Women’s Mysteries 7-Session Sacred Online Temple

Healing Feminine Power & Finding the Wild Woman Within

Do you feel ‘not good enough’, invisible? Do you hold yourself back? Do you ‘make yourself small’ to fit in? Do you feel voiceless?

Come join a small, intimate gathering...

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28 March at 11am in Bris / Noon in Syd/Melb

27 March at 6pm US Pacific Time

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Where is YOUR Feminine Power?  YOUR Wild Woman Self?

Do you sometimes feel empty, uninspired?

Do crushing loneliness and isolation engulf you at times?

Are you accustomed to exhaustion and feeling desperately unsupported?

Do you feel ‘not good enough’, invisible?  ‘Not worthy enough’ to share your gifts?

Do you hold yourself back?  Do you ‘make yourself small’ to fit in?

Do you feel voiceless?

Feminine Power corresponds to a way of being in the world that is deeply fulfilling, self-respecting, joyful, creative and authentic, sensually connected to the body and its powerful, multidimensional energy fields, and that connects us to all life, our radical abundance and our abilities to manifest.

However, it is also the part of us (in both women and men) that has been violently suppressed and ‘domesticated’ for the last 6,500 years under patriarchy, a social, political and religious system which has favoured males, male rule and male privilege.

Patriarchal repression, violation, abuse and taboo of the Feminine have brought us powerlessness, along with deep shame, fear, exhaustion, loneliness, trauma and the inability to speak out for fear of rejection, abandonment, humiliation and punishment.

In healing and in making peace, however, we come to know the Power, Freedom, Worthiness, Abundance and Truth of Who we Really Are.  We are able to cross the bridge into the New.

Too many of us are ‘unconscious’ to the Power, Freedom, Wildness and Beauty that we are. 

It’s time go deep into the Women’s Mysteries within and undergo your own Heroine’s Journey

The Women’s Mysteries Program is a transformational, integrative journey to assist with reclaiming our ‘lost’ Feminine Power and Wild Woman…and their Sexuality, Essence, Magnetism and Power.

We embrace ourselves with compassion, in deep surrender and love to bring to light, and to heal, our sexual pasts and the accumulated fears, density, blockages, toxic imprints and memories stored in our bodies that inhibit growth, happiness and freedom in all areas of our lives.

We are ‘biologically-wired’ for Love, Ecstasy, Joy, Creativity and Connection to the Source-Field. It’s in our DNA. Our bodies are own Holy Grail Vessel, filled with Lightcodes that enable a natural, Ecstatic Pathway to co-creating harmonious Partnerships, Transformation, Freedom, Manifestation, Abundance and JOY.

But, for thousands of years, the Sacred Feminine, and particularly our Sexual Energy and bodies, have been considered dirty, shameful, taboo and ugly…and that ‘biological-wiring’ has been severely distorted. This has created huge blocks within and repressed our passion, creativity and evolutionary journeys (especially at this critical time).

The body is the passport, the portal, the temple. By freeing up its overall vibrational frequency from suppression, wounding and pain into its inherent Ecstasy and Joy, we ‘step into’ a New Life.

When our energy becomes trapped, distorted and driven down into the dark, we:

  • feel voiceless and can experience crushing isolation, loneliness and feelings of rejection and being unsupported in life
  • live in fear, survival, doubt, shame, guilt, loss
  • lie to ourselves about how we really feel about our lives
  • lower our overall vibrational frequency and magnetize what we don’t want in relationships, finances, health
  • inhibit our evolutionary growth by holding onto old hurts, beliefs and toxic imprints
  • feel crippled by lack of self-worth and self-esteem, and lean on our inner Masculine to ‘get things done’…to the point of exhaustion
  • experience abandonment, separation, rejection, loneliness
  • live life ‘comfortably numb’ and continue to ‘learn through suffering’

We stay ‘stuck in the limited 3D linear reality’ of the outgoing, old paradigm, and we separate ourselves from the potential of the synchronistic and magical Source-Field, New Earth and New Paradigm of limitless co-creation advocated globally.

When our bodies are loaded with crippling imprints, life is joylessness, illness, limitation. We become controlling to get our needs met, or we may not even bother. We may ‘spiritually-bypass’ our own Truths and detach from how we really feel and create more problems through that bypassing and self-denial.

