Wishing Never Makes it So

Patriarchy told us that we were ‘fallen, sinful, unworthy’ beings. It is absolutely not true: we are radiant and magnificent, with each one of us uniquely necessary to the thriving whole that is comprised of many perspectives, many species, many worlds.

And we are the Sacred Fire now invited to move through the Fires of Change to recover our power, passion and purpose, clear that what we think and feel, what we do….have profound effects upon not only ourselves, but upon the Web of Life.

We are simultaneously invited to forge and reveal multidimensional identities beyond the compliance, silence, destruction and denial that have been violently, systematically and generationally imposed by patriarchy. 

We are invited to co-renew the Sacred Worldview that speaks to the intrinsic, entangled connectedness of all things in a living Intelligent Universe. We are invited to respect life, diversity, relationships, connection. 

We are invited into Soul-Making, making things sacred again and recognizing that we are each the unique, sovereign meeting point in time and space of Soul, Matter and Spirit.

We are invited to be here now and to create boldly within the Greater Generative Matrix of the Quantum Field. …realizing that wishing never makes it so. One must act.


“Don’t let a wishbone grow where a backbone should be.” That is, the hour is nigh and the time is now, so find your unique place in the grand scheme of things…and “just do it”.

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