Radical Rise of the Great Feminine in 2018


We are so busy cutting ourselves with the glory of the blade (covert, invulnerable, militaristic, masculine energy) that we don’t realize that the once healing properties of the sheath (overt, vulnerable, loving, feminine energy) has become dried up and nearly useless.   Gary Z McGee


The Radical Feminine ‘Coming out Swinging’ in 2018

“Stop lying to yourself”, I heard from within myself in early July last year. “You’re lying to yourself.”

It was a message that came out swinging and pinned me against the wall.  It hit me right between the eyes.

The energy was extremely powerful, forthright, distinctly no-nonsense….and felt every bit a ‘She’.  Feminine.  And ‘She’ was very red, fierce and appeared to me from within a deep, fertile blackness.

‘She’ was also right:  I’d been making OK things that I had outgrown in a number of areas of my life for the sake of expediency, being liked and approved of, convenience, being ‘successful’, being ‘safe’.   I’d even given up on certain of my dreams, and I felt dry, empty, uncreative and exhausted.

I was to further feel this Radical Feminine Energy in other exceedingly powerful experiences during the last 6 months of 2017 that have changed my work going forward.

Having met this energy before at other significant crossroads in my life, I knew that this Radical Feminine energy….my Radical Feminine Energy, that is….had arisen to conclusively dismantle what was no longer true for me.  And so, the bottom fell out of various career plans, relationships, where I lived, stagnant belief patterns and impacted cellular traumas of old.  The energy rose up and dropped out of these various elements, like a plug being pulled in a bathtub and the water running out.

My mind struggled enormously with the process, but deep in my body, in my Heart and in my feelings….I knew the truth of the necessary dismantling and so I willingly took up the sword to cut away that which had grown toxic for me.

Many of us know this radical, red, black Feminine energy, too.   This archetype has many names:  the Dark Feminine, Isis, Tara, Our Lady of Guadalupe, the Black Madonna, Sekhmet, Lilith, Kali, Persephone, Mary Magdalene, Inanna, Durga.  She is venerated all over the world in countries such as Italy, Spain, France, Poland, Mexico, India, Czechoslovakia, Turkey and China.

When the Black Madonna/Dark Feminine archetype arises in your life, what comes next is a fierce re-organization into a truer form of who you are so that you can live your full potential, happiness and further realize your gifts.

In short, for me, my old way of life was done, dusted, deleted.  New templates of being were rising from within that broke various, internalized patriarchal rules about ‘being a good girl’, ‘being spiritual’, ‘being successful’.  I was opening long-shut doors and freefalling into new vistas of wholeness that involved deeper accessing of guidance via the body, sexuality, dance, poetry, even deeper feeling and dreams.  Themes, perspectives and talents that had been integral to me, but that I’d sacrificed along the way now took on even greater meaning and depth.

The inspirations for new programs urgently and spontaneously arose:

  • Sacred Sexuality, Sacred Money, Sacred Body:  a program to remove traumas, karma and impacted energy through chakra-dance, poetry, meditation, visualization and the archetypal energies of Lilith, Mary Magdalene, Lakshmi, Isis and Aphrodite.  It spoke to the liberation of shut-down bodies and emotions, and sacred sexuality for a new paradigm of abundance, wholeness, pleasure and harmony. A Sacred Worldview.
  • The Holy Grail in Spain ~ embodying the Sacred Fire Tour (April 2018): an alchemical journey traveling deeply with the Black Madonna, Knights Templar, the Holy Grail, the Tarot, Meditation and Astrology throughout northeastern Spain in castles, monasteries, cathedrals and more for participants to unlock and recover their Power, Passion and Purpose.
  • 5D Astrological Lightbridge-Synthesis Readings: the cosmos is changing, just as we are, and newly discovered placements connect us to new, more embodied dimensions of ourselves.

These all intuitively emerged from deep within and reflect the deeper textures of my Soul, my Purpose, my Joy.

The thing is:  when this ‘destructive’, no-nonsense force arises from within, you can be sure you will actually have been asking for change for quite some time.  You will have been asking for greater authenticity, joy, fun, happiness, truth, creativity, money, intimacy.  Adventure.  You will have been longing to be involved in work or relationships that validate you, and are true for you. That recognize and celebrate your talents and gifts. You will have been asking for a shift in your relationship.

You will even have been asking to shift a political system.

