The Power of Presence

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The Power of Presence

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Cultivate Presence.

Cultivate your Centre.

It is my understanding that now, more than ever, you need to embody Presence.  That is, your Stillness, Wisdom, Power, Trust, Courage and Faith in order to know that all is well and that there is a catalyzing, transformational order running through all , both personally and collectively — if you will seamlessly merge and shift with it, however challenging and volatile the path for you.

In light of the current and upcoming celestial alignments, it is clear that many of us are in the midst of tumultuous change, as is the Earth.  It is ‘easy’ to go into ‘automatic pilot’, one’s old patterns and stories, anxiety, confusion, fear and panic — as our minds and emotions swirl in the evolutionary energies.

Understand this:  your stories can’t help you.  And neither can thoughts and emotions that originate out of old shadowy material and ‘the old times’.  Old ways of coping can’t help you.  New ways are required now.

However, much shadow-material is still surfacing for us as we are slam-dunked into situations of our individual and collective making, and this is par for the course, and humanity is in catharsis for the most part.

Our best as a Humanity, however, is surfacing!  YOUR best is surfacing from deep within you.

….and….Humanity is building momentum at this time to act as One, with One Voice and One Heart as change  dramatically plays out across numerous fronts simultaneously….

.. Global, astrological, solar and galactic changes…genetic transmutation and DNA activation… spontaneous awakenings….the power that is the Law of Attraction…the Mayan Calendar and 2012….studies in endogenous DMT….free energy…..collaboration, healing and manifestation in harmony with the whole…the Powers of LOVE and Compassion…the New Economy…..healing and releasing fear….advances in science and technology…disclosure of our oneness with extraterrestrial life….transfiguration & freedom.

These are being focused upon, and amplified worldwide….  it IS a mass awakening, and it is wonderful.

Remember, YOU are One with this Momentum, Revolution and Renaissance.  ALL is connected.  There is no separation.  Separation is an illusion falling awway very quickly (and sometimes, painfully) by the way side.

At this time, BREATHE………..and move deeper into yourself, into the very core of your Self.  Have a very simple Daily Practice that enables you to allow the reconstruction, and allow the release of your old identity into the Light.  In your day, ASK for assistance, events, circumstances, people and signs in ways that you uniquely can read and interpret them — and listen.  Open yourself to the assistance, and when you receive it (even if it’s a door slamming on you for a very good reason), TAKE HEED.  You are being helped, if you will allow it.  Now is the Time…………and Time is accelerating into the Zero Point…….and Time, as we know it, is disappearing into No Time.  It is the Now.  Now.


Intend the very best for yourself according to that which is for your Highest Good and the Highest Good of all.  The highest part of you creates as one with the collective now for there is no separation between you and me.

In Presence, cultivate Faith and Trust so that you can walk forward and continue walking forward, alchemically entering more deeply into yourself and into life, as One.  You are a Pioneer of the New.  Get assistance if need be to help you to remember so that you can embrace the full measure of change now available to you in this long-anticipated, exhilarating time of the Great Shift of Consciousness.

As mentioned in the Teleseries this week, our ‘trump card’ is an inner one.  That is, the Power of the Heart.  Yes. We have been a head- and left-brained oriented world for thousands of years now, believing that the brain ‘has the power’.  No. The Heart organ itself generates an electrical field  60 times greater than does the brain, and the Heart’s magnetic field is 5,000 times greater than the magnetic field generated by the brain.  It even has its own nervous system, and sends more messages to the brain than receives from it.  Marry Heart Power with a thought — then you’re going to get somewhere!  We all will.

We all know by now the value of Ecstatic States in Consciousness such as Love, Appreciation, Stillness, Gratitude, Calm, Peace.  These lift us out separation-consciousness, and they are all other words for Source, Presence, the Higher Self, God, Buddha Consciousness, All That Is.

It is not just a matter of ‘feeling good’ but an actual Exit Strategy out of Pain, an Exit Strategy out of the old world, and an Instantaneous Repositioning by Frequency into the New. The Abraham Teachings, the work of esteemed teachers such as Caroline Myss, Dr Bruce Lipton, John Hagelin, Dr David Hawkins, Tom Kenyon and the Hathors, Gregg Braden, Janosh, Dr Masaru Emoto, Lynn McTaggart, Eckhart Tolle, Barbara Marciniak, and groups such as the Heartmath Institute, the Global Coherence Project, IONS — and more, all around the world — showcases the Sheer Power of such States of Consciousness, of Presence.  They are the keys to Conscious Co-Creation, yes.