The body as a temple-gateway connects us to the Divine, and to our Empowered Selves. However, the parts of our bodies most associated with sexuality (like the clitoris, vagina, cervix, womb and ovaries) may be holding tremendous wounding and imprints of violation, numbness, betrayal, repression. Our passion, joy and our lives may be eclipsed by tremendous body-shame.

In our journey together, we will be embracing these powerful parts of our bodies, clearing that which is out of alignment….and learning to hold, flow and radiate LOVE and remember the purity and power of Who we Really Are.

A liberated Feminine Self and its Sexuality, Essence, Magnetism and Power is deeply related to Personal Evolution, Luminous Wellbeing and Happiness. It is intrinsically connected to the unique and creative expression of your Soul Purpose. It is your natural birthright, and freed, it is the most powerful, replenishing and transformational connection to Ecstatic Freedom and Joy that you have.

By awakening our natural-born, inherent inner chemistry and biology of Ecstasy and Joy, our bodies lead us to the Truth of who we are and to our Eternal Selves as part of the Global Shift in Consciousness. We become powerful conduits and co-creators for personal and planetary transformation. We change the fabric of life as we know it to Live Life as Love Itself.

Our focus will be on honouring our past, but not lingering there. We assist ourselves to ‘let go’ of what was with compassion and grace, and we allow the Love, Ecstasy and Joy to powerfully transform us from the inside-out.

Join me in a small, intimate gathering for a deeply experiential, transformational passage into your body…into the Sacred Fire

Our 7 Weeks Together:

  • 7 Group Gatherings of 60-90 minutes duration in our Women’s Mysteries Sacred Online Temple (gatherings will be recorded, in case you miss any)
  • In the Online Temple, we will:
    • Share in Sacred Circle about that Session’s Topic, along with that which is present for you in the moment, as well as that which has been present in the days just gone
    • Invoke Kundalini Shakti / the Shekinah, and transform under the Guardianship of the archetypal Black Madonna energies of Isis, Mary Magdalene, Kali, Lilith, Persephone, Sekhmet and others
    • Experience a channeled, healing, Guided Process for the detoxing of sabotaging imprints for the liberation of shutdown bodies and emotion…and for the integration of flowing, Kundalini/Sexual Energy, and more
  • Private Facebook Group to enhance support, the sharing of resources and inspiration, exploration and growth amongst us all
  • A Daily Practice of Invocation, Dance, Music Therapy and Breathwork to powerfully move energy in the body for healing and to stimulate inner knowing and dynamic, creative power
  • Weekly ‘Body-and-Soul-Homework’
  • Please Note: Fatima will also be available, for an extra fee, for Private One-on-One Sessions should any participant feel the need for deeper support, guidance, healing and connection


Session Topics

(NB: descriptions relating to the body’s sexual areas below are adapted from “Womb Awakening: Initiatory Wisdom from the Creatrix of All Life” by Azra and Seren Bertrand)

  • Session One: Introduction

Opening Session in which we co-create our online Sacred Circle, share, invoke the archetypal energies journeying with us, and experience a nurturing Guided Healing, Visualization and Channeling.

  • Session Two: Clitoris

The clitoris is a powerful threshold (it has 5,000-8,000 nerve endings alone that are completely dedicated to pleasure) that through honouring ourselves and having been honoured, we openly allow life, love and sexual energy to enter, and penetrate our lives.

When in balance, we meet life in trust, wonder, surrender, innocence, playfulness, purity, openness, vulnerability, enthusiasm, sensitivity, radiance. We experience the life and love that endlessly renews and rebirths.

The wounds and imprints that relate to this area of the body are distrust, suspicion, feeling jaded and numb, afraid of life, controlling, judgmental, cynical. We may have an armoured heart, filled with disappointment, bitterness, and fear around letting go. We will have experienced betrayals and needs not being met. Perhaps also violation, being dishonoured and discarded. These wounds may relate to having been touched and entered without sensitivity, respect, tenderness, love.

  • Session Three: Vagina and Cervix

When in balance, this threshold into our womb is our wisdom, courage, power, magic. Through our ability to surrender and be vulnerable and open, we experience connection and rebirth into who we really are and into the majestic truth of reality. We tap into passion and limitless vitality. We are initiated into our Wild Selves for connection to the Source of All.