Now, the shift may not conveniently arrive in ‘a nice package’, and many times it can’t because if it did, you’d be prepared and you might try to put a stop to it.  (We’re clever that way.)  But, this energy will have been warning you for quite some time, and when a certain pressure point or point of no return arrives:

… the wrecking ball comes

… the tsunami arrives

… the earth quakes

… the hurricane blows wild

The old order has got to go so something much truer, more authentic can be discerned, dreamt and made manifest.


Telling It Like It Is

The Black Madonna forces us to take a look at where we’re hurting, what we’re putting up with, what needs changing, what needs grieving.  She calls us to the depth of our suffering and pain so as to transform these creatively, rather than stuff them down through addictions of all kinds where they become shadow material and fester deep within and become resentment, anger, blame, depression, hatred, cruelty, self-rejection and illness.  Creativity can’t happen when we are stuck and in denial.

The Dark Feminine / Black Madonna shows us what and where we’ve driven down who we really are, how we really feel behind the fake smiles we give when we’re trying to ‘be good’ and gain some approval or power or peace.  Or when we’re putting up with situations and people that grieve us, the making OK that which is not OK.  She holds the sanctity of our true selves and where the truth lies.  Truths that can set us free creatively and purposefully, but that we may be too scared to admit to ourselves and to embrace.

She tells it like it is.

The Dark Feminine / Black Madonna calls us back to ourselves when we have strayed very far from ourselves.  She can come in the form of a marriage breakdown, a health issue, an unsavoury political leader or boss, bankruptcy, an ex, a neighbour, a phonecall.  She takes us down to the ground so we can ask the questions, strip away the false, and build a new life.  She blows things up in our faces.  She brings to an end one’s systemic denial destructive patterns.  Even the destructive patterns of entire religions and governments by shoving abuse right in our faces until we decide ‘enough is enough’ and it’s time to re-sanctify.

She is black because She has herself been through the fires of transformation.   She IS the Sacred Fire of Transformation.


The Feminine in 2018 and Bloated Patriarchy

Some time around 3000BC, the organization of culture transitioned from matriarchy to patriarchy.  In terms of structure, it is a system based on male rule and privilege within families and social systems, with males having ultimate authority in all areas of life, including religion, culture, education, science, government, technology, etc.

Both men and women have endured much under this system.  As Marion Woodman has written: 

Where there is no relationship and balance between the masculine and feminine principles, the masculine principle becomes pathologically exaggerated, inflated; the feminine pathologically diminished, inarticulate, ineffective. The symptoms of a pathological masculine are rigidity, dogmatic inflexibility, omnipotence, and an obsession with or addiction to power and control. There will be a clear definition of goals but no receptivity to ideas and values which conflict with these goals. The horizon of the human imagination will be restricted by an overt or subtle censorship.

We can see this pathology reflected today in the ruthless values which govern the media, politics, and the technological drive of the modern world. We can see the predatory impulse to acquire or to conquer new territory, in the drive for global control of world markets, in the ideology of perpetual growth, in new technologies such as the genetic modification of food. We see exaggerated competitiveness: the drive to go further, grow faster, achieve more, acquire more, elevated to the status of a cult. There is contempt for the feeling values grounded in the experience of relationship with others, with other species, and with the environment. There is a predatory and compulsive sexuality in both men and women who increasingly lose the capacity for relationship. There is continuous expansion in a linear sense but no expansion in depth, in insight. The pressure of things to do constantly accelerates.

 The result? Exhaustion, anxiety, depression, illness which afflict more and more people.

The Feminine is the invisible matrix of relationships connecting the whole.  The Feminine is the chalice, the Earth, chaos, connection, attraction, the Universal Soul, the personal Soul, the Heart, the right-brain, the body, Nature, intuition, immanence, feeling, imagination, the labyrinth, nurturing, Love.

The Masculine is consciousness.  The sword, Heaven, transcendence, science, rationality, reason, structure, logic, doing, spirit, mind, intellect, the left-brain, thinking, goals, discrimination, the quest, self-control, the desire and capacity to protect, discrimination, the ability to ground and manifest ideas.

