Sacred Journey in Chiapas, Mexico

Are you someone who cares deeply about the planet, embraces the world’s culturally rich and ancient destinations, and who wants travel to not only be personally fulfilling and transformational but also make a meaningful, positive difference? 

Would you like to co-create a lasting impact with a group of heart-centred, future-focused change-agents and just have the most mind-blowing time as you travel deep into magical, surreal Chiapas to places that have long transformed seekers in their attainment of higher consciousness and inner transformation?

Join Fatima Bacot and co-Facilitator Mena Calvert for an extraordinary 8-day adventure exploring the exotic past and mysterious technology of the ancient Maya and their pyramids, falling into deeper appreciation of nature and wildlife, taking boat rides into lush jungles, connecting into thriving cities, cities and indigenous villages, as well as making a difference in a very special, on-the-ground, community-based project.

Join us as we weave in powerful, shamanic activations and meditations in extraordinary settings.  Dive into the astrology of 2020 and beyond, the Mayan calendar, the earth’s grids and vortexes, the codes of life, markets, street food and community whilst you experience astonishing worlds, nooks and crannies of surreal art, tradition and colour…. with ever street delivering something new.


Day One: Palenque

Staying at the marvelous Hotel Chablis in Palenque in the midst of the lush ‘eco-zone’, you can take a dip in the pool, or have a drink at any of the marvellous cafes on our street.  You might even venture across the little bridge at the end of the street and check out the local scene on the other side.  Maybe you have a “pozol” (a refreshing drink dating back to pre-Columbian times made from crushed corn and roasted cocoa) from a roadside stall or at nearby Cafe Jade.  Decompress, centre, connect.

In the late afternoon, we come together for an orientation, and then onto a gorgeous Welcome Dinner, just a few minutes’ walk away in the balmy night air. Perhaps some dessert at the nearby chocolate café will be to your liking! 

  • Afternoon Group Orientation
  • Group Welcome Dinner
  • Overnight in Palenque


Day Two:  Palenque

Palenque Archaeological Zone:  Palenque is as important as Chichen Itza, Teotihuacan, Uxmal and Tikal in architectural magnificence and historical significance.  We will drink in the majesty of this magnificent jungle city and its temples, tombs and palaces, even climbing some of them, and delve into the ancient technology of the Maya.  Here we will come together on the lush grass for an Opening Ceremony on the very land walked on long ago by the Maya, including one of the most famous Mayan rulers, ‘Pakal the Great’ who was king of Palenque for 68 years and was responsible for raising Palenque to a great power.

Misol Há Waterfall:  You will be awe-struck by the waterfall that cascades 35-metres into the pool below as you travel the misty path behind it and into a small cave.  As part of our visit here, we will undertake a Water Oneness and Purification Ceremony.

Aluxes Eco-Park Night Tour (optional):  Aluxes started as a wildlife rescue center for the conservation, rescue and reintroduction of the region’s flora and fauna, and especially endangered or severely threatened species.  Aluxes has countless numbers of birds, butterflies, frogs, reptiles, insects, monkeys and crocodiles.  Here we appreciate nature’s teaming diversity.

  • Palenque Archaeological Zone + Opening Ceremony
  • Misol Há Waterfall + Water Oneness & Purification Ceremony
  • Aluxes Eco park – optional night tour
  • Overnight in Palenque


Day Three:  Yaxchilan Archaeological Zone

Yaxchilan Archaeological Zone:  We travel from Palenque to Frontera Corozal where we will journey by boat on the Usumacinta River to the remote city of Yaxchilan (“Place of Green Stones”). Its wondrous temples, plazas and story-telling carvings and sculptures are set in the middle of the Lacandon Jungle and appear as if out of nowhere. The Usumacinta River is a natural border between Mexico and Guatemala, and you will see Guatemala on the right as we motor along.  Perhaps you will also spot crocodiles sunning themselves, along with the many howler monkeys, toucans and parrots.