The wounds and imprints that relate to this area of the body are primal terror, with the inability to surrender to the flow of life and the overwhelming fear we are alone, unsupported. In trying to get needs met, we may manipulate others, sexually and otherwise. There is Power, yes, but without Love. Feelings of worthlessness and powerlessness may run deep. We are closed off, shut down, and perhaps repressing our own Wild Connection with Source, life, the Earth, the body, based on deep, ancient wounds of separation from the Source, from who we are, and from life.

  • Session Four: Womb

When in balance, we are in touch with our enormous creative potential because we are in flowing co-creation with the Primordial, Cosmic Womb of Creation. We are connected to clear intuition, imagination, inspiration, powerfully setting desires and goals. Open to infinite possibility in deep trust, you freely move forward, deeply connected to your soul wisdom and to the magic all around in the form of people, places, opportunities, friends. You are connected to, and grounded into the sensual wisdom of your body. You feel strong, safe and at home on Earth, knowing you will always be looked after.

The wounds and imprints that relate to this area of the body, the memories of past sexual hurts and betrayals, and aborted and miscarried creations, lead to feelings of stagnation. You may experience isolation and feel unsupported and hopelessly abandoned by life and others. You find you give more than you receive because you are unable to say ‘no’, and feel drained and or that people have let you down as a result. You may find yourself shutting down to please others. And so, you can’t feel your heart’s desires, or don’t know the practical steps to take.

  • Session Five: Right Ovary – masculine, outward energy

When in balance, this is where your charisma and radiance are fully embodied. You are shining, flowering, dynamic, inspired, wildly sensual and bursting with creativity. You give birth to your deepest desires and ideas, and confidently share them with the world. Your vision and fiery passion inspire others. You experience sacred sexuality, passion, pleasure.

The wounds and imprints that relate to this area of the body are that your creativity may be present, but you may not always receive the recognition or success you deserve. You may be afraid to shine, you may feel shame in doing so…and prefer instead to hide and not share who you are, or your Gifts. You lack confidence and feel disconnected from the power and wildness of your feminine essence. Instead, your power comes from your ‘doing’ masculine self, and drains your feminine essence, making you feel empty.

  • Session Six: Left Ovary – feminine, receptive energy

When in balance, this is where you are deep surrender and deep intuitive receptivity to life, and allowing Source to flow through unhindered. You experience magic, miracles and synchronicities. Softly radiant in the flow of life, pleasure is a dominant state and you receive all in consciousness, compassion, openness, empathy and surrender.

The wounds and imprints that relate to this area of the body are that you may find it difficult to relax, and to connect to the flow and magic of life. You may be in denial about your own wounding, lacking in receptivity to your own wisdom and intuition, and to your pain. You may feel life is against you and that in order to survive, you must stop feeling and instead, close down your heart. Orgasm may be difficult to surrender into. Connection to life is shut down.

  • Session Seven: Cosmic Womb and your Holy Grail Self

This is our final Session, and in this one we merge with Primordial, Cosmic Womb of Creation from whence we came and that is the Quantum Field. It is affiliated with the Black Madonna of Creation, in the same way physicists speak of a black hole in the depths of space that births life: “….the black womb of life out of which all of the worlds are always arising and into which they fall, the presence behind all things, the darkness of love and the loving unknowing” (Andrew Harvey)

Isis will guide us through what we have experienced throughout our Sessions, and deep into the Source of all Things, into our merging with the Cosmic Womb of Creation, into the Mystery of ourselves, life, love, all. We will connect to the Universal Love that supports all creation, to the Love of the Divine Mother. We will connect to the great portal of becoming and unbecoming, with our own personal cycles of becoming and unbecoming, in the Cycle of Life. We merge with the sense of radiant creative potential and co-creating directly with the Source of all things, with our Sacred Feminine Energy all the more liberated.

* * * * *

By awakening our natural-born, inherent inner chemistry and biology of Ecstasy and Joy, our bodies lead us to the Truth of who we are and to our Eternal Selves as part of the Global Shift in Consciousness. We become powerful conduits and co-creators for personal and planetary transformation.


Fee for the Women’s 7-Session Sacred Online Temple

AUD $695 upfront OR 2 x AUD $375 (please inquire)

Price: $695.00

All queries: admin@fatimabacot.com

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People Who Have Worked with Fatima in various of her Programs say….