In the quest for human beings to forge individuality during the evolutionary timeframe of patriarchy, however, traditional science and traditional religion split the masculine and the feminine, matter and spirit, spirit and soul…and took the Universal Soul, wholeness, the body, nature, the cosmos, the Feminine and the knowing of interconnectedness out of our lives and devalued them through ideology.  They split our minds and emotions, soul and matter, our minds and bodies, and Heaven and Earth, and they told us we were powerless, women were ‘less than’, that God is ‘out there’, rather than right within us.  In our bodies.  In nature.  It made sexuality a taboo and it reduced the full range of what is possible for us as human beings when we are fully expanded, connected, deeply embodied, sexual and whole.

When we are split in this manner, life is out of balance.  And so at large, millions are loaded up with crippling trust and worthiness issues, anger, rage, resentment, hate, boundary violations, sexual taboos, betrayal issues and deep fears.  The result of the thousands-years-long shutting down of the Feminine domain.

Without men and women being able to connect to a healthy Feminine and Masculine, there can be no full-bodied, harmonious connection to one’s authentic self.  There can be no honourable, respectful connection to one’s body or feelings, the Earth, humanity, the Soul or to the interconnectedness of all life.  Such a poverty allows devastating destruction and desecration through warfare, conflict, conquest, dehumanization, racism, poverty, prejudices, gender wars, enemies and repressions of all kinds.

Whether you are aware of the full implications or not, patriarchy lives within us all (how could it not?) and patriarchy has made of our lives and our Earth a wasteland in many areas, with illness, sexual abuse, exhaustion, depression, poverty, addiction, lack, enslavement, conflict and destruction rampant globally.

As with the collapse of the bloated Roman Empire around 1500 years ago, our 21st Century version of a bloated, overly-inflated patriarchy now faces collapse for similar reasons:  continual wars, military overspending and failures;  financial crises and wide gaps between the rich and the poor; environmental disasters;  species extinction;  government corruption; political instability, the rise of other empires, etc.

“The true feminine is the receptacle of love. The true masculine is the spirit that goes into the eternal unknown in search of meaning. The great container, the Self, is paradoxically both male and female and contains both. If these are projected onto the outside world, transcendence ceases to exist. The Self—the inner wholeness—is petrified. Without the true masculine spirit and the true feminine love within, no inner life exists…. To be free is to break the stone images and allow life and love to flow.”    Marion Woodman, Addiction to Perfection: The Still Unravished Bride


Black Madonna/Dark Feminine Taking Centre Stage

It is the Dark Feminine / Black Madonna that is radically at work at large at present, dismantling the 5,000 year old structural templates of patriarchy that live in our brains, bodies, neurology, DNA and, correspondingly, nearly all systems of governance.

In times of shift from one age to another, the Dark Feminine / Black Madonna becomes important.  She always surfaces in times of transition to restore us, truth and our lives.  To take us into the passionate mystery of ourselves.  Deep down.  To break down your life as you knew it.  Mentally, emotionally, physically, financially, politically, religiously, culturally.  The breakdown comes because we’ve received all that was possible from ‘how things have been’.  And now, lingering there perhaps for too long, you may have been ‘lying to yourself’, too, about what is really true for you in life.  Because to linger is to devalue oneself.

The Black Madonna comes to establish a new order.  A new way of being.  She links our bodies to Source.  She links spirituality and sexuality.  She plugs us into the living, interconnected system that is the Universal Soul (Quantum Field), with everything conscious, alive and dancing.

Ultimately, She kicks ass and She comes out swinging so that you, too, can come out swinging as the sovereign creator of your life’s experiences.  So you can take charge of the wheel again for a new trajectory in your life.

En masse, we have arrived at the tsunami called the ‘hundredth monkey effect’.

We are not victims of this process, however.  Rather, we are both witnesses and participants in the Radical Rise of the Great Feminine from within our own selves, bringing restoration to all areas of life so we can live, create and thrive in new ways entirely.

This year, with more planets in Feminine signs than in Masculine ones, the Feminine takes centre stage.  This year, Uranus (lightning bolt) moves into Taurus (matter, the Feminine) in May and we will experience all the more the enlightenment of matter and that matter is enlightened.  The ground of our lives will be shaking, quaking, erupting so that the truth of this may emerge and be silent, underground, repressed, exploited no more.

