“The Level Two Mindfulness Course has far surpassed any ideas and notions I had about mindfulness and how it could help in my life. With the loving, supportive guidance of the beautiful-souled Fatima, I have developed a mindfulness practice that is helping me manage work stresses, finding a better balance between work and looking after myself and FINALLY quietening the brutal inner critic that has spent every second of every day berating me for the last 20 years. A huge thank you to Fatima for starting me on what is already a successful journey. This course has changed my life.”  TT, Qld

Fatima is also mentoring me (Awareness and Transformation Mindfulness Program). I’m at the beginning of my journey but how my humble life is already changing….it’s truly INCREDIBLE!  Not enough words to thank!”  AL, Vic

“Thank you, Fatima.  I find your readings to be so profound, opening up gifts of Soul memory to help me to let go and release tightness so that I feel lighter and free.”  LW, Canada

“wow wow wow …….. what a great 2 months, (Mindfulness Meditation) Level 1 and 2. Laughed and cried, filled with love and support, beautiful group, and great tools for life, thank you Fatima for some time well spent on myself.”  TH, Qld

“The one day with you (Miracle of Mindfulness Workshop) has shifted my whole way of thinking. I feel like I’m only now starting to understand life. I have new worlds to learn & discover. Thank you so much. My soul felt lost. Now I feel my glow. You’re amazing!”  KF, Qld

“Your (blog) messages come in for me at the times when I most need them. I resonate with your heartfelt sharings. I am so very grateful. Love and Peace.” DF, Qld, Australia

“…the relief has been significant for me – to be able to recognise just how out of control things were for me….the Mindfulness meditation seems to have created a space between the problems I have and me so I can notice what is happening now before it all takes hold of me and that makes all the difference now. Without your wonderful work and communication in the group, I would still be stuck in the swirl of chaos.”  JM, Qld 

“Just like you said, everything has totally come true!  I love ya!  You are so gifted :)” JC, Florida

“Quite simply Fatima is amazing! I’ve known Fatima since 2008 and had reading, workshop and personal mentoring sessions at various times with her since then. I find the accuracy and depth of her intuitive insights especially valuable. Her holistic understanding enables incisive, powerful, relevant and personalized advice and steps for action and serve as a unique bridge to our own deeper transdimensional understanding and growth. This has granted me a number of breakthroughs and “a-ha!” moments – each one being a potential game-changer. In short, she is a great healer and teacher because she’s all about empowerment, and yet again (!) I have to thank her for all that she has aided me with.”  BG, Japan

I have been completely in awe of this incredible woman who has helped me to start living my life for myself and not just for others. No-one had ever truly helped me to find my inner peace in such a natural, non-judgmental and relaxing form. It is a real gift to now have the basic steps to continue using mindfulness techniques throughout all areas of my life. It is something that I believe would really benefit anyone struggling with self-worth, suffering illness, or going through unfortunate or difficult things in life. Thank-you for everything, Fatima. You truly are an inspirational woman and a real mentor to us all” HD, Qld

“I have known Fatima for several years now, having attended some of her workshops, lectures as well as her mentoring (Awareness and Transformation Program) & can definately say she’s an excellent presenter, facilitator . The readings & mentoring are of the highest standard of guidance. I feel very priviledged to have you as a mentor Fatima & also call you my friend. xoxo”  SA, Vic

“Thank you Fatima for some very useful tools in both the Mindfulness Meditations Introduction and the follow up session 2. I wish you peace and happiness always.” NW, Qld

“Fatima, what an amazing thing that you and your writings and thoughts have landed in my path. Can’t begin to say how joyful, yes, joyful it feels to read your 24-page e-book of explanation and gentle, tough-love wisdom and encouragement.  It comes at a time when I am putting a cv together and planning to network more efficiently to bring in some income.  Of course, you know what is in the way and nothing but that, is MESELF!   Thank you for sending me what I need!  Your testimonials support your work, like big huge time.  I am glad you came into my life!”  DL, Canada

“I’m so pleased I’ve found mindful meditation through Fatima’s classes.  The methods and techniques communicated are intelligent, easy to follow and practical.  I’ve experienced great emotional and stress relief in using the practices.  Fatima’s warmth and engaging nature made the courses thoroughly enjoyable.”  DO, QLD

“I have found especially doing the 2nd Level (Mindfulness Meditation) how things have changed for me.  From the breath, breathing, able to meditate/breathe when a situation might come….Fatima, I am actually looking forward to coming back to do Level 2 again as there is no other meditation practices that I have found here on the coast as beneficial as yours….your experience and understanding of life’s situations is what most of us need in our lives.”  DJ, Qld

“Having suffered from anxiety and depression for most of my adult life, I had attended many meditation and counselling workshops, tried yoga and many calming techniques, read many anxiety self-help and inspirational books, and attended sessions with several psychologists. Whilst I believe everything in my life so far has helped me to become the stronger person I am today, none of the above had helped me in such a way as Fatima & her mindfulness classes. Focusing on listening to the breath, practising body scans, guided meditations, mindful walking and other methods like RAIN, and learning techniques I can use in everyday stressful situations to calm myself have been nothing short of amazing”  HD, Qld

I found your article very well researched.  Love and light.”  JP, NSW, Australia

“…after listening to my amazing reading again, I feel that it has cleared away some debris, and opened a bigger path for the light to come in….so many realizations about this lifetime and how silenced I have needed/allowed myself to be.  Anyway, I send you my sincere and deepest thanks.  YOU are a way shower and a huge gift to the world!  I hope to connect again soon!”  JE, FL, USA

