The World is Waking Up

“The world is waking up, and change is coming, whether you like it or not.” (Greta Thunberg)
The things that worked in the past, no longer work. 
And we can’t live by the same beliefs, ideologies, feelings, thoughts, practices, actions, etc and expect to move into the New that’s everywhere emergent.
Increasing disruption, threshold points and exponential breakdown are forcing wake-up calls and enormous changes. 
New connections, innovations, sharing, inspiration and methodologies are fully available in the public domain. Ignorance is no longer an option as evidence of the toxic erupt and solutions continually come forth.
Further, we no longer need the intermediaries:  priests, priestesses, teachers, governments, doctors, media. We have the connection, awareness, information, technology and tools in hand to completely bypass authority figures, tap the infinite and take charge in all areas of our lives.
Fresh energy and purpose are driving millions forward.
And so, it’s time to manifest a new vision from the expanded vistas and perspectives now readily available, powered by clear, sustained intent, feeling, attraction and action in all areas of global experience…..politics, art, medicine, media, finances, environment, spirituality, technology.
There are many paths to join the many already on the frontlines co-creating a conscious, global, switched-on culture. 
These ones are deeply cognizant of the interconnected web of life and seek to revolutionize the systems as we’ve known them. These ones demonstrate change, rather than simply philosophize about it, complain about the need for it, wish for it or wait for others to bring it about.
There is no need to wait, and the kids won’t stand for it anyway.  Worldwide, they are taking matters into their own hands, gathering in the millions and throwing down the gauntlet of accountability and creativity for a new evolutionary trajectory.
Now is the time to embody the leading-edge information you’ve been intuiting, gathering and learning these last 15 – 20 years to manifest that empowered, grown up, prophesied vision of the future.
It’s time to evolve, leave the playpen or ashram and to fully embody through your revolutionized mind, body, brain, DNA, neurology, emotions and spirit within a Quantum Field teeming with limitless potential.
The time of waiting for the future to appear before you recognize it and can live it is over. That’s the old materialistic paradigm. Now is the time to send the thoughts out, imagine living that future, feel it, sustain attention, attract it and act accordingly until is manifested from the Field. 

Many of us have been the bringers of the dawn:  now we must be the builders of form.

For example:

  • A new politics requires new vision, new policies, new candidates, new electoral systems and switched-on voters.  
  • A new economics requires new vision, new policies, new transactional systems and switched-on participants for a more participatory economics. 
  • A thriving ecosystem requires new vision, new policies, and people and resources to plant, conserve, restore forests, oceans, rivers, drought-lands, etc

They all require the manifestation of a new Worldview that is not the materialistic, reductionist one currently in place….and It’s all very hands-on. Both visionary and pragmatic simultaneously.

What are you manifesting? Does it come from your habitual self, or from the Fresh You?

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