The Power of Frequency

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The Power of Frequency

“He who understands the Principle of Vibration, has grasped the sceptre of Power,”   The Kybalion

As we deepen our steps into 2014 and into what is our continuing, stunning landscape of radical, uncharted change in a swirling vortex of catalytic energies (and conjecture), however we each personally experience all of these, I want to be clear with respect to Frequency.  As written elsewhere in this Blog, ‘Frequency is Reality ~ Frequency is Freedom’.   It is Sovereignty and Sovereign Authority, too.

We know from quantum physics that numerous potentials exist and interpenetrate within any given moment.  We know we live within an ocean of possibility where All is One and connected, with Focus, Thought and Intent the key components that give rise to the realities we experience in our bodies, lives, finances, relationships, etc.  And not only do Focus, Thought and Intent matter:  they literally create matter and all of our experiences.

Physicists have shown us that ‘solid objects’ don’t exist at all, and that ‘matter’ is actually more than 99.9% empty space.  They have shown us that subatomic particles like electrons, for example, have been found to be non-local.  That is, they have no fixed position in either time or space, are everywhere all at once, and pop in and out of the universe thousands of times per second.  Following this train of thought, even our bodies, the Earth and the Universe don’t exist in the solid sense…so that ultimately, ‘reality’ is profoundly malleable, fluid and as real (or unreal) as you choose to dare to think it is.

Following, it has been determined that everything has a frequency and everything is made up of energy which can be measured.  Smells have a frequency, heart energy has a frequency, disease has a frequency….thoughts, numbers, music, emotions like happiness and anger, or light, your computer, your hand, YOU….have frequencies, and all these can be measured.  Further, frequency makes up what we can and cannot sense and experience.  And, if we change the frequency, we change the form, the result, the manifestation.  

Your personal capacity to discern and anchor into the various potentials that lie within the frequency-bandwidth/spectrum is specifically indicative of how much possibility/information/potential you can delineate, absorb, maintain, radiate, receive….and therefore, what you can alter and what you can experience.  As such, the lower your own overall frequency (in fear, unworthiness, blame, lack, despair, powerlessness, etc), the less frequency/attractor-capacity and reality-potential you are able to play within.  The less in charge of your overall experience you will be.  On the other hand, the higher and deeper your overall frequency, the more of your brain, neurology, DNA, senses and multidimensional creativity you are playing with as a Creator Being, and the more you can shapeshift your circumstances outside, within and beyond the old linear construct, bound as it is by control, ‘time’ and ‘space’.  The more you can play in an illumined, holographic grid matrix in the Universal Consciousness that is the New Earth and its Crystalline Grids. 


cosmic consciousnessTimeline Decisions

We are speaking here again of at least ‘Two Timelines’…

As part of the quantum evolutionary acceleration we have been undergoing, we are called now into deeper activation and engagement to surpass/dissolve/transcend the ‘frequency-fences’ of the old Earth Timeline, particularly as it starts to ‘arc up’ worldwide.   In our accelerations, we see and feel the capacity to open up to so much more in terms of truth, what is transpiring, reading signs, along with ability and potential.  Via conscious choice and subsequent higher-frequency alignment, we have access to understandings previously unknown and covert within many frequency-bands simultaneously, as well as to the multidimensional possibilities we have long-intuited that assist us to reside in, and create the New.  As we further tap into the frequencies-of-possibility (housed within our own bodies, DNA etc) that have always been there, we connect to our Limitlessness – and all forms of unworthiness, illness, poverty, lack, enslavement, conflict and destruction are ‘bypassed’ because we just don’t plug into them anymore.  They come to cease to exist, as does the old Timeline.

Instead now, we experience the New Earth Timeline and its fundamental, elegant Oneness, Unity, Peace, Prosperity, Appreciation and Joy, in a ‘new’ worldview/civilisation, equipped with our ‘new’ abilities, in this Now.  The New Earth exists already as a reflection of a particular frequency-state, accessed by Conscious Choice and Harmonic Resonance….and we ‘get busy’ with being here and creating the New.  And so, although 2014 and beyond will, for many, be characterised by painful breakdown and restructuring, or simply about ‘waking up’…one’s experiences of 2014 and beyond remain indelibly tied in with frequency as the determinant and signature of wellbeing as it relates to all areas of life.


