The Sacred Fire Experience in Andalucía, Spain

Dive within and allow the Sacred Fire to move freely. Release the burdens of ‘what was’. Claim Power, Purpose & Passion

Let Spain remind you of your Magnificence!

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8 Participants Only ~ 9-day Initiatory Journey

All-Inclusive:  accommodation, food, local transport

Your Facilitator:  Fatima Bacot


“Dance, when you’re broken open. Dance, if you’ve torn the bandage off. Dance in the middle of the fighting. Dance in your blood. Dance when you’re perfectly free.” ~ Rumi

What is it that you want to create and experience in life?  Do you feel empty, uninspired?  Does your life reflect who you really are?  Are the shackles of old conditioning constricting you from fully expressing yourself?  Do you feel ‘not good enough’?  ‘Not worthy enough’ to share your gifts?  Do you hold yourself back in relationship?  Sexually, creatively?  Do you ‘make yourself small’ to fit in?

Join Fatima Bacot on a 9-day journey to dive deep into your body and unlock your truth, creativity, wildness, freedom and sexual sovereignty. To dissolve all barriers to Love.  To dissolve stagnant, negative emotion. To let all the old stories rise to the surface…and pass away.

The Sacred Fire Experience is a pathworking intensive into the Holy Grail Mysteries of the Sacred Feminine in order to become whole, balanced, alive, connected.  Free.  In Sacred Connection, heaven and earth, sensuality and spirituality, soul and body, become one…and we become unified, rather than split and unbalanced.

During the 9 days, Fatima will compassionately lead you deeper through the teachings and processes of the Ceremonial Order of the Black Diamond Rose. 

The Black Diamond Rose is the deep, magnetic core of sexual, sensual, and creative power pulsating at the root of the body and in the sexual organs and that births the Sacred Fire that is also known as Kundalini, Shakti, the Shekinah.  The Deep Feminine.  The Great Mother. The Dark Feminine.  The Keeper of the Sacred Sexual Mysteries, of the sexual energy that births all Existence into being.  All comes from the yin-yang Dance of Sexual Energy.

Weaving fluidly a combination of the body’s Chakric systems, the 10 Sephiroth of the Kabbalah, and the 22 Major Arcana of the Tarot for sacred pathworking and shamanic processing, Fatima will move participants through Sacred Tantric/Ecstatic Dance, Chanting, Breathwork, Mindfulness, Astrology, Mandalas, Deep Sharing, the ecstatic poetry of Rumi and Hafiz, and Rejuvenating Rest.

Participants will be experience various Sessions on the shores of the Mediterranean, as well as in the peaceful tropical garden of our stunning Spanish villa in order to deeply merge with nature and its myriad elements.

“In the tantric approach, we don´t see the body as something separated from the cosmos. We have practices to feel the Spanda, or vibration, on an intimate level. When we are vibrating, we realize that the whole world is vibration too and consciousness. From this point, there is no split between the inside and the outside, which is the core of all mystical experience.” ~ Daniel Odier

Participants will dive into the breath, the dance, the body and its sexual centres to gently and powerfully bring alive dormant energy.  Participants will also dive into deep inner child work to release trapped life force.

As the Sacred Fire is released and rises in your spine and body through the practices and processes, it purifies you of ancient traumas and blocks in all areas of your life, lifting your vibration and connecting you profoundly to the Earth, the Source and the erotic power and magnetism of your own Embodiment.  It ignites the wildness and freedom within, and you experience the profound connectivity of all life, and your belonging to it all. 

In these exceedingly intense times, it is time to come alive.

Traveling intimately and deeply in sacred, devotional process with the ancient Deep Feminine energies of Lilith, Sekhmet, Isis, Kali, Persephone and Mary Magdalene, you will journey deep into the womb to heal and throw off ancient shame, unworthiness, rejection and liberate energy to enable it to flow and to circulate.  You will focus it so that you come to be aligned with your deepest intentions, purpose and truest self, in alignment with your greatest joy and most Ecstatic Self.

The Sacred Fire, the Shekinah-Kundalini, burns through the past and enables you to dissolve the patterns that no longer serve you…and rebirths and restores you.  You journey into alignment, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.  You are replenished.