  • Yaxchilan Archeological Zone + New Moon Invocation
  • Group Lunch at Frontera Corozal
  • Group Dinner
  • Overnight in San Cristóbal de las Casas


Day Four:  San Juan Chamula + San Cristóbal de las Casas Historic Centre

San Juan Chamula:  Tucked into the Chiapan highlands, San Juan Chamula is a rare, autonomous township of fascinating shamanism, folk medicine, ancient rituals and beliefs blended with Chamulan Catholicism and deep traditions.  99.5% of its residents speak an indigenous language.

We will visit the mindblowing Church of San Juan where inside there are no pews, but pine needles spread over bare floors.  People will be chanting, praying, talking and drinking coca-cola and “pox” (an alcoholic drink made from corn, sugar cane and wheat, considered very important in ceremonial uses), while music plays in a sea of incense, thousands of burning candles and glistening mirrors.

Historic Centre of San Cristóbal de las Casas:  Magnificent churches, a pox bar and the beating heart of San Cristobal that is the artisan markets that showcases the magnificent indigenous textile-makers and artists and their vibrant, colourful handicrafts, amber, bags, clothes, blankets, jewellery and trinkets.

  • San Juan Chamula indigenous village
  • Historic Centre San Cristóbal de las Casas
  • Overnight in San Cristóbal de las Casas


Day Five:  San Cristóbal de las Casas ~ Pronatura

Pronatura:  Here we will have the opportunity to learn, deep in community, and contribute to a very special conservation project, bringing together education, conscious spirituality and active, ‘boots-on-the-ground’ co-creation.

Founded in 1989, Pronatura is a non-profit civil association, combining various alliances, social groups, organizations and networks of men, women and children at local and community that depend upon natural resources and vulnerable biodversity.  It is dedicated to “The conservation of ecosystems and their processes, promoting diverse and equitable societies in harmony with the Earth”.

  • Pronatura + Group Lunch
  • Free Afternoon and Evening
  • Overnight in San Cristóbal de las Casas


Day Six:  El Arcotete Park

El Arcotete Park:  In the morning, we will restore our senses strolling through El Arcotete alongside the Fogotico River.  The river carves its way through a mountain and forms a natural limestone arch over the river.  We can walk along its hiking trails to a lookout point and across a swing bridge, and climb the steps to the little caves and passages that are full of stalactites and stalagmites, with a view of the river directly below.   

  • El Arcotete Park
  • Free Afternoon
  • Overnight in San Cristóbal de las Casas


Day Seven:  Toniná Archaeological Zone

Toniná:  Toniná is an ancient Maya city set amidst rugged jungle and that contains the largest pyramid in Chiapas. It offers breathtaking views of the Ocosingo Valley, as well as many mysteries that defy scientific or historical explanation.  Inscriptions found not only record Toniná’s history and conquests, but it is also famed for having the last carved inscription that uses the Mayan Long Count, and the last recorded date, 15th January 909AD.  Its main acropolis is constructed according to esoteric features particular to the Mayan Sacred Calendar Round (or tzolk’in).

  • Toniná + Group Meditation
  • Group Lunch in Ocosingo
  • Overnight in Palenque


Day Eight:  Palenque


  • Free morning in Palenque: deepen your new friendships, take a swim.  Check out the local scene.  Listen for the howler monkeys at breakfast. 
  • Afternoon Group Immersion + New Moon Closing Ceremony
  • Group Farewell Dinner
  • Overnight in Palenque



Day Nine:  Home

Please Note: Itinerary subject to changing conditions such as group needs, weather or other unanticipated circumstances.

What is possible for YOU by joining this Sacred Journey in Chiapas?