“I am in my final week of being mentored by Fatima (Awareness & Transformation Mindfulness Program).  It has been nothing short of miraculous! I no longer run from myself. I accept all of me! I have much more energy because I am not wasting it running and hiding from my inner critic.   About a month ago, when Fatima’s Process ‘kicked in’, I felt free from beating myself up. I actually started operating from a foundation of Joy.  Being me is now a joyful thing and a powerful thing.” ~ Tom Szabo, USA 

“Love the new sessions and I was able to chill out – relax – and get some sense of realignment and refocus my energies to be able to see what I really want to do and what is important in life today!  Your work has helped me stay on track ‘even if sometimes I fall over’ you are there to delightfully pick me up and dust me off and help me to the next level.  I am in total gratitude over and over again that you are here on the journey with me and I love the Mindfulness sessions.”  HK, Qld 

Thank you for another fabulous session last week! As always, the messages were what I most needed to hear. A day or two after the session a lot of fear and doubts came up, should I continue bringing my gifts to the world or get a regular job? It was money fears coming up with college tuition due next month. I listened again to the Reading and it was a wonderful confirmation of what I know, but temporarily forgot. The fears melted away and the following day a wonderful opportunity showed up through one of my clients.”  DM, PA, USA

“Thank you.  As I watch this (Syria) unfold I have felt very helpless.. your thoughts and ideas are a big help.”  VP, Mexico

“Fatima knows her stuff and explains it in a passionate yet diverse way. Whilst my meditation practising is nowhere near perfect, my understanding of mindfulness has helped me deal with various situations where before I would have struggled, it has given me time to reflect, think and listen to myself and my feelings before I react, which is a life lesson that could have taken me years and many tears before I mastered it!”  NM, Qld

“Fatima’s blogs are incredible! Not only is she presenting an overview of the global and local carnival of horrors we are all questioning and concerned about, for every statement she details, she has “click HERE” to see her source/more. And there are sources upon sources. She also addresses and the options and the “opportunities” for each of us as individuals and groups for coming awake to and addressing our role in it this powerful and challenging time of global breakdown, shifting and suffering.”  BB, NSW, Australia

“Thank you SO much for your time. I really valued it, and it really put things in perspective. Thank you also for sending the reading and the meditation link.”  SP, Hong Kong

“Thank you for both the writings and the recording. I want you to know that yesterday’s session is very important to me.  It was like the grand finale ….The bringing together of the many facets of self is fascinating and I am especially encouraging the TWIT who used to dwell in me and somewhere got lost. I can be tooo serious and get caught up in my own seriousness.  Thank you for sharing your vast experience and expertise with such love and warmth.” AO, Mexico

“I just wanted to say a big thank you.  When I first started your (Mindfulness) class I felt so so lost and since doing mindfulness I feel more able to cope.”  TC, Qld

“I thoroughly loved our sessions (Awareness & Transformation Mindfulness Program) and I feel very enriched, supported and understood. Each the time channelling was so in alignment with where I felt I was and it was all very clear and spontaneous for me.  I also experienced moments of epiphany.  I look forward to catching up again.”  EK, Melbourne

“Extremely grateful to be apart of a wonderful program (Mindfulness Level 2) led by a truly unbelievable woman! Thankyou for your help so far Fatima, you are an inspiration.”  BH, Qld

“Brilliant Class, brilliant teacher .. so privileged to be a student..Fantastic class (Mindfulness 2), Fatima.” DJ, Qld

“Your Reading last month has proved to be and continues to be most helpful, particularly during this most energetic week.  Migraine and erratic blood pressure until I followed your advice…get into the physical body and out of the mental body and of course, lay on Mother Earth, breathe appreciation and self Love up and down the core.  Of course, I’ve heard this before, but this time your words landed.  I realize that I have become overly achievement oriented…the small, false self was in full operation to succeed and lost touch with the ideals of the true self.  Listening several times now to our recording last month, understanding of the message becomes clearer and clearer.  Many thanks.”  FK, Illinois, USA

“I’m so pleased I’ve found mindful meditation through Fatima’s classes. The methods and techniques communicated are intelligent, easy to follow and practical. I’ve experienced great emotional and stress relief in using the practices.  Fatima’s warmth and engaging nature made the courses thoroughly enjoyable.”  DO, Qld

“Many thanks for your insightful and in–depth reading this morning. You illuminated several dark areas that I’ve been processing on my own with grace and aplomb.I feel as if I have a detailed map of where I’ve been and where I’m going. Maps like that are priceless!” LM, Mexico

“The way you have shared-(the way I am seeing it) taking the buried (shadow) treasure from the chest (bottom if the sea), then dealing with the screaming “Mimi’s” that want to keep it hidden. It is like taking the treasure from under the mother or fathers pillow and waking them (the giant), up.  The route I was going was maintaining where I was and not into my full light.  The way you have shared with me is taking my birthright back.  Thank you so much!”  M, Colorado, USA

“Really relaxing class (Mindfulness 2) tonight. So glad I took some time out for myself.”  HD, Qld

“I have been hearing your c.d you gave me all morning long….. I love it!!!!!!!  I feel so much peace when i hear it. You have given me so much peace of mind, yipppeee, I’m not going crazy.. thankyou. and thankyou for such a beautiful email. The video made me cry, in a good way.  You have touched my heart in a very special way..Thank-you for being you and sharing yourself and your gifts…You have been an angel on my path of my self-discovery and empowerment!!!! Thankyou.”  KS, Mexico

“I want to thank you for such a marvelous session.  Love it and helped a lot !!!”  LE, Mexico

“Thank you so much for summing it up again and for taking the effort to reply….I was really touched by that…..but most of all my capacity to accept how much love is really surrounding me… so thank you again for everything.”  CG, NSW, Australia

