What the World Needs Now?

An exquisite, forecasted potential exists for us to build a critical mass of consciously evolving people who powerfully take responsibility for the care of the planet, its myriad species and for humanity.  It will bring us full circle to those visionaries who have gone before us and who spoke to renewal and regeneration after the breakdown of the old forms.

In so doing, we deconstruct and transcend older, destructive beliefs, narratives and stories.  We release them and construct new ones, and we are guided by them to greater flourishing, connection, wellbeing.  Like a renaissance of freed up potential that breathes and flowers in the most unexpected and scintillating ways.

We stand tall in our dignity and sovereignty. 

We can feel the Love that lives within all things.

For now, many of us must look to lovingly embracing our tired, exhausted selves and the many pockets of wastelands throughout the world, only just now realizing that we are the only ones that can make choices on behalf of personal and biospherical love, dignity and respect.

And so, let us ride our pain and dismay and surf the exponentially-accelerating energy streams and forge forward and build powerful networks, structures, foundations and narratives for this moment and for the moments of those to come.  Structures and narratives based upon caretaking, balance, peace and kindness that we can be proud of and that future generations will respect us for.

We are only be able to do this because we will have restored, reclaimed and mastered ourselves with sustained love, nurture, caretaking and kindness.

In this way, we might find ways to live in peace, creativity, diversity and unity, as long forecast and hoped.

And not ‘Unity’ because suddenly, somehow all 7.7 billion all agree with you personally about what peace is. ‘Unity’ because we will have evolved into the capacity to FEEL AND SEE the inherent connectedness of all life, at all levels, and everywhere….just as the mystics and indigenous peoples have always done, and that now the quantum physicists tell us is so.

That’s the unity:  the Unity of Consciousness, of Life, the Living Earth, of Intelligence, of the Multidimensional Field, where are all is interdependent.  Where we truly know we personally (you and I) cannot exist except within the context of all other species, lifeforms, elements, properties, dimensions, intelligence.   

There is no separation.

And when we truly, truly know and feel that what we do here, has an effect there….and vice-versa…………we will wake up all the more to knowing our power and responsibilities.  We will know the sacredness of all life and never seek to hurt life again, because we will feel it when we do so.

This will be a big moment….and it is coming….and it is here for many already.

At the deepest of levels, imagining our deep separation (as enshrined in outdated worldviews, economics, politics, religion, science, for eg), we have been playing out the pain of our (seemingly) separated, disconnected selves who must grab, fight, control, outmanoeuvre and seek to assuage the emptiness with things, power-games and with conquests to feel power, worthiness and our own existence.

And most certainly, the tyrants within us and amongst us are the most damaged, the most disconnected, the most afraid, and the most bullied by shadows, ignorance and unresolved complexes. 

Always at the heart of the matter, is a deficiency of love and understanding.


However, tremendous Grace and Momentum are here.  The tribes are passionately gathering.  We are re-connecting in new science, spirituality, economics, biology, ancient wisdom, technology, healing, community and global movements.  Galvanizing our extraordinary capacities in service of something other than killing.

No matter what it looks like ‘out there’, and how it’s going to look, we are re-connecting.


What the world needs now is Love, Sweet Love, yes

And your FIRE.

Wake up. Use your Free Will.

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