  • Riding the spirit of your wanderlust into the alchemical magic of an exhilarating country, with its breathtaking sites of mystery and ancient technological power, multi-layered culture, strong indigenous presence, diverse food and exotic landscapes, towns and cities.
  • Tapping the Quantum Field, re-setting your point of attraction, and nurturing the conditions for transformation, creativity and contribution in all areas of your life… in some of the most impacting locations
  • Powerful, activating ceremonies and meditations, and participating hands-on in a deeply significant, life-changing, community-based project
  • Purpose and Legacy!  Connecting with a tribe of incredible people who are changing the world and powerfully participating in the Global Shift in Consciousness in very grounded, visionary ways
  • Receiving new tools of transformation, and reclaiming dormant gifts, talents, perceptions, abilities and life force energy
  • Taking steps into your future as a much more empowered, on-purpose, Soul-centred individual, with the ability to encounter life more deeply and to share your gifts generously
  • Developing your plan for the next phase of your life when you return home
  • Becoming more open to magic, synchronicity, creativity and intuition whilst in the passionate embrace of a scintillating culture, country and its diverse people.

Your Investment:

EARLY BIRD SPECIAL – US$500 discount (AUD$750) if booked by 15 January 2020

US$2995 – US$2495 deluxe room, per person, double occupancy 
US$3495 – US$2995 deluxe room, per person, single occupancy (only 2 available)

To join the Journey:

  • Choose your room type
  • Secure your place with your US$500 (AUD$750) deposit.
  • 50% of your balance is due 15 January 2020
  • The balance is due by 1 April 2020

Secure your place now US$500 (AUD$750):   

Price: $750.00

Personalized Payment Plan?

If you prefer a personalized payment plan, this can be arranged – however, you also must be paid in full by 1 April 2020.  Simply place your deposit of US$500 (AUD$750) to hold your spot and email Fatima Bacot immediately to arrange your custom payment plan.

**ALSO:  if you feel like you need extra one-on-one time with Fatima or Mena to further deepen your Journey, they are open to staying an extra day or two to support you.


Your 8 Day Journey Includes:

  • Fatima Bacot and Mena Calvert as your Facilitators and Guides throughout
  • 8 nights in 4-star hotel accommodation (Hotel Chablis in Palenque, Parador Margarita in San Cristobal de las Casas)
  • 14 meals: 8 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners, including tips
  • Pre-trip document check and essential info booklet
  • Private, airconditioned transportation throughout, including tips for driver
  • Return motorboat transportation: Frontera Corozal/Yaxchilan/Frontera Corozal
  • Excursion and entrance fees to all sites on itinerary
  • Opening Ceremony at the revered Mayan City, Palenque
  • Wisdom teachings, initiations, rituals and ceremonies at Mayan sites, plus other powerful settings
  • Final Group Immersion and Closing Ceremony in Palenque
  • Free time for absorption of teachings and experiences, or further exploration

The Journey also Includes:

  • A 20-min Recorded Session with Fatima and Mena in the weeks before our Sacred Journey begins so they can feel into your needs and how to best support you, and how you can best support yourself.
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group – so we can connect pre-Journey (where you can ask questions and receive up-to-date info), as well as stay connected post-Journey.
  • Pre-Journey Group Call – so you have the chance to connect with everyone, share your intentions and learn how to best prepare yourself for Transformation
  • Post-Journey Group Call – to help integrate your experience and learnings once you’re back home

Journey Does Not Include:

  • Airfare to/from Mexico and airport taxes
  • Transport to/from Palenque Hotel
  • Personal costs such as laundry, taxis, postage, snacks, drinks outside of meals (including water, tea, coffee), alcoholic beverages, valet service, internet service (free in our hotels) and telephone calls
  • Passports + any Visas required
  • Medical/accident/travel/baggage/personal liability insurance. It is a requirement that you purchase insurance.  
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Lunches & dinners (except as noted above), although food is inexpensive in Mexico
  • Tips for taxis, guides, restaurant staff
  • 100% guarantee of gluten-free, vegan, gluten or dairy free options (Although we will do our best to assist, please do be mindful when booking and bring the supplements you may need.) 
  • Private excursions, recreational activities not mentioned on the Itinerary
  • Any item that is not specifically detailed on the website

Questions?  Get on a call with Fatima for total clarity and to workshop things.  Please email

Cancellation Policy

All cancellations must be made in writing.  Due to significant preparation costs before our Journey begins, the US$500 deposit is non-refundable.