Operating from Presence will unfailingly guide you through these increasingly turbulent times, out of the old collapsing matrix, and into the New Evolutionary Agenda.

With Love, Fatima

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July 30, 2010 at 3:09 pm

This is so in keeping with what I am experiencing right now. The Ascended Masters are telling me that my human form and spirit form are no longer separate but are merged in the same dimension, and that I need to feel my spirit form coursing through my human body, present in every single thing I do and every single thought I have. This is what we have all been working towards for millennia. It feels fantastic, and we must beleive it is now truly happening to us. I know the more I trust, the more bliss I experience.

Love and blessings for helping people understand better what is going on,


    August 9, 2010 at 2:01 am

    Dear Ovidne,

    I feel the same! So much that we have worked for for millennia, as well as for many of us in the last 20-25 years is coming to pass. It is truly the most extraordinary time.

    When we were in the Spiritual Mystery School with our Mentor, Medina, we were always told we were preparing for this time in the future. At that time (in the early 90s) we were busy clearing the decks of karmic debris, both personally and collectively, working with trust and the inner sense of ‘mission’ for these times.

    Now, we are here. We are here. The time is now. The merging is taking place.

    Presence is THE key as far as I am concerned. The breath, and the alignment in time and space, as infinite consciousness.

    I am grateful for the countless times over the years my Guides said to me, ‘Be still’. I used to rail against this constantly, but I am exceedingly grateful now.

    My Love to you, my friend xo


July 30, 2010 at 11:09 am

Yeah I “get it” :) After reading this blog a few times over……it is presence! Doh! xxx


    August 9, 2010 at 1:56 am

    You are the coolest, Sue-Ellen! xoxo

    P.S. When ARE you going to write your book?


July 30, 2010 at 6:32 am

The last 10-20 years I was asking my spiritual guides: How can I help this World? What do I need to do? And they always replied: Wherever you are, whatever you do, just be there. That’s the most you can do.

It took a while, until I learned to read the signs. Presence was the key.

Now everything is a little bit easier, though I still have to struggle with my shadows. But everytime there is an inner fight, I focus on my Higher Self, my Heart, and the fight is ceasing.

Thank you for this post. It helps alot remembering, that I am not the only one who has to struggle with shadows. In the turmoil of catharsis we tend to forget, that all of us are on the path and that we are interconected.

Love, Christina


    August 9, 2010 at 1:55 am

    Dear Christina,

    I completely understand about those shadows….. Sometimes it seems that the ‘faulty wiring’, so to speak, will NEVER be addressed and functioning in ways that support our wellbeing. In times of deepest clarity, however, we see how these shadows have defined us in so many ways and catalysed onto our paths.

    I have learned to embrace the shadow. Not to indulge it (at least as best I can), but truly to constructively learn from it and to deepen my empathy and connection to all life, as one with it.

    I remember reading somewhere that we are able to face the darkness in direct proportion to how much Light we are able to hold.

    I have never felt denial of the shadow a wise move and have admired those most who have struggled with the shadow and then recalibrated and remade themselves in the crucible of their own courage and ‘something’ that has propelled them forward.

    I wish you well in all things.



July 30, 2010 at 5:36 am

Fatima: You have such a gift for communicating a clear and concise message delivered with such love and grace!! You literally feel the frequency change as you are reading the narration. Thank you for sharing your gifts and inspiring our spirits to stay on the path and see the light!! Truly Inspirational!
In Spirit & Love Always, Sandy


    August 9, 2010 at 1:49 am

    With so many thanks to you, Sandy, for your wonderful words. I can say the same about YOUR gift of communicating. I find your Monthly Astrology newsletters very insightful, also, and down-to-earth to with the ‘stuff’ that matters in life to your readers. Thank you for YOUR dedication to assisting others through these tumultuous times.

    Blessings and Love to you, Fatima xo


July 30, 2010 at 12:38 am

“It is not just a matter of ‘feeling good’ but an actual Exit Strategy out of Pain, an Exit Strategy out of the old world…”

What are your suggestions for the actual EXIT STRATEGY out of Pain??? Is it simply just the breath, presence, ‘feeling good’, gratitude, love etc or is there an extra something special that helps to exit out of pain?

Much Love, Sue-Ellen x


July 30, 2010 at 12:12 am

Confirming and inspiring to read about :The power of Presence”. I feel how much this sort of information resonates with me.
Always looking forward to read and learn more. Please keep on sharing your knowledge.
Thank You.


July 29, 2010 at 7:59 pm

I choose to be where my feet are. I choose to be in the moment. I choose to be in the presence and in the present.
Thank you for your sharing your wisdom and insiight in this lovely reminder!

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