“Working with you always reminds me to view life from a higher perspective, to see the magic in all things and to ground this new way of perceiving into reality through a daily practice.  The weekly calls are an opportunity to connect and share with likeminded people, they help keep me on track and remind me to be accountable for my thoughts and feelings. The guidance you bring through is always insightful, compassionate and comforting while being a good reflection of my own intuition, which has helped me to develop and follow my own guidance. I feel like I can really step into the flow of my life, knowing that I am the creator of my experience and that is the ultimate freedom. Thank you.”  SW, UK

“A huge thankyou to you Fatima for the best chat last night! I just feel terrific.  Thank-you from the bottom of my heart, Fatima, for looking after me when I needed it most…Holy shit babe, only your love could help me, & I’m so in awe of you.” CB, NSW, Australia

“Thank-you so much!!! It was important to hear you, you helped me a lot! Hope to see you again.”  SA, Mexico

“Thanks so much for everything.  The reading was very inspiring and helpful.”  MG, Mexico

“Many thanks for your insightful reading for me today. Lots of love.”  SA, Qld, Australia

“I intend to take the information shared and the lessons learned today to heart.”  RB, Canada

“Thank you so much for two really remarkable readings!  Wow!  We’re still integrating and everything that came through felt right on.  We’ll look forward to trying the breathing meditations.”  AM, Bali, Indonesia

“I know we all agree that you, Fatima, are an excellent Facilitator and spirit coach and I too want to thank you very much for your guidance yesterday. It was an excellent workshop and it feels very good to have been a part of it.”  DL, Canada

“Your seminar was beautiful, rich and informative, thank you for presenting it here…you’re a wonderful addition to our community.”  LB, Mexico

“Cara Fatima, you may have noticed tears in my eyes when listening to you. I was so touched by your clarity, wisdom and beauty. I also want you to know how much I appreciate your unique ability to teach, it was so heartfelt and real. Moments after leaving I was able to visit a place that was a manifestation of what I want for myself.”  CH, Mexico

“I had a wonderful time today. I had read Chopra and Tolle’s books, but today you managed to give us, in a very short time, a summary of what consciousness is all about.”  GP, Canada

“I greatly appreciated your reading and discount.  You are an angel to us all.  God will surely return the favor to you in a positive light that touches your heart, soul and spirit.”  JC, Washington DC, USA

“So much appreciation for the Reading. No wonder I have felt so alone and unsure of things….I have been trying to find the box I fit into!  A lot to take in but still feels so clear and affirming, as you say honoring. Immense gratitude to you for your brilliant connection to the Divine and clarity you give.”  JM, Victoria, Australia

“I meant to write and tell you this back in Nov when your book arrived – your story was the absolute best and I’m not just saying that..  You were saw RAW, honest and unbelievably unedited (in a good way)!  I loved it!!!”  SR, Illinois, USA

“What a reading. You never fail to deliver. I feel a spring in my step and excitement about the next journey.”  DS, Qld, Australia

“With much gratitude and great thankfullness for the reading you did for me today.  Thank you for all your love and support, and for your professional guidance.”  SK, Norway

“Thank you again for such a special weekend! I can literally feel the new brain connections and the energy shift within my body. My DNA is twisting and twirling and somersaulting as it is taking on a new form. Of all the seminars I have done, I had the most growth from yours. It really was magical. Thank you!!!”  KT, Qld, Australia

“I want to just thankyou again for such a wonderful weekend of insight, inspiration and for giving us each your whole focus and support for all our needs. I will absolutely recommend you and your work to others I meet.”  MN, Qld, Australia

“Thank you so much for being with us in Melbourne, Fatima, for sharing your amazing knowledge, your journey, your life, your wisdom, your guidance, your beautiful stylish self,  for the beautiful venues you find for us, for the great lunches and your love and support.  We were truly blessed to have you make this journey to see us.”  PF, Victoria, Australia

“It was such an unforgettable weekend and from the depth of my heart I thank you for your wisdom, insight and guidance. Thank you for holding me in your arms when I cried. So much guilt was released, so much was healed in this moment. And a lightness and joy emerges from deep within me. I AM FREE. I am free to be ME!  I thank you, you beautiful and wise and amazing woman for dancing with me this beautiful dance of life!”  SK, NSW, Australia

“So many thanks to you for this morning … the change was immediate and continued throughout the day – am still breathing in ..”  IM, Qld, Australia

“Wow, what an ending to our sessions in this format!  Thank you so much for all the loving support throughout the program’s duration.  I feel without your guidance and support it would have been very tough to get back into life after all I had been through in my life this year.  Now I am living in a much better space, where all is possible and life is full of magical moments.”  SO, NSW, Australia

“The Sacred Soul-Scripting Seminar was wonderful. You definitely have a connection to the Higher Powers. Listening to you was a joy, the words just flowed. You are truly gifted and what you passed on to the participants re the 7 Pillars of Sacred Soul-Scripting gave us a new way of thinking and going within. LF, Victoria, Australia

“Thank you for a brilliant day yesterday. You were amazing and I am blown away by your wisdom, knowledge and intuition. I feel that meeting you has become a pivotal point in my life. I am so grateful that I was a part of such a special group. Thank you!!!”  KT, Qld, Australia

“Fatima guided me through a life transformation.  Working with me while I travelled internationally she continued to provide me with insight, encouragement and love to bring me to right place at the right time….not always easy but definitely leaving me wiser, stronger, confident and excited about the future.  I am so much more appreciative of all my gifts and empowerment and fearless in my power to move ahead, confident in my abilities to be the master of my own destiny.” GM, Myanmar