Nothing is Hardwired

Once upon a time, it was believed that our DNA was hardwired and that, correspondingly, reality was hardwired, too.  We now know that by applying vibration, frequency and/or the correct language, colours, lights, thoughts and emotions we can affect the genetic data.  We know that a gene is simply a blueprint designed to make a protein molecule, and that 30,000 different variations exist within every gene blueprint.  By altering our minds, intentions, beliefs, emotions, what we choose to focus upon….even our grammar…the Word…we can dial up different experiences and outcomes for the genetic data, and hence, for our lives, our environment, politics, spirituality, science, technology….and more.

Not only can belief override biology as such, but it stimulates everything into being.  In this way, we each have a practical and very real and accessible power within to access and live our lives as FREE AND SOVEREIGN BEINGS (as distinct from the old Earth Timeline that we created as otherwise).  We have access to Universal Consciousness right now, and we can know that we are each Source Itself, fully embodied and anchored within our Hearts, Cells, and Bodies…not ‘out there’ somewhere, separated from us, but here, right within us….if we will stay anchored in polarity integration of both positive and negative, shutting out neither, but in deep respect of their functions, and leveraging both to maximum evolution and fruition. 

We can thus look at and embrace ‘what is’ at large and in our lives, allowing it to powerfully stimulate us into deep, deep, deeper awareness, vigilance, imagination, action, activism, feeling and creativity.  We can know and partner with the ‘deeper order of Being’ that is Source-Energy that is the foundation of all, as well as the Who and the What that is looking through our eyes and reading these words right now…inclusive of all the potential and possibility, darkness and light, negative and positive, such Knowing contains.  (In fact, Source experiencing itself in matter as Us has been the Consciousness Project, and now that It/You is ‘here’, It/You wants to play as a Self-Realised It/You!)

By whatever names we know this all-embracing state of polarity-integration, it is characterised by Love, Oneness, Unity, Abundance, Sovereignty, Justice, Abundance, Compassion.  It is underpinned by the knowing that:

         We are One
         All is One
         LOVE is the Key
         LOVE Conquers All


cosmic consciousness1The Inner Technologies

You can be one with the Power and Intelligence that creates worlds via the inner technologies of Mindfulness, Focus, Stillness, Presence and Ecstatic States of Consciousness such as Love, enjoying accelerated manifestation in the holographic energies of Universal Consciousness…right now.

Your ability to anchor into the New is in direct relationship to your ability to activate, generate and experience Polarity-Integration, Love and the other Ecstatic States such as Appreciation, Joy, Wellbeing, Peace and Abundance.  In anchoring into the power of these States (which already exist within you) by utilising your powers of choice and of concentration, words, feelings, intentions and sustained focus… not denying the darkness and the shadow… stabilise yourself into unifying, co-creative, coherent frequencies of great power, integration, awareness, abundance, joy, potential and possibility.  You are part of the groundcrew of the co-creation of the New Earth and a Sacred Worldview……..from the bottom-up…..affecting personal and global finances, politics, health, environment, spirituality.  ALL AREAS OF LIFE, AS ALL ARE CONNECTED.

Looking to the Future

2014 and beyond will be experienced differently according to one’s unique choices and one’s current vibrational/frequency offerings, denial, awareness, timing…and other rich, unique dynamics.  With the widely-talked about, challenging indicators on the table such as Uranus square Pluto until March 2015 (with the 5th exact square in late April….the most powerful one yet…a ‘volcano ready to explode’), Saturn in Scorpio to September 2015 and Pluto in Capricorn until 2024….RADICAL breakdown, breakthrough and restructure are the orders of the day.  Neptune in Pisces until 2025 brings mass creative awakening, along with ‘seeing beyond the veil’ and connecting in deeper levels of oneness on the Earth, and with Intelligences beyond the Earth.  These same indicators, however, will be experienced differently by the 7 billion currently residing on the Earth…and by virtue of frequency and location on the frequency spectrum.

