What a River Wants

Where we might go, and who we might become, requires intimate, expanded, intuitive listening, feeling, sensing and learning what people want, and who they / we are beyond the tired, conditioned scripts. 

It requires valuing human beings and recognizing that there is no ‘them’.

It also requires listening, feeling and learning what a river wants, where it flows and what it knows, and what and who it supports within it and upon it, from the tiniest atoms to perhaps a ship. 

It requires presencing and listening to an ocean, a tiger, a piece of plastic, a piece of rye bread…and for the essences that are uniquely theirs to express.


If we could feel the consciousness of the ocean, the land, the trees, the fish, technology, animals, weapons, people, plants, the plastic, pesticides, planets, money and stars, too…If we could create the internal space to contain them all within our very beings…we would make different decisions.   

Adapted from “Towards a Politics of Unity” (C) 2019 Fatima Bacot

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