Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Money, Sacred Body Online Immersion

…a 3-week Immersion for Encountering Life with Joy


This is an online journey combining guided visualizations, body movement / dance practices, ecstatic poetry, invocations and affirmations, and the energies of Mary Magdalene, Lilith, Isis, Aphrodite and Lakshmi to guide you to greater awareness, freedom and joy.


We are living in turning-point times. The worldwide breakdown of the 6500-year patriarchal order is heralding a new evolutionary agenda entirely, with the destructive, fear-based distortions arising out of this old order not only out-pictured in numerous global imbalances, but in our lives also.

In this time of great change, many are feeling disconnected, anxious, lost…with a host of mental, emotional, financial, physical and spiritual imbalances.

Millions globally are reaching for new ways to relate deeply, freely, joyfully and abundantly.

We are living in turning-point times, witnessing the collapse of ‘how things once were’….and reaching for new ways to relate deeply, freely, joyfully and abundantly.


The Archetypal Feminine and Masculine Energies

The philosophy of Tantra tells us that the entire Universe is a manifestation of pure consciousness, divided into two aspects, Masculine and Feminine, in a unified, dancing sacred marriage called ‘hieros gamos’.

Hieros Gamos (Greek for ‘holy marriage’) is the union of opposites.  God and Goddess, Heaven and Earth, Spirit and Matter, Masculine and Feminine.  In ancient Egypt, these were represented by Osiris and Isis.  In mystical Christianity, by Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene.  In Hinduism as Shiva and Shakti.

The Sacred and Divine Masculine aspect is associated with the transcendental and a static, pure, unmanifested consciousness, with the power to be, but not the power to become or change. When in balance, its qualities are confidence, rational thinking, honour, stability, strength and courage.

The Sacred and Divine Feminine aspect is considered dynamic, energetic and the fundamental creative instinct.  She is considered the Great Mother, from Whom all form is born…the energizing force of everything.  The Holy Grail.  Then in balance, its qualities are deep wisdom, intuition, passion, creativity, life-giving force and  heartfelt nurture.

Both the Masculine and Feminine are within us all, but when they are out of balance, we suffer.

For 6500 years, Patriarchy has systematically denied and vilified the Sacred Feminine.  Everything that has had to do with sexuality, finances and our bodies, the Earth and more has been denigrated, controlled, desecrated, and suppressed.

In making peace with these energies, however, and enabling them to play, dance and flow in our lives, we come to know the Power, Freedom, Worthiness, Abundance and Truth of Who we Really Are.


Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Money, Sacred Body

These all relate to the harmonious, flowing dance of both Feminine and Masculine energies within ourselves.  In this Immersion, though, we will be focusing more upon the areas specific to the Sacred Feminine within (whether we are men or women), as the way to open into flourishing Feminine and Masculine energies within our bodies and lives.

The aim of the Program is to powerfully amplify any work you have done or are doing with respect to igniting and galvanizing these energies, or…. to ‘kickstart your journey’ if you are just starting out.



Sacred Sexuality

We come from Sexual Energy itself.  From the very dance of the Feminine and the Masculine within.  It represents the energies and the creative power of your own Tree of Life.

Sexual Energy is deeply and intrinsically related to Personal Evolution, Wellbeing and Happiness. It is deeply connected to the unique and creative expression of your Soul Purpose.   It is your natural birthright and a pathway to harmonious Partnerships, Transformation, Freedom, Manifestation, Abundance and JOY.

It is a gateway that connects you to a radically expanded knowing of yourself as the Creator of your Reality.  Limitless, free, abundant, sovereign. It is sacred because it embodies the power of creation…and within your body, it is the most powerful source of energy.

However, Sexual Energy is also the most repressedIt is the energy from which we are the most cut off.  As a result, we may be crippled in our ability to experience joy, pleasure, fun, relaxation and enjoyment.  We may be crippled by guilt and shame.

Without the healing on the deepest of levels of Sexual Energy, in our chakras, emotions, DNA, in our upper and lower bodies, we may remain at war with ourselves, our bodies, intimacy, finances, creativity, with others and with life itself.


Sacred Money

Sexual Energy and Money are intrinsically related.  They both relate to the dance of energy, and the relationship of giving and receiving.

Money is an energy that relates to generosity, sharing and wellbeing.  It profoundly symbolizes the relationship we have to ourselves and with the energy of creation, and most specifically, the Feminine qualities of receptivity and allowing. 

