Sexual Energy and Conscious Partnerships One-on-One Mentoring

9-Session Alchemical Program to Free Up Sexual Energy for Intimacy & Wellbeing

Understand, ignite and embrace the power of Sexual Energy. Attract and ALLOW Conscious Partnerships and Love into your Life. Be in touch with your body and emotions. Merge the Sacred Masculine and Feminine

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Sexual Energy is deeply and intrinsically related to Personal Evolution, Wellbeing and Happiness. It is deeply connected to the unique and creative expression of your Soul Purpose in all areas of your Life, including your most intimate relationships (including the one with yourself). 

Unfortunately, Sexual Energy is also the most repressed.  And because we come from Sexual Energy itself, from the yin-and-yang dance of the Feminine and the Masculine within, it is vital to understand it and free it up for our Happiness.

Given all the conflicting patterns and messaging, this can be overwhelming even if you feel the need for change deep within. How you manage your Sexual Energy affects all areas of your life intimately. But, even if you are in pain and you know your relationships, work, health and finances are all crying out for assistance, the way forward can be fraught with fear, shame and confusion.

What we do not process, what we do not understand, own, transform, we project into our lives and world…and the pain continues

Are you longing to….

  • welcome true, conscious intimacy with yourself and in your relationships
  • understand, ignite and embrace the power of Sexual Energy
  • attract and allow Conscious Partnerships and Love into your Life
  • experience Union at all levels of Consciousness
  • be in touch with your body and emotions
  • experience the Divine Alchemical Marriage and the merging of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine
  • release ancient traumas, imbalances and embedded patterns that block access to who you really are, others, your happiness, prosperity, abilities and evolution
  • merge more deeply with yourself, your partner and your Soul / Higher Self
  • become cellularly anchored into your body
  • consciously evolve and establish clear boundaries and increased self-respect, self-worth and Joy
  • discover and live your Freedom, Connectedness, Prosperity and Multidimensionality
  • magnetize a new template and reality to truly live your JOY in Conscious Partnership
  • live your Soul’s Purpose to the full

…then it’s time to claim your Sexual Energy

Sex is a Cosmic Mystery

Sexual Energy is a natural birthright and a Pathway to Conscious Partnerships, Transformation, Freedom, Manifestation, JOY, Oneness, Multidimensionality & Evolution.

But there are missing links…

Even many global personal development teachers have come to realize that although they have spent countless hours on personal and spiritual development, they remain disconnected, depressed, depleted, disturbed, angry and unsupported in their relationships, health, finances and self-esteem.

They have come to the doorway of their Sexual Energy….


Critically, without the healing on the deepest of levels of Sexual Energy, in our chakras, emotions, DNA, and in our upper and lower bodies, we remain divided and at war with ourselves, our bodies, intimacy, finances, creativity, with others and with life itself.  We cannot move forward personally, and we cannot move forward collectively.

The breakdown of the 6500-year patriarchal order worldwide is profoundly intricately connected to the breaking down of it within. To free up Sexual Energy is to free yourself into creating a new evolutionary agenda entirely. The inner imbalances, distortions and traumas around this energy are intrinsically out-pictured in all global imbalance and distortions, and in our closest relationships.

It is time for us to be connected to ourselves and our Sexual Energy, and it is time to be profoundly connected to one another so we can move forward into a Sacred Worldview.

While the call for the ‘return of the Feminine’ has long been in the public arena , we need also to be looking at the emergence of a New Masculine and a New Feminine. Under patriarchy, not only have women suffered enormously, but men have also paid a huge price.

The ‘Sexual Energy and Conscious Partnerships’ 9-Session Mentoring Program has been created as a response to a very deep need in the collective psyche for understanding and healing of Sexual Energy. It is a powerfully comprehensive Program to explore greater, multidimensional awareness of Sexual Energy through being present, more conscious, awake, aware, and meeting life and relationships with attention, joy and openness.

In releasing the past and upgrading from within, you will be further empowered to embrace Conscious Partnerships and Evolution, in greater harmony with your True Self.

