These are the Times

From what I’m personally feeling and reading amongst friends and contemporaries, May is set to be a HUGE BREAKDOWN & BREAKTHROUGH MONTH on numerous levels simultaneously.  Moving us all further away from accustomed, stuck behaviours….into freed-up energy, possibility, potential. 

Make no mistake:  it’s an Inner Revolution that is taking place.
In my own life, I am personally navigating the new-territory development of the upcoming “Healing Mental Health Issues Holistically” Workshops (and all this requires from a PR, marketing, program-writing, organizational perspective of deciding upon venues, ticketing, etc);  the concurrent development of a 23-module program scheduled for release later this year;  and the ongoing commitments to current mindfulness trainings, mentoring students and life in general (laundry, shopping, cooking, walking the dog!!)

I am seeing and experiencing my own ‘tipping points’, the stifling parameters of my old container of self, and the simultaneous call to very quickly release elements of ‘what was’ in favour of what is New and incoming.  There have been many internal ‘deaths’ of identity, services, allegiances, internal scripts….and more…to make way for all that is New.
AND, these calls are happening for all of us in the key life areas of relationships, spirituality, finances, health, career, purpose and more.  Elements that have been ‘meaningful and true’ in the past are now under a microscopic eye as to ongoing relevance, or instead, relegation to obsolescence.
At large, humanity is also at a ‘tipping point’ filled with both challenging breakdowns and exhilarating breakthroughs. Millions are awakening and reaching for ‘more’ so that they can live happier, more purposeful, harmonious and prosperous lives. At head-spinning, meltdown speeds, we are outgrowing the container of limiting beliefs, or being compelled (forced) to do so. 

It’s a time when many are undergoing profound journeys and making radical decisions to discover and configure into the New and tap into greater levels of happiness, harmony, purpose, peace and prosperity on terms other than the stifling status quo.

It’s a time of re-invention where ‘what was’ comes to a (sometimes screaming, crashing) halt.   Things can look and feel very chaotic, and they are.  It IS a time of chaos as the old gets wrenched out of our lives to make space for the New.
It’s also a time to be ultra-clear and gather your skills to move away move away from the old programs that keep you inside the box.  As in skills to:

  • calm your mind and reduce spinning your wheels, burnout, anxiety and stress
  • sculpt & manifest a New Life in your key Life Areas
  • flow the ‘Ecstatic States’ of Praise, Love, Sovereignty, Forgiveness and Appreciation that are super-frequency-keys to your freedom and unique vision
  • tune into and work with your Inner GPS and ‘bend time’ so you can jump timelines into the New
  • encounter your potential, and learn to trust life
  • partner with the benevolent, loving energy of the Universe to align you to your Highest Good and creatively fulfill your dreams
  • void karma and attract the people, places resources and finances you need so you can enjoy your life and make a greater difference in the world
  • create the best outcomes for yourself and those around you


All this involves ongoing, alert Awareness, Clear Intent, Free Will, Self-Love and Connectedness.  It involves bypassing, dissolving and transcending those elements in our belief systems that tether us to the old in projection, blame, limitation….and sabotage us.  Yes, it’s the forecasted Evolutionary “Big-Switch”, large as life, staring us in the face now, asking, “What are you waiting for?

The fact is:  you are NOT hardwired.  You are a Limitless Creator and you live in a Field of Energy comprised of intelligent, benevolent, responsive energies that you are able to freely and consciously partner with and CREATE THE NEW. 

Ask yourself: what is it that’s within you waiting to be made manifest?  Find the answer, and RISE.  Be it.  Do it.  Share it.

I am wishing you so much Success, Grace and Magnificence.  I am opening wide my Heart in intention that you establish your unique, sovereign footing in the New.  Your time is NOW.

And finally… 

Private Sessions:  for those who are interested in privately working with me, I can still offer both Diamond Consciousness Astro-Intuitive Sessions and a placement in my Diamond Awareness & Transformation Mindfulness (and Creating Reality) Program.  It may be that these offerings will be let go of, too, as the New services come to the fore.  I sincerely don’t know.  However, if you feel called to work with me privately to give you some necessary navigational and creation perspectives and tools right now, please do reach out. 

Please scroll down for these offerings. 

With all my Love and Care,

Fatima xx


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To YOUR Magnificence!

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  1. Would live to catch up one on one gorgeous Fatima & feel into how we can meet and play together! I’m a free spirit on a mission like you beautiful💖💞💖

    • Absolutely, you beautiful presence, you! I always remember how it felt like we were ‘sisters’….two peas in pod….way back when in Maleny! Will email you and let’s see what we can dream up! xxx

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