“My journey with Fatima began by me simply picking up a flyer of hers detailing her next workshop. Little did I know that from that day on my life would begin to take amazing twists and turns! The following year I signed up for Fatima’s Mentoring program. I can honestly say that it is the most valuable investment that anybody can make. With Fatima’s guidance I really learn to understand myself, my purpose and all that is. She has guided me in changing my life for the better.  My program has now finished but I will remain in contact with Fatima. She is a beautiful person and I will be forever grateful for attracting her into my life!”  ML, NSW, Australia

“You got me to break free from the belief system I was so stuck in. I rarely go there now. And I love my life.”  LH, Vic, Australia

“I finally got it! Not just intellectual, but with my heart. And I am so determined to change it and consequently see myself and only accept it when people treat me like I deserve it. Including myself. I finally got it.  Thank you so much.”  AB, Germany

“Lovely and thank you so much, Blessed One! I sit here with continued appreciation, gratitude, and excitement for all the information and illumination that came through during our session. I look forward to the integration, to watching the light continue to unfold as the sparks and revelations interconnect . . . and I look forward to the next time our paths cross!  KB, AZ, USA

“I wanted to thank you so much for the Reading last week. You have such a wonderful gift we are so blessed that you are out there following your light. I wish you well on your journey. I don’t know if you remember but you let me with that whole idea of the charmed life, well as I was heading home past the mall waiting at the stop light the big flashing mall sign said charmed life, and I watched as it flashed through and never say it again. Oh the signs are great.”  JK, Nebraska, USA

“You really are so wonderful. Thank you kindly for all your love and support.  Very best wishes to you too.”  GS, Vic, Australia

“Fatima is one unique, caring, committed, loving being, with having the gifts to put you on the right path in preparation for the new earth. I have always known of my abilities, but was more aware of my blockages that were stopping me getting to where I ultimately want to be. I was stuck, in a rut. That’s what attracted me to the (mentoring) program in the first place. Over the past 12 weeks I have gone through an amazing journey and come out a new person!! I look at the world and my life in completely new ways and the results have been miraculous. Fatima has been there all the way, helping me, guiding me, going through my defrags and roller coaster rides.. The support with connecting to her guidance, the tools, the love, the weekly goals, check-ups was everything I needed to get where I am today. Fatima gives so much to each session, it’s like you are the only one in the world that matters at this moment to her. I have appreciated every moment of this program ,and wow it has been fun and exciting to see everything evolve. You will always be so special to me.” SC, Qld, Australia

“Just wanted to let you know how much I am getting out of listening to my CD!  It’s amazing how much more clarity and insight I have after listening to it again.  Thank you so much for sending it!  And, thank you again for the session, which contained more riches than I even realized at the time!”  SB, CA, USA

“Chère Fatima, Thank you for the Reading on Thursday – it did have an uplifting effect….I really like the way you use words and describe what is happening; your choice of expressions is unique and like a balm to my soul. I will whole heartedly dive into the ‘medicine’ prescribed as the Reading ended up being about this very precise point. Thank you again and I send you my love and best wishes for your amazing life.” IS, Vic, Australia

“This series has been essential for my journey. It has given me essential tools to navigate the changes. It has confirmed and further expanded my thoughts about the possibilities the future holds and has given me more confidence to manifest a positive, awesome future. It has given me a very insightful analysis of where we are at and an understanding of how we have arrived at this point. I am so grateful this is your passion and you have made this info available.”  SJ, Adelaide, Australia

“I feel thrilled in my being, in frequency terms, with what we’re experiencing and filled with such gratitude and appreciation to you and for you for re-minding us, to help us re-member and re-think and breathe new life into our selves.  Huge HUG.”  BS, NSW, Australia

“Definitely everything resonates so much for me and I’m amazed at the timing, as lately have been feeling like dying and yet wanting to explode out and move direction inwardly, and not to exist as I have been all my life. Interesting enough two days before the reading I dreamt of my funeral and I was witnessing it, knowing I was dying yet being alive!  I feel now I have the confirmation, tools and support to see it through.  Feel blessed to have encountered with you at this time in my life.  THANKS FOR YOU.”  SA, Vic, Australia

“Thank-you for a most illuminating and incredible Reading.  I am so thankful that there is a prescription for my situation and how to go forth to achieve and manifest what I want.  I don’t know of anyone who does this as you do. My thanks goes to your guides as well.  I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulders (at least a part of it if not all as there is still much to be worked on).”  IL, Vic, Australia

“Fatima you’ve given me the tools and beliefs to change my old patterns and it really was a life-changing experience spending that precious time with you – thank you again for your guidance and special gifts. I feel so much more because of you! I have times when I feel very connected and other times when I’m just resting in the knowledge of connection – does this make sense? I’ve also been able to pass on some very valuable info to other people that you taught me.” LA, Vic, Australia

“Honestly you are so so easy to listen to.. you condense about 90 books and 1000 hours of net research into 3 very easy to comprehend and digest sessions!!…you are truely amazing…i could listen to you allllll day.”  SF, Thailand

“The course is extremely powerful and effective. Old patterns and beliefs that did not serve me quickly dissolved.  Received tools for manifesting what it is I really want, Now.” KS, CA, USA

“I am understanding things so much better. You really have a gift for presenting complex information in a simple manner that is so empowering.  I think you have taught in the Mystery Schools many times before!”  FF, Qld, Australia

“I have found Fatima’s Creating Reality Crash Course extremely helpful in bringing old unwanted ideas and beliefs to the surface and replacing them with positive life transforming ones. I recommend it for anyone interested in life improvement and wishing to move forward into the new world reality. I have been through some challenging times during this course, letting go of the old, and had some huge realizations and life transforming insights.  Thank you very much, Fatima.” AC, NSW, Australia

