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Guided Visualizations to assist you with Wealth, Health, Relationships, Sabotage Release, DNA Activation and for cultivating powerful states of Love and Gratitude.

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Guided Visualisation and Affirmations for Manifesting Wealth through Dynamic Intent

Awaken your Divine Blueprint of Limitless Wealth with Fatima and move into the space of creatively programming new neural patterns of increased, abundant wealth as she guides you through this powerful, meditative visualisation.  Release all limitation and anchor into your Limitless Prosperity.  Say ‘yes’ to limitless, perfect Abundance and Prosperity now and experience life anew. 

Price: $15.99



Guided Visualisation and Affirmations for Creating Radiant Health

Take a journey with Fatima to transform your cells back to their perfect, Divine State.  Feel Healing Power and LOVE and Light as you assist your body to completely rewire its memory back to its Original Perfection.  Imagine it…..  Feel it…….  Know it….Be it. You are Radiant, Limitless Health, effervescent and pulsating with vibrancy and radiance.

Price: $15.99


Guided Visualisation and Affirmations for Manifesting Perfect Relationships through Dynamic Intent

Let go of all limitation now and say ‘yes’ to Love.  Open to giving and receiving LOVE.  Take the journey to saying ‘yes’ to Love and Harmony.  Magnetise into your Life the connection by being it from within.  Enable the unconditional LOVE and acceptance to rise from within and assist yourself to a Radiant Relationship now.

Price: $15.99


Guided Visualisation and Affirmations to Release Sabotage

Let Fatima guide you on a journey designed to remove the mental, emotional, psychic and physical blockages that hold you back from experiencing your Freedom, Purpose, Power and Abundance.  Repeated listenings will enable to you to flush out old energies throughout all levels of your being, release sabotage, fully embrace your potential, and lead you to new perspectives and abilities.  It is an excellent tool for establishing clarity and inner peace.

Price: $15.99


Guided Visualisation and Affirmations to Access Your Full Potential

Fatima peacefully guides you on a journey designed to transmute DNA distortions and activate DNA to go beyond the limitations and personal dramas of the Old Paradigm into the multidimensional expression of the Emerging Consciousness.   Repeated listenings will lead to greater intelligence and spiritual awakening, enabling you to fully embrace your potential, align on all levels of your being and lead you to new perspectives and abilities.

Price: $15.99


Guided Visualisation and Affirmations to Stimulate Higher Consciousness

Stimulate the body’s natural capacity for heightened states of consciousness through generating the powerful states of Love, Gratitude and Ecstasy in order to release all that you have outgrown and to draw into your life the perfect people, places, resources, finances, circumstances and opportunities, in perfect alignment with your Highest Path Potential at this exhilarating time.  Repeated listenings will enable you to activate your psychic centres, lift your awareness and connect to your Inner Truth.

Price: $15.99

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