The 9-Week ‘Sexual Energy & Conscious Partnerships’ Online Program Covers:

  • Chakra and Aura Clearing, DNA Activation and Alignment
  • Removal of Past and Present Lives Trauma, impacted energy and resistance to Love, Abundance and Joy
  • Welcoming true intimacy within yourself and, therefore, in others
  • Healing your Relationships + Creating Conscious Relationships
  • Understanding, igniting and embracing the power of Sexual Energy
  • Experiencing Union at all levels of Consciousness
  • Being more grounded and in touch with your body and emotions
  • Giving and receiving in greater joy, pleasure and freedom
  • Connecting to the Power of the Inner Masculine and Feminine
  • Opening new doorways of communication and honesty with yourself & your partner
  • Magnetizing the relationship(s), career, finances and more that truly value you
  • Discovering the internal dynamics that inhibit you and your Sexuality
  • Flowing more powerfully with trust into pleasure
  • Establishing clear boundaries through increasing your self-respect and self-worth
  • Increasing your ability to experiment and to play with an Open Heart
  • Re-scripting, transformation & re-invention from the inside-out for Personal, Collective and Planetary Awakening

We want to be getting into our bodies and our emotions.  We want to reclaim buried energy, gifts, power, feelings, strengths, bliss, passion, manifestation abilities, intelligence, intuition. To reach into where they lie within. To give them a voice and allow them to articulate to you what your next steps are for Total Wellbeing and Happiness.

This Program will powerfully amplify any work you have done or are doing with respect to igniting and galvanizing Conscious Sexual Energy and Relationships, or it will ‘kickstart your journey’ if you are just starting out.

Men and women, let’s dive deep into the Fierce, Alchemical Joy that is YOU!

The 9-week Program is comprised of:

  1. 9 x 60-min Private Mentoring Sessions (recorded)
  2. a 52-page Manual and 57-page Workbook
  3. various emailed articles re the Masculine and the Feminine
  4. recommended components for a suggested Daily Practice
  5. recommended Exercises
  6. recommended weekly Self-Review
  7. recommended new MP3 Guided Visualization each week – 8 MP3s in all (see descriptions below)

…The Program Segments gently and powerfully build upon each other in a very clear manner, with the learning and understanding of the deeper dynamics involving Sexual Energy and Conscious Evolution.

…The suggested Daily Practice layout is inclusive of Breathwork; generating Ecstatic States; Master of Conscious-Creation affirmations; journaling; forgiveness; and the 20-25 minute Guided Visualization MP3 for that particular week. Small, frequent, 20-second ‘bites’ during the day for ‘upgrading, noticing, breathing, and stillness’ are highly recommended and valuable.

…The Workbook contains numerous suggested exercises for self-reflection to enable you to go deeper into your Sexual Energy and Sexual Self.

…Recommended Reading: “Sex Matters: From Sex to Superconsciousness” by Osho  AND  “Desire: the Tantric Path to Awakening” by Daniel Odier

(Please note: the Program is NOT about sexual techniques.)


The Private Sessions are set out as follows:

We start when mutually convenient in the next few weeks, and…..

1. Intro Session x 1.5 hours: to determine your current Path, blockages, any relevant life experiences and your Highest Path Potential…working in depth to determine imbalances, goals, time available, current practice (if you have one), the program materials, strategies you might like to include – and to officially start the Program, laying out the initial Daily Practice and Personal Statements and methodologies

Before Session One, Fatima will be sending an extremely detailed Questionnaire for you to fill out, as much as you want and / or are able, regarding where you are at in your Sexual Energy Expression and in your Partnerships.  There are no have-to’s on this, but you are encouraged to be as open as possible.

And, Session One covers:

  • Understanding the Pathway of Healing: cleansing and activating the 7 Chakric Gateways; the development of the Daily Practice and Exercises; and the Law of Attraction and creating reality
  • The Workbook Practices and Exercises; clarity and coherence of Energy, Frequency, Vibration; the Daily Practice Processes in detail; workbook Segments 1 to 9
  • Explorations around feeling sovereign, being the manager of your Energy, creating reality, and feeling powerful, autonomous, sexual, balanced and loving

2. Session 2 – Session 9 x 1- hour each: One-on-One Mentoring Sessions – covering Fatima’s ongoing personal recommendations for next steps, resources, tools, strategies and related healing modalities, as uniquely required by you for your chosen outcomes and Goals, and to inspire, activate, facilitate and ‘break you through’ to the next level in your Evolutionary Journey.  Sessions can be weekly or fortnightly, depending upon your unique progress.

3. Each Session consists of 3 Aspects: your 1-hour with Fatima, her 15-minutes prep time reviewing your Report before the Session, plus her 1-hour after the Session developing all your follow-up materials.

