The Intelligence in Flowing

Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes.
Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow.
Let reality be reality.
Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like
~ Lao Tzu

Lao Tzu, the Chinese philosopher, wrote these words around 2,600 years ago, but the wisdom they contain is perennial.

Throughout the ages, humans have often considered that the age they live in is ‘the best and worst of times’ (to borrow now from Charles Dickens), and that there has never been a time like their own. 

And this would be true as each age gives birth to various, new turns in the spirals of unbecoming and becoming..

What may differentiate our time as distinct is the level of connectivity amongst the almost 8 billion of us here, and how small the world has become, and how the borders continue to disappear through globalization and technology.

As such, and as a result of such connectivity, we have an opportunity to determine a diverse, collective path forward, even as we are moving through tremendous crisis, chaos, deletions, inventions and adjustments.  (The phenomena that always occur at the end and beginning of things.)

It’s a moment like no other, in terms of that globalized-connectivity, as well as in terms of the sovereignty and individuality now available.  Looking at the uprisings worldwide, we see that the desire for these are strong.  

It is all relative, and all ages are important, and we go on, into the futures of our making, and as set forth, also, by the larger frameworks, equations and harmonics of the Field.

Don’t resist.


When we can let things flow and when we can partner with that flow, we find ourselves in the right time and right place, forcing nothing, and being impeccably guided to act from the intelligence within and that spontaneously arises from our environment.

We come to the space of wu-wei, Chinese for ‘non-action’, and developed perhaps 2,800 years ago. 

This does not mean no action.  Neither does it mean procrastination nor laziness.

Rather it means adjustment, flow and alignment with the cycles of life and its ups and downs, knowing these changes, ebbs and flows are always occurring.

It means to not force things to happen.  To not act against nature or the flow of things. It means presence, and then acting from that.

This is a lightness of being that is very often the hardest thing for many of us to do/be, conditioned as we are into constant doing, striving, forcing and controlling from a lack of trust in universal flow and intelligence. 

But when we can relax and let go and attune ourselves to the moments we find ourselves in, we become aware of the space that contains the knowledge and wisdom that supports us, always, if we will let it.

Then we can act.  Not blindly out of fear and the need to make things happen, but purposefully and surrendered to the flow of life and where it is now leading us.


In these times, a different order is presenting itself and we need to pay attention.  It is significant, and this is our time, our moment. 

Your time.

When you learn to flow and you pay attention, you will sound your note, your unique note in the great orchestra of beingness and evolution. 

And you will be out of your own way.

You need only sound your note and be attuned to your moment and whatever it is calling you to do or to be.

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