Our capacity to receive the energy called “Money” is based on the knowing, and trusting in, of our intrinsic worth and value.  And thus, it is about honouring ourselves and our deepest needs, and is deeply connected to Love, Self-Esteem, Self-Respect and Self-Worth

In disconnection from our sense of worth and value to ourselves and to all existence, we become fearful, controlling, grasping, worrying, dysfunctional.  We betray ourselves and may ‘sell ourselves’ in jobs we don’t like.  We can end up bankrupt in numerous areas of our lives because we are disconnected from ourselves and our worthiness to receive.

To live in true prosperity involves replenishment into a deep and loving connection into our emotional bank accounts, and an understanding of an Unconditionally Loving Universal Energy.  It involves knowing our inherent connectedness to all life, that results in the material and emotional resources to feel safe, comfortable and happy.  And to feel fulfilled with what we are doing, creating and contributing from an authentic, true space.

In not being deeply connected to the worthiness and love deep within, our lives are fraught with worry and illness, and the chasing after the elusive ‘more’ to fill the emptiness, or to continually ‘fix what’s wrong’.


Sacred Body

The body is a temple.  It is a gateway to the Divine, and to connection, intelligence, power, knowing, wellbeing.   When in balance, energy harmoniously flows through its meridians and its physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, chakric and auric pathways….and we live joyfully in prosperity and wellbeing.

In states of imbalance, our bodies, memories and our DNA may be loaded with crippling trust and worthiness issues, guilt, anger, rage, resentment, hate, betrayal issues and deep fears.  We may find ourselves enmeshed in distractions, defenses and excuses of all kinds in our total avoidance of the resources and messages of its unique intelligence.  We may sabotage our happiness, our health, our relationships, our sense of wellbeing.

However, when we are deeply connected to our bodies, we experience expanded vistas, impeccable guidance, intelligence, communication.  We experience enhanced levels of perception, sensation, freedom, limitlessness, awakening, mental clarity, and physical and emotional well-being.

By awakening our natural-born, inherent inner chemistry and biology of Joy and Bliss, our bodies can lead us to the Truth of who we are and to our Eternal Selves.  It can lead us to what we need to say ‘yes’ to in life, and what is best to say ‘no’ to.

In many ways, the power and signature of who we really are is the Bliss (frequency, vibration) we experience when the body is free-flowing its Energy.


All three of the above are inextricably linked to the unique and creative expression of your Soul Purpose, for both men and women.

When they are in flow, they correspond to a Sacred Worldview:  the profound recognition that everything in life is deeply interconnected, and that all life is  sacred, in a Divine Play of Consciousness.


What you will Receive:

Over the 3-week Immersion, you will receive Daily Emails which will contain variously:

  • Guided Visualizations for each of your Seven Chakras:  detoxing and upgrading these power centers of the body, mind, emotions and spirit
  • Guided Visualizations, Affirmations & Ecstatic Poetry
  • Invocations for journeying with the energies of Mary Magdalene, Lilith, Aphrodite, Isis and Lakshmi
  • Body-movement / dance practices with music in order to powerfully move energy in the body and to stimulate inner knowing and dynamic power.
  • 1 x Live powerpoint Webinar, plus dynamic, Heart-Based Meditation.  Topics will include the search for intimacy and love; conscious evolution; the liberation of shut-down bodies and emotions; money and prosperity;   sacred sexuality for a new paradigm;  and more.  (If you are unable to attend the Live Webinar, don’t worry:  it will be recorded and the Link will be sent within 24 hours.)

In this way we assist ourselves in…

  • Chakra and Aura Clearing, DNA Activation and Alignment
  • Removal of past and present lives trauma
  • Release of impacted energy and resistance to Love and Abundance
  • Welcoming true intimacy, prosperity and health
  • Liberating Joy from within the body’s inner biology and chemistry
  • Understanding, igniting and embracing the power of Sexual Energy
  • Being more grounded and in touch with your body and emotions
  • Giving and receiving in greater joy, creativity and freedom
  • Connecting to the Creative Power of the Inner Masculine and Feminine
  • Magnetizing the relationship(s), career, finances and more that truly value you
  • Establishing clear boundaries through increasing your self-respect and self-worth
  • Increasing your ability to encounter life with JOY and to play with an Open Heart


Price: $110.00

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People Who Have Worked with Fatima in various of her Programs say….