In this sense, many reading this now already know (or are further coming into) their capacity to ‘travel’ outside of the time and space constructs and controlling energies of the collapsing  ‘old earth’ amidst accelerating, catalytic and wild changes.  The massive evolutionary and biomutational processes of the last 25 years have resulted in a rewriting of DNA and biology….and the upgrades continue as huge influxes of cosmic energies birth entirely new blueprints and templates of Being that enable us to sense, do and be things that have only been seen in fantasy/sci-fi movies in the co-creation of the New……..economically, spiritually, environmentally, spiritually, scientifically, technologically, etc.

We move beyond the fixed, linear, concrete realities we were born into….and we experience a reality that is more fluid, multilayered and malleable, with ‘time’ able to sped up or slowed down, stretched and bent, depending upon one’s focus.  Best of all, there are no rules…no ‘independent authority’ or God watching or judging…no karma…no contracts….AND no expectation of being ‘saved’ by an outside agent, or ‘going’ somewhere other than ‘here’.  The Living Library (ref Barbara Marciniak) and jewel that is the Earth is where the action is, and Sovereignty is Crucial, as are Freedom and Free Will, and life is populated with ever-increasing, synchronistic events in the form of wonderful people, places and circumstances….and exploration and experimentation are key .

In the meantime, there remains much swinging between the old and new Timelines and triggering into disturbance and distortion, stress and exhaustion, upgrade and downgrade, and alternating feelings of compression and acceleration….. However, the New Earth is here and ‘the work’ is to stabilize the grids all the more (as the old energies seek to destabilize).  In our continual practice of grounding, connecting with one another, clearing the old and more, we further embody into the Crystalline Fields of Energy, harmoniously and harmonically One with All….and we create the New, step-by-step.

And so, whilst the reality that most of us were born into continues with the lashing out by the lower-frequency patriarchal, cabalistic and controlling infrastructure that is vying for your Apocalyptic/Armageddon attention in the drive to fulfil its ‘us-vs-them’ prophecies of the old Abrahamitic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam (WWWIII, anyone?) …..let us ask ourselves in which Timeline we wish to reside, be vigilant….and remember….




powerWhat experiences do we wish to have from hereon in?  Continuing support of the old through maintaining our own, ancient, toxic belief patterns and denial (discussed in numerous Blogs on this website since July 2013, in particular), or awakening to the challenges our times and choosing to be in the New Earth…now…as powerful, crystalline and complex, multidimensional carriers of holographic, lightbody intelligence and consciousness, and as the Universal Consciousness Itself in human embodiment…….and getting on with creating the New in the most tangible, here, grounded ways possible?

We can already know (to paraphrase Ken Carey from his book, The Third Millennium:  Living in the Posthistoric World) that the Shift has been accomplished, with the Star Maker (Source) having consciously awakened in all systems of human biocircuitry capable of sustaining universal awareness.  Let it be so for you, in the thought/emotion/frequency choices you consciously make in 2014 (particularly as we near the April Quantum Eclipse Windows + Grand Cardinal Cross) and beyond, knowing that the Shift is a frequency shift to another potential on the frequency-bandwidth WHILST YOU ARE RIGHT HERE AND SEEING CLEARLY, and that each frequency-signature-potential opens a door to the world you are creating not only for yourself, but also your children, and your children’s children.  It is now….the foundations of the New that we build now….that will bear fruit, down the track, in our children’s lives.  So, look around at what is materializing, both the positive and the negative……and make decisions for who/how you will be.   

The seeds of what will be, of what will bear fruit…are being planted globally now.  Be mindful of what you would like to experience and the legacy you are simultaneously fast-forwarding and leaving behind.  NOW counts more than it ever has.  Numerous realities are available to you, and YOU get to choose.  The frequency-fences of old are exceedingly clear at this time, the veils have thinned and what has been covert is being revealed (the agony and the ecstasy)….AND now we also see and know our radical beingness of possibility and potential in the midst of the swirling Timelines of both old and new.

All is within the eye of the beholder.  You are that beholder.  YOU are That Co-Creator.

For assistance with navigating 2014 and beyond, and anchoring into Polarity-Integration, please:


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And finally, enjoy this uplifting video from the Worldwide Wave of Action, set in motion TODAY, 4th April, for the Global Spring that changes everything

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Blessings in all things,


Fatima x

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