The Enriched Individual

Although there have been many, many aspects to the Global Shift in Consciousness over the last 25-30 years, one of the most game-changing and critical evolutionary ‘big-switches’ that has occurred is that of people getting up off their knees, en masse, all over the world, and actively confronting the dominator/victim, conqueror/conquered, rich/poor dynamic that has been dominant for thousands of years…whether within or without.

Millions have risen (and continue to rise) globally to challenge ages-old, hierarchical domination of people, resources, environment, the narrative and the commons, and they are building a ‘movement of movements’, one person, activation, post, photo, tweet, prayer, blog, protest, meditation, film at a time.

Because now, of course, there is greater global understanding of wealth inequality, the corporatocracy, the centralized banking cartels, and other features of the outgoing system that dismally fail the environment and the majority of human beings and the Earth’s species. 

And, in the face of ongoing fear tactics and coercion from outdated institutions and their representatives, PR machines and lobbyists, people in the millions are articulating and consolidating new value systems and speaking truth to that old order.

Most importantly, they are speaking truth to themselves…and they are collaborating, gathering, rising.

These significant days represent an exhilarating, multidimensional, cross-pollinated moment in our evolutionary trajectory from controlled human being looking outside or upwards to authority figures and deities… to a liberated, awake, human being, cognizant of intrinsic intelligence, sovereignty and power.

This next phase is about galvanizing free will, imagination, action and dignity in order to co-create a thriving planetary consciousness of interlinked multi-cultures, pods and worlds, in tandem with the collapse of the outgoing, destructive (patriarchal) culture.

This moment entails fully being here, pragmatically grounding one’s vision for these times, getting creative and actively doing the work it takes to collaborate and manifest a vision.

This moment calls for a progression from competition to collaboration, from hierarchy to equality, from us-and-them polarization to unity-in-diversity, from vertical to horizontal organization….and its participants are willing to dive into the deep overhauls necessary to transform Religion, Politics, Spirituality, Medicine, Education, Technology, Economics and numerous social systems in order to realize their dreams and visions of how we might really freely and abundantly live in a connected commons and universe.

We are talking here about direct participation in shared, from-the-ground-up, holistic decision-making for individual and collective action that harmonically takes us further, in the best case scenario of right use of power and focus.  Not just another coup.

This is what the Shift has thus far accomplished, and it is not ‘out there’, but right here and right now….on this Earth, with human beings learning to be conscious, awakened, responsible creators and caretakers, and powerfully engaged in translating vision into manifested reality, step-by-step.

The recognition of our deep interconnectedness and interdependence has the potential to give rise to a planetary consciousness such as we’ve never known.

The opportunity exists to promote human development through direct engagement and social decision-making.

The opportunity is at our doorsteps to foster increased empathy, cooperation, innovation, solutions, a care economy, agency, knowledge and wisdom, and interconnected social consciousness.  

In this ‘New Earth’, the enriched individual is an esteemed part of a larger social whole of living, interconnected systems and intrinsic relationships, not an isolated atom.

In this ‘New Earth’, individuals and systems are valued as deeply entwined mirrors and empowerers of one another’s prosperity, health and wellbeing.

Adapted from “Next Phase: Co-Creating a Thriving Planetary Consciousness and Culture” (c) 2015 Fatima Bacot

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