“Fatima is unspeakably amazing and knowledgeable.  Fatima has been the answer to all the difficulties I have been experiencing for the past five years of my life and has been able to set me on my path in such a short amount of time of six months.  Words can’t say how much you have helped me.  ‘When the student is ready, the teacher appears’.” BK, NY, USA

“If you desire to permanently raise your vibrations, to live in the now, and make your dreams come true, then by all means take Fatima’s ‘Crash course #2 for 2010’.  She is the clearest channel I have ever met. She really ‘sees you, really gets you, really talks to you right where you live’. Only those that want to seriously upgrade theirs lives need apply! My appreciation & love to you, Fatima.”   TS, Illinois, USA

“…your interview (Beyond 50 Radio) is doing great on our end. It was syndicated through our show in over 125+ podcast networks and directories in the U.S. and outside the country. You are getting new listeners every week downloading your interviewJRD, Beyond 50 Radio, Oregon, USA

“Thank you so much for sharing your Self so beautifully.  I am so glad I was able to tune in today.  I am really grateful to you and for you.”  BM, NSW, Australia

“Highly recommended….this was the most to the point and ring true experience in this life.”  ML, Omaha, USA

“Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so grateful about our conversation, Fatima. Thank you so, so much.”  AB, Germany

“I really like the way you use words and describe what is happening; your choice of expressions is unique and like a balm to my soul. I will whole heartedly dive into the ‘medicine’ prescribed as the reading ended up being about this very precise point. Thank you again and I send you my love and best wishes for your amazing life xoxoxox”  IS, Vic, Australia

“I can’t tell you how much my perspective on life has changed since seeing you. I am booking my fare overseas tomorrow…on my own….big step, but OK I can do it, I can do anything…. Thanks again for awakening me to the person I am …and for that I luv you.”  EV, Qld, Australia

“I have had two readings now with Fatima, and both times I found her insights not only useful and practical, but also deeply meaningful. She intuits profound and complex issues and describes situations with astuteness and clarity.  She is masterful at discerning what is most important and useful for continued spiritual growth and fulfillment.  Most importantly,I trust her integrity and guidance. I will certainly continue to make use of her considerable gifts as I navigate these outrageous times.”  KC, Oregon, USA

“This series has been essential for my journey. It has given me essential tools to navigate the changes. It has confirmed and further expanded my thoughts about the possibilities the future holds and has given me more confidence to manifest a positive, awesome future. It has given me a very insightful analysis of where we are at and an understanding of how we have arrived at this point. I am so grateful this is your passion and you have made this info available.”  SJ, SA, Australia

“I want to thank you for coming into my life when God sent you. I have noticed a difference already.  I will not fall into the old patterns again. Thank You.”  KJ, Illinois, USA

“This is just marvelous, Fatima!  You are Masterful Articulation Personified.” LH, Qld, Australia

“You are so flippin’ awesome. You are so concise, clear, thorough, easy to listen to and understand!!  Seriously.. You are so so good at delivering this, at times, ‘out there’ info to the lay man/ woman like me!”  SF, Thailand

“Dearest Fatima, words fail me.  Thank you so very much, You are an angel and a star.” CM, UK

“Thanks so much for the awesome reading.  There have been very few people who could read me at all. I very much look for forward to our future connections.” AA, Oregon, USA

“Working with you over these few weeks has been the catalyst for the much need change that I have needed for so long and I can’t thank you enough.  The course has made me realize that I am a unique creative soul with abilities and gifts to contribute to the whole of mankind.  Thank you, thank you.”  SA, Qld, Australia

“Just wanting to express my gratitude for the reading last Thursday night.  You were the first person who has been able to address this question of worthiness that I have been seeking answers to for most of my adult life.  To pinpoint this fracture in my soul so succinctly to an Atlantean lifetime and explain what happened, allows the uncovering to be the turning point.  It changes everything and I know from this point forward I regain my ability to direct my life.”  KR, Qld, Australia

“Once again, a million THANKS for your brilliant and articulate sharing of your infinite Self.”  BS, NSW, Australia

“This course (Creating Reality I) has really been awesome in helping me to keep on track and to progress on my personal development road and my skills mastery. The techniques can be applied in any situation. Thank you so much, Fatima, you are a brilliant mentor.” GS, Vic, Australia

“The Crash Course was just what I needed. I was feeling like a spiraling stair case and did not have a floor. The daily work, homework and journaling really allowed me to get a handle on things and feel much more confident about the future “my future”. Fatima’s program really helped me make some huge steps forward on the path I was choosing. I would for sure take the course again, but really feel confident about the next steps after the course now.”  ML, Nebraska, USA

“Many thanks for the Course, Fatima.  Working with you has been a gift.  I feel I have become far more aware as a result and have changed and will continue tochange, (for the better), the paradigm out of which my experiences arise.”  SS, Qld, Australia

“Thank you for your most gracious gifts and ability.  The Creating Reality Crash Course has been a truly enlightening experience.  In the space of only a few weeks we have moved onto the fast track and are truly in control of all that lay before us.  Whilst everyone already has all they need to Be in this world, having Fatima at your side is a blessing.  If your paths have crossed it may just be for a very relevant reason.”  DS, Vic, Australia

“Fatima, what can I say…words simply do not suffice or truly embody my appreciation and gratitude, towards the journey we have embarked upon.  I thank you for your pure nature and diligent soul, which has consistently shared and provided the necessary insights into any given situation. As our paths take on new directions, I look towards a fresh horizon, with an open heart, knowing that our time together thus far, has planted the seeds for many great things to come. Fatima, my friend, thank you for helping me to stand up and embrace the new.”  DM, Qld, Australia