4.  All Sessions recorded and emailed to you within 30 minutes for you to listen and refer to again and again… refresh your learnings and/or take yourself to the next level in your Journey, once the Program has come to an end.

Email access to Fatima regarding queries that may surface for you in between Sessions.

5. One-on-One Sessions are conducted either by landline or Skype. (Skype is a free program that is easily uploaded to your computer and makes all communication between you and Fatima free of charge. You can download Skype at

Ultimately during this Program, you and Fatima will be moving as quickly as possible to anchor you into a freer-flowing Sexual Energy and into Conscious Partnering and Partnerships.  You will be tracking your thoughts, emotions and manifestations/results as part of this Program and seeing yourself as the Master of your own Life.

These components will ensure that we are moving in flow with the ever-changing energetic landscape at large that impacts us so deeply as a part of the Shift, as well making sure you are fully embracing the Program and feeling supported in doing so.


The MP3s:

MP3 CHAKRA ONE ~ The Base Chakra: Fully Being Here

Exploration and Upgrading of this Chakra to enable the rooting of your body and soul to the earth….to your physicality…and that is sustained by the energy from the Feminine Principle that is the Earth and the ground of your physicality.

  • assisting the Base Chakra Centre to build structure, safety, security and stability in your body and your life
  • experiencing that it’s OK and safe for you to be here, to be you…. to be sexual…..
  • enabling balanced existence, physical vitality and endurance, foundation and security in the Self
  • transcending your ancestral tribe and anchoring into your own powerful instincts, self confidence and trust….
  • nurturing your most basic needs and desires by knowing that you are loved and that you belong
  • experiencing your connectedness to the Earth, and to all of Creation and Life
  • triggering dynamic manifestation abilities, resources, prosperity and support to fulfil your Unique Purpose
  • anchoring into your body’s aliveness and pulse
  • anchoring your Sexual Self anchoring into your body


MP3 CHAKRA TWO ~ The Sacral Chakra: Emotional & Relationship Authenticity

Exploration and Upgrading of this Chakra to catalyze the passion center of your body and your mind….the home of your emotions and your Sexuality…your Sexual Identity and balance.

  • powerfully balancing the emotional and sexual center of your Soul
  • releasing deep-seated emotional traumas as gently as possible
  • bringing catalyzing, empowering energy to your relationships, alliances, passions and evolutionary trajectory
  • decoding and learning to work with your emotions in empowered ways
  • enabling the anchoring of strong, creative, sexual, magnetic, universal energy….. libido….creativity….joy for living
  • opening to connect to, and with, others in mutual and empowered co-creation….
  • empowering your links to your world the bonds to those you love
  • opening to empowered intimacy, authenticity, integrity in numerous types of relationships
  • feeling and trusting your feelings, making your feelings OK, so you can experience more access to life-giving energy
  • learning to master emotion, master yourself….and ‘grow up’


MP3 CHAKRA THREE ~ Solar Plexus Chakra: The Will and Power to be YOU

Exploration and Upgrading of this Chakra….the home of your ‘second mind’, and the center from which you generate and contain your vital life force energy… your will, your authentic personal power, your sense of autonomy

  • assisting the Solar Plexus Chakra Centre to balance your personal power, individual ego, desires, instinct and impulses….
  • enabling feelings of peace, calm and wholeness…..
  • centering into increased self-respect, self-worth
  • bringing balance to this center of the spiritual and material worlds….
  • catalyzing psychic development and communication with my Guidance…..
  • spearheading confidence in trusting and expressing your authentic self….your Sexual Energy and Self
  • infusing all that you uniquely do, be and give with love and confidence
  • being YOU and empowering YOU to ‘live large’, in your unique way and in the areas of life that matter most to you


MP3 CHAKRA FOUR ~ Heart Chakra: Falling in Love with you…with All

Exploration and Upgrading of this Chakra that is the home of your Heart Center, unconditional love, social identity and self-love…. the masterkey involving the Heart, Soul and Body for all personal transformation and healing… ruling pure Love, Universal Love….Compassion….the energetic midpoint of Spirit, Mind and Body.