In this way, you are supported to unmask and to open to your unique truths.  In unmasking, you are enabled to show up more fully in your life.  You lay down the defenses, stories, scripts that have entrapped you and kept you small and unfulfilled.  You liberate and heal yourself.  You become deeply connected with the magnetic, limitless Power, Wisdom and Intelligence of your body, and connected to your true Essence.

5,000 years of the patriarchal paradigm split spirit and matter, soul and body, masculine and feminine, heaven and earth…and turned us away from our Bodies, Sexuality, the Earth, Abundance, Soul, the Sacred Fire Within, Nature, the Sacred Interconnectivity of all Life…all the domain of the Sacred Feminine. 

The Sacred Fire Experience is about restoring the Power and Truth of these elements, by diving within, healing distortions and allowing the Sacred Fire to move freely.  You thus release the traumas and burdens of ‘what was’ in the old paradigm and move into feelings of deep safety, connectedness, presence, sensuality, authenticity, creativity, sexuality, sovereignty.  At one with the sheer joy of being alive.

If you are ready to free yourself, then Fatima invites you to this Liberating, Transformational experience. 

It is your time.  It is your time to embody as your True Self and to be fully here.

Spain is a powerful, sacred and very surreal landscape of caves, ancient cities, mountains, sacred springs, dolmens and where the Sacred Feminine has been venerated for thousands of years in Her many forms.  A land of passionate people and music, castles, cathedrals, mosques, monasteries, nature reserves and pagan sites of great mystery, and of great telluric and geomantic power within which participants will enfold themselves and be richly transformed.

What is possible for YOU by joining the Sacred Fire Experience?

  • Igniting your Sacred Inner Fire and nurturing the conditions for transformation and creativity in yourself, and in all areas of your life…in a stunning location
  • Being embraced in deep Sisterhood (and Brotherhood, too) for powerful transformation
  • Complete your past and move into empowerment, healing, renewal, awakening, sexual sovereignty
  • Identifying and releasing ties to the sabotaging roles and attitudes you are most attached to…birthing Self-realization, Passion, Power and Joy to live more fully as your wisest, most free and loving Embodied Self
  • Participating in experiential processes to release your Sexual Energy, creativity and co-create your life more consciously
  • Feeling the freedom and liberation that arise from deep within the body, and being able to speak your Truth… when you are no longer holding yourself back with outdated patterns
  • Letting go of your masks and roles…and showing up more consistently as the REAL you, so you can more powerfully find your inner authority and recognize yourself as the Creator of your Experiences
  • Embracing the deep nourishing energies of the Deep Feminine to liberate yourself from emptiness, stagnation, depletion, over-accommodating
  • Powerfully participating in the Global Shift in Consciousness
  • Receiving new tools of transformation, and reclaiming dormant gifts, talents, perceptions, abilities and life force energy
  • Diving into the Quantum Field of Limitless Possibility to take steps into your future as a much more empowered, on-purpose, Soul-centred individual, with the ability to encounter life more deeply and to share your gifts generously
  • Becoming more open to magic, synchronicity, creativity and intuition


Itinerary for the Sacred Fire Experience

There is a set outline (as shared below), but Fatima also takes into account that which has unfolded, is unfolding and is being co-created by the group on a moment-to-moment basis.  As such, elements within the Outline may alter, but what remains the same is your time with Fatima on a daily basis, making for a very rich experience.

26th October – arrival at Spanish Villa

We will be located in a private, exquisite Spanish villa in beautiful Marbella, Andalusia, with all needs seen to for maximum transformation, illumination, freedom, self-expression, creativity, rest and replenishment.  We will have a tropical garden and private pool in our sacred temple-space that is very peaceful, yet only a few minutes walk away from Marbella city and the Mediterranean Sea (with good weather in Oct/Nov in southern Spain).

