Valuing and Being Fully Here

If we want a Great Barrier Reef or all the other beautiful sites, species or countries of the world to remain for humanity to enjoy, we must value them. Sometimes we must also fight for them, like sometimes we’re fighting to get our internet hooked up, a surgery for a loved one, our child placed in a better school, a relationship. 

We fight for what we value, otherwise it will disappear or be trashed.

At the heart of so much of the paralysis around being able to value (and truly love) the material world, though, is the ages-old split between spirit and matter, the masculine and the feminine, and the left and right brains.

Too much left-brain (masculine) focus enables plans, action and concrete thinking, but little feeling, empathy and connectedness.

Too much right-brain (feminine) focus enables feeling, empathy and connectedness, but little in the way of plans and action. It can give way to magical thinking (one has only to wish or imagine, and the desired outcome will magically appear).

Spiritual bypassing says: ‘it’s not my reality’, ‘it’s all an illusion’, ‘some future event will take me to a new way of life’, ‘in it but not of it’.  It’s a devaluation of, and running away from, the material world in favour of refuge in the spiritual world.  It adds up to not being fully here.

Now food (a so-called ‘illusion’ or not), is valued, for instance, and isn’t going away any time soon, not even in a new reality.  But, it won’t magically appear through wishing and imagining. Many will gather the seeds, plant and nurture them. Many will collect, transport and package the harvest. Many will build and work in the shops. Many will sell it to you so you can prepare it, cook it, bring it to your table and eat it.

Similarly, (new) realities don’t magically appear just because we wish and imagine them to, or a planetary alignment says so….and neither will the food, landscapes, rights, roads, banks, freedoms, films, communities, relationships, vehicles, governments, buildings, companies, books, clothes, services, homes and schools we will enjoy as part of it. 

What is potentially ‘new’ about them will materialize because people intuited a new vision from the quantum field (by whatever name it is known, spiritually or scientifically) or from within themselves, and these visions were valued enough to focus upon, act upon and materialize.


Perhaps it is time to look again at how we are personally enabling all the trashing by not being fully here. To look again at how devaluing matter and the material world as it already is in its stunning diversity, allows us to inexplicably continue making the trashing ok.

To move forward in our evolutionary crucible now, we need to leave behind both dystopian and utopian prophecies and predictions. We need the being and the doing, the imagining and the acting, the feminine and the masculine, the right and left brains…unified and creating the new, based upon value and upon love.

Then perhaps it will be a new reality, a ‘New Earth’ because we will have remembered our power and stewardship. Then we will actually be here. Maybe even for the first time. Fully embodied. Fully enSouled. Spirit and matter operating as one.


What we don’t value, gets trashed. Not because a ‘new reality’ is coming in and it’s all ok and ‘part of the process’, but because of a lack of understanding, vision, value, passion, fire and action.

That’s why the Great Barrier Reef is being taken away from us all.  We are letting it happen.

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