Trying Something Different

We all have our core belief systems, and the ‘isms’, sacred cows and truths that accompany and underpin them.  Many times these are hardwon and the result of the journeys we’ve walked.  Other times, and simultaneously, they are part of the conditioning we grew up with and absorbed.

They are the things we consider ‘right’, or at the very least, ‘right for us’.

The beauty of our increasingly radically diverse global commons is that we can entertain whatever isms, sacred cows and truths we like…and find others to play with us, too.

However, in the same way that millennials (driven by their thirst for learning and experience, and used to being mobile through technology) are radically blurring the lines between home, work and play…blurring the lines between traditional masculinity and femininity….blurring religious, gender, racial and economic lines in our increasingly more global commons…

            ….why not try something different?

In the same way that Elvis or the Beatles or the women’s movement or the civil rights movement or the New Age movement or technology blurred lots of lines ‘back in the day’, what lines might you blur?  As national borders blur through globalization, what lines and borders NEED blurring in your life so you can see, feel, play and be more?

The value in blurring is expansion, growth, creativity, inspiration, ideas.  It’s also in being able to connect with and understand others all the more.

Blurring (suspending your sacred cows, that is) contributes to a more thriving planetary consciousness simply through curiosity.  Suspending judgment of others’ isms, sacred cows and truths might show you something fabulous!  It might even generate increased empathy and respect for all the necessary parts, paths and perspectives that make up the whole.

The danger with the isms, sacred cows and truths is we think they are the ‘most right’.  We can become rather fundamentalist about them when, in fact, the brilliant, transitory nature of them all, and their entanglement, feeds the whole and triggers the evolutionary trajectory forward in the small moments we are here.

All parts are necessary, truly, with none ‘better or worse’, ‘higher or lower’ dancing amongst the 7.2 billion of us.

Why not start with visiting a new beach or a new park and discovering something beautiful? Why not go to a new café, drink something you never drink, eat something you ‘shouldn’t eat’ and talk to a complete stranger? 

There’s no point in hanging on too tightly to your isms, sacred cows and truths these days:  the millennials are here and so is the Great Blurring.

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