Transcendent Spain, I’M ON MY WAY TONIGHT…and “You”?

With just hours to go before I board my flight to Barcelona to live in Spain for the next 3 months, I am sitting here in the sun on my daughter’s balcony in Surry Hills, Sydney, feeling a similar moment of import from December 2012.

July – December 2012 was when I’d also packed up my career, my home and my belongings to leave Australia then for what turned out to be deep connecting with my family in Canada as well as friends in the United States, along with 16 months on and off living, teaching and traveling in surreal, passionate Mexico.  It was a glorious adventure of many revelations, encounters, twists, turns and transformations….with plans intuitively arising on a ‘need to know basis’

It was also ‘pilgrimage’ to deeper places within, catalyzed by the diverse places I stayed, the challenges and breakthroughs experienced, and the generosity of those I connected with.

In my reading recently of “The Spiritual Traveler: Spain ~ a Guide to Sacred Sites and Pilgrim Routes” to further enrich my facilitation of April’s “Holy Grail in Spain” Tour, I came across this marvellous paragraph:

“…a pilgrimage is something that takes people out of their ordinary life and cares – removes the known scaffolding of their life – and that sends them on a walking meditation into the unknown with a singular purpose:  deepening their connection to their spirit by arriving in many sacred places.”

Right now, as I sit on the balcony, I recognize the familiar packing-up of a life that has occurred over these months since July 2017.  I have a ‘headquarters’ on the Gold Coast, yes, but the Soul, Heart and Mind are already flying into the vortex of that sacred, transcendent land, Spain.

Spain is a uniquely interwoven mix of cultures from Europe, Africa, the Middle East, the Americas and Asia.  A place of paganism, Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, Baha’ism…and more.

A place of strong, enduring matriarchy within its famous ‘machismo’, but where both men and women can much more freely express themselves emotionally and where Mary / the Sacred Feminine is venerated far and beyond any other spiritual figure.

In Spain, the Sacred Feminine as Mary, the Black Madonna / Dark Feminine, or Diana / Artemis, for instance, is present in every town, village and city where She is revered, celebrated….and where She has been holding space, nurture, understanding, sustenance, inspiration, guidance for literally thousands of years.

Spain is a sacred, wildly exotic landscape of mountain ranges, dolmens, caves, sacred routes, folkloric traditions, mythologies, spiritual festivals, sacred animals and plants, remote hermitages, sacred oak groves, springs, monasteries, mosques, cathedrals, plazas of the sun.  These all attest to the scintillating mix comprised of the Paleolithic inhabitants of 20,000-30,000 years ago, Neolithic peoples, the original Iberians, the Celts, Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans, Visigoths, Jews, Arabs, Castilians and more.

A pilgrimage, such as that of April’s 6-City Tour, triggers:

“…the ability to suspend time, where the visitor leaves the profane world and enters the eternal through the portal to the sacred.”

Spain is the sacred landscape of my own ancestors and where I will offer up the pain of certain of my ancestors and of my Mother and her 3 sisters….in order to come full circle and to a place beyond abandonment, wounds, shame, lies, bereavement.  The accumulated fallout in my immediate family of the Spanish Civil War that shattered countless lives. (To this end, I will be giving a short talk in Barcelona next week about my Grandfather.)

Spain is a place of redemption to mark and honour past, present and future simultaneously….and to passionately live again, renewed.

A place where those that join me on the Holy Grail in Spain Tour in April will also connect with the Sacred Feminine and the Sacred Landscape that is SO ALIVE in Spain….to experience past, present and future….and to embody a new Beingness.  A new, fresh energy.  A New Truth of Themselves.  Their own Sacred Fire.

This I know beyond any doubt.

For yourself, if you are longing for rebirth into your Truest Self, perhaps such a pilgrimage, such a mystical adventure in this exotic, diverse mix of the sacred Spanish landscape, architecture, mythology, food, music and her peoples…is for you.

In the relentlessness of living our lives, we can be so burned out, depleted, uninspired, I know.  We long on the Soul-Level for that spark to activate, shake and inspire us into a much more flourishing, deeply connected and consciously aware life.  A more truthful, honest life.

And so, we go on pilgrimage, we go on the Sacred Journey like thousands before us, to re-ignite the inner Sacred Fire and to nurture the conditions for transformation within….to release, release, release outdated ties, hurts and ways of being….and ring in empowerment, passion, healing, renewal, awakening and JOY.

Spain, a land where myriad, diverse Mythology, Passion, Spirituality expressions and the Sacred Feminine are so embedded, creates a unique container for transformation.

For those at the sometimes-uncomfortable crossroads of great change in their lives, I invite you to consider undertaking April’s “Holy Grail in Spain Tour ~ embodying the Sacred Fire”. 

I invite you to COME ALIVE in 2018.

15 Days of Alchemical Power, Passion and Purpose in Spain
With Fatima Bacot
15 April – 30 April 2018
Barcelona ~ Montserrat ~ Solsona ~ Zaragoza ~ Huesca ~ Girona

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If you know that in 2018 you must walk with what most excites you, enlivens you, transforms you, this sense-electrifying journey may be just for you… and I will see you there.

For myself, the Journey begins tonight.

You can learn more about the Tour here
In Love,
Fatima x

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