You are masterful. You are tuned in. You are, for lack of a better term, the real deal. You are on your path, following your guides and calling, which is to bring forth the confidence and power of other women so we may come together, envision the world our hearts know is possible, and carry on in our lives with a greater sense of purpose and ever-more love in our hearts. I bow to your wisdom, your intuition, and your extraordinary skillfulness in the work you so joyfully and lovingly present to those fortunate enough to spend time with you in a life-enhancing journey where veils dissolve and spirits shine with clarity to do what we each came here to do.” AG, USA

The way you have shared-(the way I am seeing it) is taking the buried (shadow) treasure from the chest (bottom of the sea), then dealing with the screaming “Mimi’s” that want to keep it hidden. It is like taking the treasure from under the mother or father’s pillow and waking them (the giant), up. The route I was going was maintaining where I was and not into my full light. The way you have shared with me is taking my birthright back.” M, Colorado, USA

“I’ve known Fatima since 2008 and had reading, workshop and personal mentoring sessions at various times with her since then. I find the accuracy and depth of her intuitive insights especially valuable. Her holistic understanding enables incisive, powerful, relevant and personalized advice and steps for action and serve as a unique bridge to our own deeper transdimensional understanding and growth. This has granted me a number of breakthroughs and “a-ha!” moments – each one being a potential game-changer. In short, she is a great healer and teacher because she’s all about empowerment” B Gooden, Japan

“Fatima guided me through a life transformation. Working with me while I travelled internationally, she continued to provide me with insight, encouragement and love to bring me to right place at the right time. What an incredible journey it has been, not always easy but definitely leaving me wiser, stronger, confident and excited about the future. I am so much more appreciative of all my gifts and empowerment and fearless in my power to move ahead, confident in my abilities to be the master of my own destiny.” GM, Myanmar

“I can honestly say that (Fatima’s Mentoring Program) is the most valuable investment that anybody can make. With Fatima’s guidance I really learned to understand myself, my purpose and all that is. She has guided me in changing my life for the better. She is a beautiful person and I will be forever grateful for attracting her into my life!” ML, NSW, Australia

“I look at the world and my life in completely new ways and the results have been miraculous. Fatima has been there all the way, helping me, guiding me, going through my defrags and roller coaster rides. Fatima gives so much to each session, it’s like you are the only one in the world that matters at this moment to her.” SC, Qld, Australia

“This series has been essential for my journey. It has given me essential tools to navigate the changes. It has confirmed and further expanded my thoughts about the possibilities the future holds and has given me more confidence to manifest a positive, awesome future. It has given me a very insightful analysis of where we are at and an understanding of how we have arrived at this point. I am so grateful this is your passion and you have made this info available.” SJ, Adelaide, Australia

“The course is extremely powerful and effective. Old patterns and beliefs that did not serve me quickly dissolved. Received tools for manifesting what it is I really want, Now.” KS, CA, USA

“I want to thank you for coming into my life when God sent you. I have noticed a difference already. I will not fall into the old patterns again. Thank You.KJ, Illinois, USA

“In the space of only a few weeks we have moved onto the fast track and are truly in control of all that lay before us. Whilst everyone already has all they need to Be in this world, having Fatima at your side is a blessing. If your paths have crossed it may just be for a very relevant reason.” DS, Vic, Australia

“I can literally feel the new brain connections and the energy shift within my body. My DNA is twisting and twirling and somersaulting as it is taking on a new form. Of all the seminars I have done, I had the most growth from yours. It really was magical. Thank you!!!” KT, Qld, Australia

Join me! Reclaim your Feminine Self and its Sexuality, Essence, Magnetism and Power. Live Life from Passion.


Terms and Conditions

By registering for the Women’s Mysteries 7-Session Sacred Online Temple, you are choosing to make a profound commitment to change at the deepest levels.

Oftentimes, transformation begins the moment you choose to register. As with any significant process, you may experience some trepidation and fear as the possibility of a changed future emerges. You may feel doubt. This is perfectly normal.

As a result, and in order to support you in your intention to transform, we offer no refunds after you’ve registered, excepting the following exception.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

There will be no refunds prior to the start of the Program. However, if you fully participate and practice your learnings for another 30 days after the Program has ended and you still don’t feel that you’ve received any value, we will gladly give you a full refund. To apply for a refund, submit a “Request for Refund” email to admin@fatimabacot.com, and attach your written reflections to demonstrate that you have fully engaged the process for the first month after the Program. The refund window will close thirty days after the finish of the course, and refund requests must be submitted by that date. Thank you.

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