  • assisting your Heart Chakra Centre into deeper love, compassion, peace
  • centering and wholistic integration of duality
  • bringing balance through the Power of Love
  • deepening collaboration, affinity and compassion for others, for all Life in Heart-centred connectedness
  • falling in love with yourself
  • opening into deeper tolerance and care, relatedness, and giving and receiving gifts of authentic emotion
  • giving and receiving feeling limitless
  • enabling powerful self-love, wholeness, acceptance, trust, patience
  • experiencing the rich beauty of human and Divine Love
  • realizing the Power of Love in mind, body and soul


MP3 CHAKRA FIVE ~ Throat Chakra: Articulation & Creative Design

Exploration and Upgrading of this Chakra that is the home of your authentic Self-Expression…and the point where Spirit manifests through creativity, communication, expression, change, transformation and healing… that rules speaking your Truth, and creatively manifesting and expressing your life mission and soul purpose…and whose element is Ether

  • assisting your Throat Chakra Centre into increased steadiness and inspiration…
  • trusting yourself, your intuition, your Truth and creative identity
  • speaking your Truth in relationship in balanced, dynamic expression
  • communicating truth, appreciation, love and integrity in your relationships
  • embodying knowledge, wisdom, authenticity and listening with empathy
  • recognizing you are the Creative Director of your life, and the Power of the Word
  • living deep self-acceptance, truthful existence and communication
  • valuing your unique beliefs, sharings, truths and goals


MP3 CHAKRA SIX ~ The Third Eye: Envisioning the Future

Exploration and Upgrading of this Chakra that is the home of deep vision, of seeing….both physically and intuitively…the ‘command centre’…the Higher Mind… the ‘all-seeing eye’…the 6th sense…. the connection between the conscious and unconscious minds….internal intuitions….

  • assisting your Third Eye Chakra into increased sharpness of senses
  • envisioning, discerning and reading the future
  • experiencing keen perception and powerful observation skills
  • increasing mental ability, powerful imagination and vision….focus….clear-thinking
  • trust in your seeing and visualizing your future self from the Quantum Field of Possibility
  • envisioning who and what you really want to experience in Sexuality….intimacy….relationship
  • centering into the inspired vision of what is possible for you for manifestation
  • intuiting the electrifying power of Sexual Energy to alter your vision and intuition
  • greater seeing of the power of your Sexuality and Sexual Self


MP3 CHAKRA SEVEN ~ The Crown Chakra: Seamless Connectedness

Exploration and Upgrading of this Chakra and its connection to the Divine and to the Universe…. clear knowing…. and connection to Shiva who embodies the Divine Masculine as Kundalini Shakti embodies the Feminine…. your pure consciousness…accepting yourself fully and living in exquisite abundance and comfort and wholeness

  • Kundalini Shakti and Shiva gently initiating you into the sacred marriage between the Sacred and Divine Feminine and Masculine within
  • connecting to the Sacredness of all life
  • lifting your body in ecstatic states of Consciousness
  • experiencing the electrifying power of Sexual Energy and of Union with the Divine
  • self-realization….reaching for your highest potential….enlightenment
  • co-creating with the Source….galactically synchronized
  • Shiva and Shakti in Loving Divine Support of the totality of who you are
  • Gently igniting the power of your Sexual Energy


MP3 The Overall Chakric System Activation & Alignment

Wrapping up of the various components above, from Chakras 1 – 7, and overall meaning and impact.





People Who Have Worked with Fatima say….

“The way you have shared-(the way I am seeing it) is taking the buried (shadow) treasure from the chest (bottom of the sea), then dealing with the screaming “Mimi’s” that want to keep it hidden. It is like taking the treasure from under the mother or father’s pillow and waking them (the giant), up. The route I was going was maintaining where I was and not into my full light. The way you have shared with me is taking my birthright back.” M, Colorado, USA

“Fatima guided me through a life transformation. Working with me while I travelled internationally, she continued to provide me with insight, encouragement and love to bring me to right place at the right time. What an incredible journey it has been, not always easy but definitely leaving me wiser, stronger, confident and excited about the future. I am so much more appreciative of all my gifts and empowerment and fearless in my power to move ahead, confident in my abilities to be the master of my own destiny.” GM, Myanmar

“I can honestly say that (Fatima’s Mentoring Program) is the most valuable investment that anybody can make. With Fatima’s guidance I really learned to understand myself, my purpose and all that is. She has guided me in changing my life for the better. She is a beautiful person and I will be forever grateful for attracting her into my life!” ML, NSW, Australia

“You got me to break free from the belief system I was so stuck in. I rarely go there now. And I love my life.” LH, Vic, Australia