“I wanted to tell you that you are the most amazing mentor and guide.  You have been a blessing.  I thank you for everything.  I love and honour you very deeply.  The time I spent with you was the most profound time of my life and it helped me travel further along than I could have imagined.  It is so blissful to wake up every day and be emotionally stable and looking positively to the future.  Every moment along the way was worth it to get to this space.  So thank you lovely Fatima.”  LH, Vic, Australia

“Thanks so much!!  Just wanted to drop you a quick note of THANKS AND YOUR AWESOME!!  You hit the nail on the head w/everything you said!!”  SS, Illinois, USA

“I send you much love and gratitude for the work you have done and what you have been thru.  In turn, now being able to assist me in the way that you have because it resonated so clearly and powerfully for me.”  AA, Qld, Australia

“I just wanted to thank you again for sharing your amazing gift with me today. I’m still repeating the word, ‘WOW, as if it is my new mantra!  Within a couple of hours of my reading with you, I was gifted a beautiful, heart-shaped piece of “Mookite” – it is figured to be over 3 million years old & holds “ancient knowledge” which allows the holder to access & ideal for the solar plexus & 3rd eye – basically, it epitomizes all that came up in the reading today!!!!!  Not only that, it is tied in with the “Southern Cross” which, astrologically, is my “HOME”!  I LOVE the MAGIC!!!!”  AB, Qld, Australia

“Thanks so much for the reading! It was completely amazing and nothing I have ever experienced before- it spoke to my soul. Thank you! Thank you!”  BB, Illinois, USA

“I just wanted to say Thank you! so much for your wonderful patience and guidance over the last few months!!  Your guidance, kindness and willingness to help me, facilitated the return of great light and wonderful new awareness’s in me!  My soul is rejoicing with having connected with you.” JB, Vic, Australia

“I want to give you a little feedback on the reading you gave me. The next morning I started to receive downloads of energetic information to prepare me for the healing sessions I will be channeling. I am already feeling much joy from this process. Thank you again”. RH, Oregon, USA

“It was my great pleasure talking to you this morning and I have to truly admit that your reading has entered deep in my heart. It looks like someone was opening the gates to me.  Most of the things made sense to me and I could notice many things in my life.  I found it is very easy and joyful to talk and open my heart to you. I highly appreciate what you have done for me and hope to have a chance to have another reading with probably ever increasing questions of my life.”  JS, UK

“I just wanted to thank you again for sharing your amazing gift with me today.  I’m still repeated the word, ‘Wow’, as if it is my new mantra!”  AB, Qld, Australia

“Hi Fatima, I can’t tell you how much my perspective on life has changed since seeing you.  I can do anything….thanks again for awakening me to the person I am …and for that,  I luv you xxx”   EV, Qld, Australia

“Thank you again for such a delightful presentation (Lightworkers Conference – Illinois – 2009).  I’m so blessed to have met you.  It’s like finding another soul sista… and we have so many!!  Everyone loved you and I’m so glad you were so busy all weekend! What a JOYous Celebration!!”  JM, Illinois, USA

“I want to thank you for your sharing such a truly broad, loving, conscious and inspiring perspective. Very precise and loving.  All you say totally resonates with me and I embrace it– or it embraces me?  Your words are a true gift of inspiration.”  SG, Israel

“I just wanted to send you lots of LOVE and tell you my gratitude. Thank you so much. I thank you for everything, you have been an angel.” SJ, NSW, Australia

“Fatima thank you SOOOOOOOOOOO much!!! I can’t tell you how much i really appreciate that.  I REALLY needed some spiritual guidance especially considering the situation i was/am in. It really means a lot to me.” ID, Iowa, USA

“I have had numerous readings yet few as professional and enjoyable as yesterday… I found the methodology and peaceful manner in which you connected and conveyed the message, combined with the fact you ‘involved’ me rather than ‘told’ me was enlightening (to say the least).”  JR, Qld, Australia

“Thank you very much for the reading”.  MA, Paris, France

“Thanks for the interesting and informative Sunday (Open Heart) Seminar..certainly a lot of food for thought……explains a lot of things to do with energy and the speeding up of everything… Keep up this most important work.” DS, Vic, Australia

“It is a wonderful pleasure to meet you! Thank you for the wisdom!  Thank you for the reading!!” SR, Toronto, Canada

“Fatima’s mentoring sessions were my Staff throughout a period of inner earthquakes. Weeks later, I still anchor myself in and am in awe of the brilliance of her program.  Its gifts continue expanding and deepening within me daily.” BJ, Qld, Australia

“I am so grateful for all the gifts you share, all the wisdom and perspective you offer. I definitely want to stay connected, and hear what you have to say.  I count on you as being one of the Wise Ones, with a vision and strength to help us through these turbulent times. You are a brave, amazing and uniquely gifted woman, shining a beacon of Light in this growing Darkness.. You give me hope and perspective I haven’t found elsewhere.”  SV, USA

“I love your work! I listened to the first six or so (teleseminars) and found them and you amazing!   All of your classes have been answered prayer, as they have helped me to shape my own thinking and direction about making sense of such a huge picture! You’re amazing ability to synthesize everything together so beautifully is an inspiration!”  LM, Ireland

“I can’t express how truly, TRULY grateful I am to you for that MIND-BLOWING session.  Is there nothing you can’t do?”  ET, Vic, Australia

“Again, it is more than helpful to get such a focussed reading. Cuts through the fogs of uncertainty and doubt like a laser! Just what I needed in a big way. Learning to stay clear and self-navigating is higher on my agenda from now on, but should I really need it again I won’t hesitate to choose you!”  BG, Sweden