  • Arrival from 3pm + settling in
  • Evening Session: Welcome, Intention, Sacred Altar and Circle, Chanting and Energy Synchronization

27th October- 1 Nov: Chakras 1 – 6

  • 2-hr morning Session: Intention, Dance, Breathwork, Mindfulness, Sharing, Counsel
  • Free time: rest, beach, walk, play
  • 1-hr afternoon Session: Mandalas, Sharing, Counsel
  • Free time: rest, beach, walk, play
  • 2-hr evening Session: Intention, Dance, Chanting, Mindfulness, Sharing, Counsel

2 November: Chakra 7

  • 2-hr morning Session: Intention, Dance, Breathwork, Mindfulness Sharing, Counsel
  • Free time: rest, beach, walk, play
  • 2-hr afternoon Session: Mandalas, Sharing, Counsel
  • Free time: rest, beach, walk, play
  • Evening: ‘Graduation’ Ceremony

3 November departure

  • 2-hr morning Session. Departure around 1pm


$3795 AUD in one single upfront payment (approx US$2920, €2380)


$3995 AUD (US$3072, € 2505) in instalments (suggested terms)

  • $1000 non-refundable payment to secure your place
  • $1497.50 due 25 July
  • $1497.50 due 25 September


  • 9 days of teachings, intent, dance, ceremony, deep conversation, transformation, celebration
  • Twin-share accommodation in a Spanish Villa
  • Transportation to and from Malaga Airport
  • Chef prepared breakfasts, lunches and dinners, including dinner on 26th October and breakfast on 3rd November
  • Fatima’s expertise in her teachings as per ‘About your Guide’ above and that she will be weaving into the Tour as scheduled and spontaneously intuited.

Participation also includes:

  • A 20-min Recorded Session with Fatima in the weeks before our Journey begins so she can feel into your needs and how to best support you on Tour, and how you can best support yourself.
  • Pre-Tour Group Call – so you have the chance to connect with everyone, share your intentions and learn how to best prepare yourself for Transformation

Not Included:

  • Airfare to/from Spain and airport taxes
  • Personal costs such as taxis, postage, alcoholic beverages, external internet service (free in our villa) and telephone calls
  • Passport + any Visas required
  • Medical/accident/travel/baggage/personal liability insurance to mitigate the risk of unforeseen circumstances, illness, etc.  This is a mandatory requirement.
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Tips for drivers, taxis, restaurant staff (f you choose to go/eat elsewhere, eg)
  • Travel from Marbella/Malaga to your next destination at the end of the Event
  • 100% guarantee of gluten-free, vegan, gluten or dairy free options (Although we will do our best to assist and be attentive, please do be mindful when booking and bring the supplements you may need.) 
  • Food, private excursions, recreational activities not mentioned in the Outline
  • Any other item unspecified in the Fee or the Outline

We have chosen to include all meals so as to allow you maximum freedom of the Experience, and to rest, integrate, rejuvenate. 

Questions?  Get on a call with Fatima for total clarity and to workshop things.  Please email


Payment Terms

Payment can be made via clicking the button below for Paypal or Credit Card……OR via Internet Banking for Australians, or bank-to-bank transfers for those outside Australia.  Please email if you prefer Internet Banking or bank-to-bank.

Option One (Paypal or Credit Card) SINGLE UPFRONT PAYMENT:  Check your Currency HERE

Discounted Upfront Payment TWIN SHARE $AUD: 

Price: $3,795.00


Option Two (Paypal or Credit Card) INSTALMENTS:  

AUD$3995 Twin Share in Instalment Payments  Check your Currency HERE

Individual and flexible payment plans are available. Please inquire immediately at

AUD$1000 – immediate non-refundable Deposit: 

Price: $1,000.00

AUD$2995 balance – due in instalments by 25 September to secure your place

Cancellations must be made in writing.  $1000 deposit is non-refundable. Balances unpaid by due dates are considered cancellations unless notice is made in writing before the date due.
All refund requests subject to the following:

After 26 Aug 2018, 40% of full fee is non-refundable.
After 9 Sept 2018, 60% of full fee is non-refundable. 
After 23 Sept 2018 80% of full fee is non-refundable.
After 7 Oct 100% of full fee is non-refundable.

No refund for unused portions of the tour, including but not limited to, missed meals, accommodation, etc. 
Important Note

Fees are based on the exchange rate between the Australian Dollar and the Euro as at April 2018.  Should the rate fluctuate greatly before October 2018, fees may need to be adjusted.


Important: Please review all Terms and Conditions HERE