Seeing Yourself and the Biggest Hug

Have you hugged yourself lately?

And no, not because you’ve accomplished this or that thing (which is, of course, great and acknowledging yourself is a necessary part of celebrating your accomplishments).

No, not for ‘reasons’ to do with accomplishing, but simply because you’re alive and sometimes being here is really tough and really confusing.  Even with all your hard-earned wisdom, experience and character…all that you’ve forged along the the way…it can be both tough and confusing.  You can feel like you’re running on empty, or going on a wing and a prayer. Or feel like you’re sitting atop a giant question mark in a big, swirling unknown.

These conditions are precursors to change, and…they can still be tough and confusing…no matter how many times you’ve been here and even if you know philosophically that these moments are part of the cycle of life. The ebb and the flow of things, absolutely.

So, if you’re sitting with some stuff right now, go on:  give yourself a hug.  Say to yourself, “There, there.”  Smile, and then hug yourself some more.

Hug yourself like you haven’t seen yourself in a very, very long time.

Hug yourself like you would your best friend that you hadn’t seen in ages, and as if she/he had just come out of  the ‘Arrivals’ doors at the airport.

Have you seen yourself lately?  No?  Then, please, give yourself the biggest hug.

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