“I’ve truly enjoyed the Tuesday evenings. It’s been a wonderful learning experience….your intellect, knowledge and experience provided many “aha” moments.  Also, the real-life approach you project seamlessly integrates the various principles for each and every person in that class.  Thanks for such a great experience.  It’s truly appreciated.”  TD, Qld, Australia

“Thank you so much.  It was an awesome reading. You are an inspiration.” MR, Las Vegas, USA

“My goodness, Fatima, that sounds exactly like me talking!!!  I refer to the article that was published in the on-line DNA monthly journal, entitled:”How To Navigate the Great Shift in Consciousness.” …it is a brilliantly concise, easy-to-follow, and a full explication of what is currently happening on our planet.  I was so struck by the similarity – nay, familiarity – of your writing style, [to my own], that I couldn’t help but think that we are from the same soul group…I would like to extend a hand across the ethers to you, and thank you for your wonderful work in educating, and opening the hearts and minds of so many slumbering souls!”  SP, United Kingdom

“I have been listening to your teleseminars and have to say that I love the way you present. The information is great and after going through a period of “nothing”…listening to you has helped me get excited again and more passionate about what I’m doing, so thank you very much.”  LM, Qld, Australia

“I’m from Sydney and have been listening to your free 13 week Teleseminar Program.  I’d just like to firstly thank you for the wonderful information you have shared with us, it is such a blessing to have someone explain it as clearly and concisely as you have done. Also thank you for explaining it all verbally.” KP, NSW, Australia

“Was great speaking with you yesterday, once again. Thank you for all your amazing support over the last year, you have been my greatest guide and friend and I love you for that.”  MF, Vic, Australia

“The teachings shared today are so special & valuable.  I feel blessed to have received the information.”  SG, USA

“I have been enjoying learning so much from you through your teleseminars and would love and appreciate hearing more. I have downloaded the 1st 9 weeks….I’ve been listening to a few of those weeks over and over.  I love your clear explanations and your calming voice so I appreciate the opportunity immensely.”  JS, NSW, Australia

“Thank you for being my rock.  I wouldn’t have come this far without you.  The past 7 months have been life changing for me.  And you have played such a big part in my moving forward in this way.  So BIG HUGS and lots of gratitude to you for being there.  I am really glad that we crossed paths…  I HIGHLY recommend Fatima.  She is my spiritual mentor and friend and is one of the most advanced women I have had the absolute pleasure of working with.”  LH, Vic, Australia

“Fatima has an uncanny and clear channel to Universal wisdom that resonated with me as pure truth from the very beginning. I was emotionally and viscerally affected by not only the message that was so meaningful to me, but also the love in which it was clearly offered. Thank you Fatima, you are a gift!”  LW, USA

“I have had the great fortune of meeting Fatima at a very important time of my life. The work we have done together has been truly powerful.  Fatima’s insight and guidance has assisted me to gain an understanding and realisation of what it means to truly walk my path, find my voice and accept my power.  I might also add that all of the work we have done has been over distance and just as effective as being there in person.” DS, Vic, Australia

“I just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying your free weekly teliseminars. And huge thank-you for putting them together and making them accessible to everyone.”  HJ, Qld, Australia

“I am loving working with you.  Your guidance has helped me work through more stuff in a short time than I have in years.  And I truly appreciate it.  Thank you so much for being a part of my support system during this time.  I feel very cushioned and loved.”  LH, Vic, Australia

“My reading was a synthesis of many strands that wove together a clearer picture of my evolution at this time. Weaving together many timelines into the Now.  I felt the loving Presence of my guides brilliantly orchestrating the offering of this message in these amplified times of change and awakening. I feel this information will serve in my deepening of my souls unfolding in service to the One.  Fatima from the moment I sat with you that first night here in Santa Barbara I could feel your heart Presence and the voice of Truth speaking through you. I thank you with all my heart for being a clear channel for Source to move through. You are a gift to the world.”  SK, USA

“I want to thank you for helping us resolve and clear all from the past.  You are an amazing and beautiful lady and I thank you from the deepest part of my heart for all your help and most of all your guidance and abilities to work so deeply with us all.”  LM, NSW, Australia

“I have been a client of Fatima Bacot for a few years now.  I cannot recommend her enough – she’s is highly skilled in being able to tune into what’s happening in my world and make suggestions that perfectly guide me on the correct path.  I have had many life-changing realisations through my coaching journey and have grown more in the couple of months of mentoring with Fatima than I have with any other coach I’ve had.  If you really want to make progress in moving towards what you want to have in your life, then I truly suggest you experience the services Fatima has to offer.”  DO, Qld, Australia

“Fatima you are wonderful, and I feel humbled and honoured to know you.”  JF, Vic, Australia

“Fatima is a very warm, embracing and genuine person.  Ever since I had my first Reading with her until the time I finished my three Diamond Conscious Sessions with her I have been able to achieve my personal journey of forgiveness in both my present and past lives.  This has now enabled me to move on with my life in a very positive way and I am now looking forward to following the path of my life’s destiny wherever that may lead.”  SW, Qld, Australia

“I am filled with appreciation for your gift – so much insight that feels like a great goodness in my life.” SB, USA

“Thank you for ALL your support, all that you are, and all that you give in love to our planet and people at this time – you are just TRULY a Godsend. With much love.” ET, Vic, Australia

“There are blind spots in our lives whereby we ‘don’t know, that we don’t know’ and spending an hour with Fatima gave me the insights I needed to unlocking my power and potential to see life with fresh eyes.  Even if you think life is perfect, Fatima will take you to a new level!”  HC Vic, Australia