“I finally got it! Not just intellectual, but with my heart. And I am so determined to change it and consequently see myself and only accept it when people tree me like I deserve it. Including myself. Thank you so much to you and all the guides!” AB, Germany

“Over the past 12 weeks I have gone through an amazing journey and come out a new person!! I look at the world and my life in completely new ways and the results have been miraculous. Fatima has been there all the way, helping me, guiding me, going through my defrags and roller coaster rides. The support with connecting to her guidance, the tools, the love, the weekly goals, check-ups was everything I needed to get where I am today. Fatima gives so much to each session, it’s like you are the only one in the world that matters at this moment to her.” SC, Qld, Australia

“This series has been essential for my journey. It has given me essential tools to navigate the changes. It has confirmed and further expanded my thoughts about the possibilities the future holds and has given me more confidence to manifest a positive, awesome future. It has given me a very insightful analysis of where we are at and an understanding of how we have arrived at this point. I am so grateful this is your passion and you have made this info available.” SJ, Adelaide, Australia

“Fatima you’ve given me the tools and beliefs to change my old patterns and it really was a life-changing experience spending that precious time with you – thank you again for your guidance and special gifts. I feel so much more because of you! I’ve also been able to pass on some very valuable info to other people that you taught me.” LA, Vic, Australia

“The course is extremely powerful and effective. Old patterns and beliefs that did not serve me quickly dissolved. Received tools for manifesting what it is I really want, Now.” KS, CA, USA

“I have found Fatima’s Course extremely helpful in bringing old unwanted ideas and beliefs to the surface and replacing them with positive life transforming ones. I recommend it for anyone interested in life improvement and wishing to move forward into the new world reality. I have been through some challenging times during this course, letting go of the old, and had some huge realizations and life transforming insights. Thank you very much, Fatima.” AC, NSW, Australia

“I want to thank you for coming into my life when God sent you. I have noticed a difference already. I will not fall into the old patterns again. Thank You.” KJ, Illinois, USA

“The Creating Reality Crash Course has been a truly enlightening experience. In the space of only a few weeks we have moved onto the fast track and are truly in control of all that lay before us. Whilst everyone already has all they need to Be in this world, having Fatima at your side is a blessing. If your paths have crossed it may just be for a very relevant reason.” DS, Vic, Australia

“Working with you always reminds me to view life from a higher perspective, to see the magic in all things and to ground this new way of perceiving into reality through a daily practice. The weekly calls are an opportunity to connect and share with likeminded people, they help keep me on track and remind me to be accountable for my thoughts and feelings. The guidance you bring through is always insightful, compassionate and comforting while being a good reflection of my own intuition, which has helped me to develop and follow my own guidance. I feel like I can really step into the flow of my life, knowing that I am the creator of my experience and that is the ultimate freedom. Thank you.” SW, UK

“I can literally feel the new brain connections and the energy shift within my body. My DNA is twisting and twirling and somersaulting as it is taking on a new form. Of all the seminars I have done, I had the most growth from yours. It really was magical. Thank you!!!” KT, Qld, Australia

“Thank you so much for all the loving support throughout the program’s duration. I feel without your guidance and support it would have been very tough to get back into life after all I had been through in my life this year. Now I am living in a much better space, where all is possible and life is full of magical moments.” SO, NSW, Australia

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VIA INSTALLMENTS:        AUD $5,250 (approx USD $3900 at time of writing) if paid in installments.  Please Click Here for currency conversion.  Email to develop your Installments Plan

>>>Couples undertaking the Program simultaneously receive an extra AUD $500 off in their currency.


Fatima personally invites YOU…..

Conscious Sexual Energy, Intimacy and Relationships are integral to both Personal and Planetary Evolution.

Step into the transformation of outdated scripting and unconscious patterns, and integrate new awarenesses, feelings, power, self-understanding, self-realization.  Awareness and Transformation change move us out of separation, pain, conflict and projection into unity, prosperity, wholeness, sacred balance, empowerment, peace, creativity….and more.

YOU are the vessel / source of your reality and all your experiences, and deep, integrative work such as presented in this Program restores the balance between the Feminine and Masculine aspects of yourself, the light and the dark, spirit and matter, positive and negative…and changes relationships, perception, manifestation, reality.

Don’t let any excuses that are masquerading as ‘reasons’ to NOT transform hold you back from your own Sexual Energy, Conscious Evolution and Happiness!

For any and all questions and concerns, please email

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