The Revolution is LOVE Book


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Insights into Evolutionary Activism

by Fatima Bacot

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The Revolution is LOVE:  Insights into Evolutionary Activism

How are our most deeply held, toxic beliefs destroying our humanity and the very fabric of our lives? Our most deeply held beliefs correspond directly with our thoughts, emotions, feelings and any action we take or don’t take, in all areas of our lives. Our beliefs tell us where we invest our energy, whether consciously or unconsciously, and what we subsequently co-create.

In THE REVOLUTION IS LOVE, the reader is taken through aspects of the origin of some of our most toxic beliefs and the systems through which they have been developed and are maintained, and that result in our cultural trance of collective disempowerment and destruction. And, how the long history of mankind, territorial greed, patriarchy and power hierarchies, coupled with ongoing war, have now become violent, corporate control of the whole.

Worldwide, though, people are gripped by increasing anger, despondency, overwhelm, panic and hopelessness, and in the midst of dizzying propaganda and relentless attacks upon freedoms, rights, lives and life’s necessities, a global awakening of millions is taking place.

Humanity faces a formidable ‘enemy’, even though it is also becoming the instrument of its own destruction. It remains a matter, however, of whether the fight is winnable, given the alarming degree of breakdown across and within so many fronts simultaneously and the terrifying escalation of late of war-drums. Will enough of us awaken in time? Will enough of us have enough love to move beyond blame, denial, apathy, victim-consciousness, spectatorship and abdication to step up and make a difference to our current trajectory?

If we could recognize our power, if we could change toxic, core beliefs, how would our world change?


Taking us through 7 dazzling, visionary and hard-hitting Insights, THE REVOLUTION IS LOVE is the first book to pull together the multi-faceted dangers of Deep State Corporatocracy, track them back to our most cherished but toxic inner beliefs, and to combine leading-edge science, mysticism, technology, prophecy, earthchanges and radical personal metamorphosis to show that we are challenged to wake up and to play hard in the co-creation of a Partnership-based Worldview, rather than continue to participate in the destructive Dominator Worldview currently in place…if we can remember who we really are and love enough.

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