New Holograms and Transcending Shadows

We’re downloading new holograms of consciousness that are creating interference patterns with established ones, bringing up the emotions, reactions and patterns that are parts of the stories we have long told ourselves about ourselves and about life.

We’re living in a kind of ‘crazy new normal’, and although we may want to ‘go back to normal’, if we’ve been paying attention, we realize there’s no going back. 

A new narrative is rushing through your cells, refreshing and re-booting your DNA…stretching out into all structures, be they environmental, political, technological, spiritual, psychological, physical, cultural, social.

A new time is dawning.  Has dawned.

Still in its infancy, the ‘new normal’ is a heart-coherent, masterful state of being that recognizes the mirroring unity and connectedness of all life….from the tiniest particles, and throughout the mineral, plant, animal and human kingdoms….and into the galaxies and universes beyond….and acts accordingly.

The egocentricity has come to an end, and the human being in this state acts in harmony with a greater Intelligence, and thus all actions are in alignment, serving a purpose greater than the smaller self.

This is humanity’s destiny.  This is the renewal and regeneration forecasted.  An awakened human being.


These new holograms not only download and shift our perceptions:  they also expose our shadows.  Our shadows show us where we remain stuck in the old world narrative that is based upon dualistic, fear-based, us-vs-them, hierarchical thinking where there are merely conquerors and the conquered.  Masters and slaves.  Rulers and the ruled.

This narrative is playing out everywhere ad nauseum, wreaking its usual destruction.  And it’s this narrative that lives within us all and that is responsible for actively holding back both personal and collective movement into the forecasted Unity Consciousness that is already here, all around us.

We can perceive it when we have let go enough of the old narrative and we trust the process, as irrational as it often seems to our ‘rational minds’.

It’s up to each of us, as the ones we are waiting for, to transform our shadows so that we can accelerate our evolution and flower from within.  Doing so will also help you to evolve and transform so that you can more easefully navigate the massive, enormous changes still to roll in over these next years.

Your LifeForce (kundalini, prana, chi, etc) will rise and cleanse you of your shadows so that you can participate and co-create, and be part of the renewal and regeneration.

The changes are going to continue to be highly disruptive, unpleasant, shocking:  you must be fully conscious now for the active creation of each moment.


Be initiated.  Transcend your shadows. Go through the Gate.  Don’t look back.

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