“The way you have shared-(the way I am seeing it) is taking the buried (shadow) treasure from the chest (bottom of the sea), then dealing with the screaming “Mimi’s” that want to keep it hidden. It is like taking the treasure from under the mother or father’s pillow and waking them (the giant), up. The route I was going was maintaining where I was and not into my full light. The way you have shared with me is taking my birthright back.” M, Colorado, USA

“The 2 days spent with Fatima have changed my life.  The insight into how we think and act has been a revelation.  The group here with me are leaving with the biggest smiles and positive outlooks.  The changes to us all as a result of Fatima can’t be underestimated.”   B McKendry, Australia

“I’ve known Fatima since 2008 and had reading, workshop and personal mentoring sessions at various times with her since then. I find the accuracy and depth of her intuitive insights especially valuable. Her holistic understanding enables incisive, powerful, relevant and personalized advice and steps for action and serve as a unique bridge to our own deeper transdimensional understanding and growth. This has granted me a number of breakthroughs and “a-ha!” moments – each one being a potential game-changer. In short, she is a great healer and teacher because she’s all about empowerment” B Gooden, Japan

“Fatima guided me through a life transformation. Working with me while I travelled internationally, she continued to provide me with insight, encouragement and love to bring me to right place at the right time. What an incredible journey it has been, not always easy but definitely leaving me wiser, stronger, confident and excited about the future. I am so much more appreciative of all my gifts and empowerment and fearless in my power to move ahead, confident in my abilities to be the master of my own destiny.” GM, Myanmar

“I can honestly say that (Fatima’s Mentoring Program) is the most valuable investment that anybody can make. With Fatima’s guidance I really learned to understand myself, my purpose and all that is. She has guided me in changing my life for the better. She is a beautiful person and I will be forever grateful for attracting her into my life!” ML, NSW, Australia

“I finally got it! Not just intellectual, but with my heart. And I am so determined to change it and consequently see myself and only accept it when people tree me like I deserve it. Including myself. Thank you so much to you and all the guides!” AB, Germany

“I look at the world and my life in completely new ways and the results have been miraculous. Fatima has been there all the way, helping me, guiding me, going through my defrags and roller coaster rides. Fatima gives so much to each session, it’s like you are the only one in the world that matters at this moment to her.” SC, Qld, Australia

“This series has been essential for my journey. It has given me essential tools to navigate the changes. It has confirmed and further expanded my thoughts about the possibilities the future holds and has given me more confidence to manifest a positive, awesome future. It has given me a very insightful analysis of where we are at and an understanding of how we have arrived at this point. I am so grateful this is your passion and you have made this info available.” SJ, Adelaide, Australia

“The course is extremely powerful and effective. Old patterns and beliefs that did not serve me quickly dissolved. Received tools for manifesting what it is I really want, Now.” KS, CA, USA

“I want to thank you for coming into my life when God sent you. I have noticed a difference already. I will not fall into the old patterns again. Thank You.KJ, Illinois, USA

“In the space of only a few weeks we have moved onto the fast track and are truly in control of all that lay before us. Whilst everyone already has all they need to Be in this world, having Fatima at your side is a blessing. If your paths have crossed it may just be for a very relevant reason.” DS, Vic, Australia

“Working with you always reminds me to view life from a higher perspective, to see the magic in all things and to ground this new way of perceiving into reality through a daily practice. I feel like I can really step into the flow of my life, knowing that I am the creator of my experience and that is the ultimate freedom. Thank you.” SW, UK

“I can literally feel the new brain connections and the energy shift within my body. My DNA is twisting and twirling and somersaulting as it is taking on a new form. Of all the seminars I have done, I had the most growth from yours. It really was magical. Thank you!!!” KT, Qld, Australia

Download now!  Reclaim buried gifts, power, prosperity, intimacy, feelings, strengths, bliss, passion, manifestation abilities, intelligence, intuition.

Price: $110.00

All queries:

NB: Scroll down for Terms and Conditions, and please check your spam folders on registration to make sure you are receiving notifications.


Terms and Conditions

By registering for the Sacred Sexual Energy, Sacred Money and Sacred Body Training, you are choosing to make a profound commitment to change at the deepest levels.

Oftentimes, transformation begins the moment you choose to register.  As with any significant process, you may experience some trepidation and fear as the possibility of a changed future emerges.  You may feel doubt.  This is perfectly normal.

As a result, and in order to support you in your intention to transform, we offer no refunds after you’ve registered, excepting the following exception.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee:

There will be no refunds prior to the start of the Training.    However, if you fully participate in the Immersion and practice your learnings for another 30 days after the Immersion has ended and you still don’t feel that you’ve received any value, we will gladly give you a full refund. To apply for a refund, submit a “Request for Refund” email to, and attach your written reflections to demonstrate that you have fully engaged the process for the first month after the Immersion.  The refund window will close thirty days after the finish of the course, and refund requests must be submitted by that date.  Thank you.

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