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“The Holy Grail in Spain ~ embodying the Sacred Fire” April 2018 CLICK HERE

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“In times of shift from one age to another, the Dark Feminine / Black Madonna archetype becomes important. She always surfaces in times of transition to restore us, truth and our lives. To re-invent us and take us into the passionate mystery of ourselves.

“The Black Madonna comes to establish a new order. A new way of being. She plugs us into the living, interconnected system that is the Universal Soul (Quantum Field), with everything conscious, alive and dancing.

The purpose of Dark Feminine Tours is to transform men and women who are powerfully desiring to experience and establish a new way of living and being.  Participants are in major transition, feeling stuck, uninspired, exhausted.  They feel like ‘something is missing’, or they are looking to take their lives into deeper meaning, joy and abundance with a more authentic, much freer self.

Dark Feminine Tours initiate, activate, shake and inspire participants into a flourishing personal life as part of a thriving planetary culture made up of switched-on, consciously empowered men and women.

Stepping into the alchemical mysticism and magic of ancient lands and cultures assists to conclusively release toxic ties to the past, self-sabotage, confusion and karma.

Ultimately, in the alchemical fulcrum of our zeitgeist called the Global Shift in Consciousness, participants are catalyzed to reclaim dormant gifts, talents and perceptions that have lain buried under imposed cultural conditioning….perhaps for decades and lifetimes.

MORE INFORMATION:  for more information on the power of the Dark Feminine / Black Madonna archetype in 2018, please CLICK HERE.

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About your Guide

Fatima Bacot is the founder of Diamond Consciousness and is a Personal and Spiritual Development Teacher.  She has been a researcher and practitioner of the world’s Mystical Teachings since the age of 18, covering the inter-related disciplines of the esoteric, the occult, philosophy, psychology and comparative religion.

Fatima has been serving as a bridge to embodied Higher Consciousness for the last 25 years, with her practice having included Astrology & Numerology, Mentoring, personal and corporate Mindfulness Training, working with the Councils of Light, Intuitive Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, blogging, Holographic Repatterning, Sound Healing, Light Languages, quantum physics, the Law of Attraction and, more recently, Chakra Dancing, along with many other eclectic approaches.  Her passion is in facilitating others’ freedom, awareness and transformation for the co-creation of a New Era. She has delivered seminars, web events, workshops, classes, and private consultations to thousands globally.

Drawing upon these, Fatima brings her gifts, lifelong passions and deep alchemical practices to specific geographical sites of the great geomagnetic, telluric and mystical power associated with the Dark Feminine / Black Madonna archetype to cultivate extraordinary shifts in participants’ perspectives, awareness, empowerment, embodiment and Love for these long-forecasted, exhilarating times in the Global Shift in Consciousness.