Cancellations are as follows:

  • Requests received before 1 February 2020 receive 60% of full fee, less the US$500 deposit.
  • Requests received before 1 March 2020 receive 40% of full fee, less the US$500 deposit. 
  • Requests received before 1 April receive 20% of full fee, less the US$500 deposit.
  • Requests received from 1 April 2020 are ineligible for refund.

No refunds apply for unused portions, including but not limited to accommodation, meals and excursions.  If you have to cancel your attendance, you must advise in writing at: and receive a written response back from Fatima. 


Getting to Palenque:

Fly into Palenque:  there are Interjet flights to and from Mexico City direct to Palenque on Tuesdays and Fridays if you are wanting to get into Palenque earlier or stay longer.

Fly into Villahermosa:  there are no shuttle services from Villahermosa Airport to Palenque, so you have the following choices?

  1. Take a taxi to Palenque for roughly US$30 by booking at the airport on arrival.
  1. Take a first-class ADO or OCC bus to Palenque (2.5 hours).  They leave very frequently and are approximately US$12. Buses are the easiest, most economical way to get to Palenque.  We recommend you purchase your ticket just a few weeks before, and we can help you with this.  You will first travel from Villahermosa airport to the central bus terminal about 10mins away by taxi.   

About your Facilitators

Fatima Bacot ~ Facilitator

Corporate Speaker, Shaman, Trainer • Archetypal Astrologer • Seminar & Workshop Presenter • Private and Group Mentoring • Facilitator of Sacred Journeys Author

Fatima has been a researcher and practitioner of the world’s timeless Wisdom Teachings since the age of 18, and serving as a bridge to Higher Consciousness for the last 30 years, covering the inter-related disciplines of psychology, the esoteric, quantum physics, the occult, philosophy, and comparative religion. 

Focused upon the extraordinary powers individuals possess to change their lives, Fatima’s primary approach involves the evidence-based research and physics of New Thought, Emotion and Heart Coherence as the integral building-blocks of ‘creating one’s reality’ within a limitless Quantum Field.

Fatima’s various disciplines include:  public speaking, astrology and numerous, personal and corporate Mindfulness Training, Spiritual Mentoring, Intuitive Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Holographic Repatterning, Sound Healing, the Law of Attraction and Chakra Dancing and Sacred Journeys.

Her Sacred Journeys are intended to take participants to the world’s most powerful sites, combined with those places that have been impacted negatively through destructive deforestation practices and extractivism and that have suffered land, species and community breakdown as a result.  She brings a grounded spirituality to the restoration, renewal, regeneration of the Earth and all its species in aligned service for a thriving planet.

Fatima has delivered seminars, media interviews, web events, workshops, blogs, recordings, ebooks, classes, and private consultations to 1000’s of individuals in private, in groups and in the workplace throughout Australia, the United States and Mexico, and online globally. 


Mena Calvert ~ Facilitator

Spiritual Healer • Author • Media Presenter • Company Trainer • Seminar & Workshop Presenter • Sacred Journey Facilitator 

Mena has dedicated more than a decade of her life to travel and the investigation of various techniques extracted from ancient cultures such as the Maya, Buddhist, Kabbalist, Hinduist, Celtic, among others. 

With more than 10 years’ experience in Bioenergetics and Body Psychotherapy, Mena implements the Melchizedek Method, Shambala Reiki, Pranic Healing, as well as a wide range of healing techniques using magnets and biomagnetism, water bowls and guided processes to facilitate the integration of body, mind and energy from a perspective of consciousness. 

Mena also contributes to the awakening of consciousness through meditations, healings, workshops and retreats in open groups as well as individual sessions with the firm intention of sowing a seed of unconditional love, opening hearts and contributing to the new awakening. 

Mena is the author of the Mayan book Energy Agenda for 10 Years, a tool that consolidates the wisdom and legacy of time according to the Maya and that helps readers to anchor their paths in harmony with the cosmos.

Mena provides Readings of the Mayan Astral Chart, as well as numerous workshops for students to make a quantum leap.

She has also been collaborating with different companies for several years, contributing to the training of  staff on humanistic, professional development and development issues.

Mena’s life is dedicated to uniting, healing and opening the heart. 


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