Shadows will rise to the surface faster than ever before to spur us forward all the more quickly to recover the ‘treasure’ (perspectives, life force, energy, intuition, passion, creativity) that sits within them.

at the deepest archetypal level, the shadow includes everything relating to unrecognised dimensions of consciousness that act on and through us in ways we do not acknowledge or understand. If we persist in denying ourselves access to these deeper dimensions of consciousness, the human spirit becomes contracted, impoverished, and driven by the unconscious instinct that is unable to evolve in the direction it wishes to. The imagination then becomes life-destroying instead of life-promoting (as in the demonic nature of our weapons of mass destruction and the brutality and violence portrayed on television and in films and videos). Marion Woodman

And so, in this climate, correspondingly, we are going to see many more sex scandals as both men and women come forward to expose abuse as part of that greater restoration of sexual energy.  We will see more corruption and abuse of rights and civil liberties by the outgoing patriarchal order until enough people stand up with a very clear NO to the weapons, wars, poverty, racism, gender wars, corporate control, banking cabals, etc….and a YES to creativity, wholeness, harmony.  We will see more abuse of the Earth and human beings until more and more and more people speak truth to themselves about what has been devalued, and begin to create the new by coming out of denial and finding their voices again.


The Black Madonna/Dark Feminine Bridge to Sexuality, Power, Passion & Purpose

In the same way that matriarchy as a structure disappeared because we had to individuate our egoic selves, patriarchy will disappear, too…with both polarities and aspects now needing to evolve to new levels of expression in a new era, unified now and more conscious.

And so, we are not trying to get back to some ‘better time’ called matriarchy because we are always moving forward.  We are restoring the feminine principles and those of the masculine also….into a wholly new configuration of co-creatorship, fluidly moving together.  No one knows how this will be:  we are writing the script together, right now.

One of the great gifts of patriarchy was the process of egoic individuation so that we could know ourselves as unique and distinct.  And, now that we are wholly individuated, the necessary split is being healed and we can consciously merge with the Universal Soul for an entirely new evolutionary agenda.  We can become Sovereign Creators, rather than ‘accidental ones’.  Plugged into the Universal Soul, we go forward into new territory entirely.

As the Feminine radically bursts forth from within us all, long dormant sexuality, gifts, perspectives, wisdoms, connections, creativity, joy and wealth rise.  These powerfully reveal that we are each Unique Souls within the Greater Generative Soul Matrix of the Quantum Field.  ….and the creators of our realities within that vast Matrix, aware of the power of our thoughts, feelings, emotions.  Aware of the capacity of our own bodies and hearts to generate the emotions that open the portals to new possibilities, intuitions.

The Feminine (with the Black Madonna / Dark Feminine as midwife) restores us to a Sacred Worldview, honouring the earth, sexuality and our bodies, and the connectedness of all things in a living intelligent universe.  She respects all life.  She values diversity, relatedness, connection.  She tells us the body is sacred.  Money is sacred.

Patriarchy told us that we were ‘fallen, sinful, unworthy’ beings:  She reverses that right out of the ballpark.  Instead, She reinforces (with the Sacred Masculine) that we are radiant, magnificent and unique, with each one of us necessary to the thriving whole.  She tells us that all creation (including the physical world) is a manifestation of Love, Spirit and Soul, and that ALL is alive, and that what we think and feel, what we do….has profound effects upon the Web of Life because of the interconnectedness of all living things.

Ultimately, She IS the Sacred Fire and it is She that moves us through the fires of change in order to recover our power, passion and purpose….and to take back the reins of power from whomever we’ve surrendered these to.  She enables us to forge a real identity beyond the compliance, silence, denial that have been violently, systematically and generationally imposed by patriarchy.  She shows us that our true selves and our identities are right within us.  That we are each the unique sacred meeting point in time and space of Soul and Spirit.

She comes to remind us that we are magnificent, over and over again, and always.  That we are Loved.

When she’s gotta get radical, red and fiery with you and with us all….when she’s surfaced as the Black Madonna, the Dark Feminine, Isis, Kali, Lilith or in any other fierce, even savage, archetypal form….you can bet that the LOVE that underpins Her movements is long overdue in your life or in the system, and that something bigger than you, and that is simultaneously so much a part of you, has your very best interests at Heart.  You can bet you that you may have strayed far from your Truth, Joy and Integrity but that She will bring you back to it in ways rich with Grace, Mystery, Synchronicity and Awe.

To the remembrance of YOUR Magnificence throughout 2018!  And….don’t let a wishbone grow where a backbone should be.  Find your unique place in the scheme of things.

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