Adventures in Manifesting: Passion & Purpose Book

“Your story was the absolute best and I’m not just saying that..  You were so RAW, honest and unbelievably unedited (in a good way)!  I loved it!!!”  Sandy R, Illinois

This compelling, inspiring book from the international bestselling series, Adventures in Manifesting, is designed to show you how to create the life you love. With contributions from over 30 authors in over 12 countries, including thought leaders and bestselling authors, Janet Bray Attwood (of the Passion Test) and Bob Doyle (from ‘The Secret’ movie), each powerful story will take you on a voyage of discovery and inspire you to discover your own life’s passion and purpose. 

Here’s an excerpt from the chapter written by Fatima Bacot, entitled, “The Power of Un-Worthiness”:

During innumerable stages of my life, I felt cursed: cursed to know and see a heartfelt purpose and living it passionately to the fullest; cursed because no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t get to where I wanted to be and what I had ‘seen’. Despite profound knowledge of what it felt like to live it, my experiences involved landing face-down in the mud of seeming failures because, in spite of continual and courageous leaps into the unknown, thinking this must be it, my feelings of exhilaration would not last. And like a voracious monster from the depths, the inner tyranny would always return, and happiness, vision, and identity would collapse.

I did not know then that it was my beliefs about myself and about life that led to such tyranny. I did not understand then the power of thought. I did not know then that I even had the right to freedom. Such was the overpowering and ingrained level of imagined worthlessness that lived like a deadly virus within.

You will read how Fatima overcame her imagined unworthiness to lead a life of touching others worldwide with her many intuitive Gifts, helping them to overcome their own pain and confusionand broadcasting the Shift in Consciousness.

And you’ll be inspired by the other contributing authors from all walks of life who also tapped into their own manifesting powers and followed their dreams to create incredible success for themselves, giving YOU valuable insight about how to begin your own path to fulfillment.

This powerful book includes tales of overcoming obstacles and rising above limitations to the heights of empowerment both personally and professionally.  It will inspire you to galvanise the power within you to create a life of increased Wellbeing….in all areas of your life.

You will be swept up as you’re guided to follow your intuition and consciously create a life of ultimate freedom. With each story written from the Heart, you will embark on an adventure into a world of inspiration for your soul….knowing all things are possible.

“Passion and Purpose” offers wisdoms for turning your life around, and it is exceedingly timely now…when millions worldwide are focused upon the co-creation of a New Era.

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ISBN:  978-0-9873259-0-7

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Price: $19.95

About Älska Publishers

Älska (pronounced ‘elsh-ka’) was founded by authors Sean Patrick Simpson and Sarah Prout…and means ‘Love’.  Its name reveals the essence of the company’s powerful vision to bestow the teachings of Love and Oneness throughout the world.

All books in the Adventures In Manifesting series feature a collection of inspirational stories from some of the world’s most influential teachers in the field of personal development with contributions from self-help veterans and New York Times bestselling authors. 

The Adventures in Manifesting series has been compared to bestselling books by Jack Canfield (Chicken Soup for the Soul and TheSuccess Principles), Rhonda Byrne (The Power and The Secret) and the celebrated classic Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill.

Älska teams up with the most empowering and inspiring authors and thought leaders such as Dr. Joe Vitale, Dr. Fred Alan Wolf, Brian Tracy, Lisa McCourt, Danielle LaPorte, Dr. John Demartini, and more.  From visionaries to change makers, these are the people who are spreading consciousness throughout the world.

Be inspired and give yourself and those you know the Gift of Inspiration!

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