“My reading and healing sessions have opened my eyes and helped me to see my spiritual path again.  I thank you for your wonderful assistance in my journey to myself.”  SP, Qld, Australia

“WOW!  I am amazed and empowered by my reading with Fatima, she has given me the strength to see through the fog and pursue my life the way I was intended to live. I cannot thank her enough.”  BH, Qld, Australia

“What I have received from Fatima went beyond expectation and she opened up doorways into my deepest truths and desires.  The information I received awakened a part of me that I had chained up for many years.”  CT, NSW, Australia

“Your reading has helped me gain an indepth understanding of the questions I have been asking myself and God my entire lifetime.  In our one hour session, your gift enabled me to feel understood and accepted, you gave me clarity and detailed my purpose, which was at some level already known to me.  And I appreciate every word of advice, understanding and direction you offered through my guides and the source.  No words can sum up my experience of that reading but I send you my deepest gratitude for helping me see clearly for the first time.”  LH, Vic, Australia

“I had come close to connecting with Fatima on three occasions.  Following the third I called. Being greeted so warmly I instantly knew the timing was perfect. Fatima’s powerful reading was brilliant. So many questions were answered. I reconnected to a loving and great past. The release that followed opened a new energy to surface, granting guidance and light to work towards a happy, joyous and fulfilling future.  Fatima from the bottom of my heart thank you for your presence, gifts and talents.” JL, Qld, Australia

“I also want to take this opportunity to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the fantastic reading you gave me on my birthday. It had such meaning for me and you gave me many answers I have been looking for for such a long time.  My life has come into more clarity and a sense of stronger calmness allows me to not worry about my purpose any more.  Thank you so much for giving me such direction, clarity and serenity in my life. It may seem small and insignificant to you, but you have literally shown me how to turn my life around and accept.   Your reading is the best I have had in yrs! I would love to tell the world how talented you are. I sincerely thank you.”  DS, Qld, Australia

“Before my guides led me to Fatima, I was feeling disconnected, frustrated and empty and I was coming from fear. After connecting with Fatima, having readings, healings, doing meditations and the “Paradise Matrix Program”, all of which Fatima channelled, everything started to change. I am moving to a higher consciousness and am now coming from a place of love rather than fear. Consequently, my whole world is changing. I am so much more at peace and happy within myself.  Relationships with my family, which in the past have been very difficult, are now coming from love.” GW, Qld, Australia

“Fatima was quite amazing at tapping into the areas of my life which were stuck. Her clarity, accuracy and compassion in communicating is life-changing.  It is a blessing to work with someone who truly walks their talk, learning that you can also create what you want in your life.  She is a huge inspiration.” AF, Qld, Australia

“I must thank you for such a wonderful reading.  I am keeping a wonderful attitude and am affirming all things positive whilst working towards great wealth!  My reading was so inspirational!”  BW, Qld, Australia

“Bright, beautiful, clear. Truly transformative!” MU, USA

“Fatima used her unique spiritual talents to converse directly with her guides on what was most meaningful and immediate to my personal situation, providing practical steps drawn from a vast array of resources, including both spiritual practices as well as impeccably timed reading and other recommendations that comprised the small steps or missing pieces of the jigsaw I needed to keep me moving towards my larger goals and purposes.”  LE, Vic, Australia

“This course (Navigating the Paradise Matrix) is amazing!!!  Fascinating, mind-blowing, life changing stuff!!”  EJ, Vic, Australia

“I am still walking around in total amazement from my session with you the other day.  You did a wonderful job at shedding some light into a few dark corners.  I feel so blessed to have met you. Thank you soooo much for coming into my life and being such an inspiration.” AH, Qld, Australia

“If you have any limitations or difficult situations, Fatima will show you the way to remove them and I would highly recommend her (Coaching) program.  I loved working with Fatima…she is absolutely FANTASTIC!!”  NC, NSW, Australia

“I cannot thank the Universe enough for the event that led me to meet Fatima.  Fatima has been an inspiration and a wonderful teacher.  I would recommend any of her courses to anyone wishing to discover more about their real inner selves and our Universe, with someone that truly cares and willing to not only teach you but guide you gently on the most amazing journey any of us can undertake.”  CT, NSW, Australia

“I met Fatima at a hotel where she was publicly speaking.  Later in the evening I asked her:  Was I going to ever have children, given my circumstances with my partner not wanting children?   Fatima said, ‘Yes, she is definitely there and she is a white light in my life.’  Well, she was right!  Stella is due on the 1st of April and my partner is overly delighted about Stella’s arrival!  It really was a miracle and such a shock at the time as the possibilities of having a child were slim. Thank you, Fatima!”   AG, Qld, Australia

“My appreciation of you and of your commitment and insight and your deep compassion grows with each contact and as I see the way you walk in trust with and support your visions.”  BB, Qld, Australia

“Fatima’s non judgmental insights have given me a clearer intention for where my journey is headed.” SM, Qld, Australia

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  1. Thank you Fatima for some very useful tools in both the mindfulness meditations introduction and the follow up session 2. I wish you peace and happiness always. XX

    • Dearest Nancy ~ thank you for so kindly sharing your feedback regarding Mindfulness Meditation Level 2! It was a great pleasure to journey with you and to provide those tools! I am wishing the same for you, always ~ Fatima xx

  2. wow wow wow …….. what a great 2 months, Level 1 and 2. Laughed and cried, filled with love and support, beautiful group, and great tools for life, thank you Fatima for some time well spent on myself

    • Dear Tim! What a fantastic couple of sentences on Mindfulness Levels 1 and 2 🙂 I am so happy you received so much out of the Classes and that you chose to spend time on yourself in this way. I wish you the very very best!! Fatima xx

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