syd/ Melb Time
25 July at 6pm US Pacific Time
(Timezone Converter HERE)


I look forward to sharing this deep, intimate journey with you.

In Love,
Fatima x

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