Mindfulness Mentoring One-on-One

“When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.”  Victor E Frankl

Mindfulness1We live in very fast-paced, frantic, tech-saturated times, and life’s challenges can feel relentless.

…The challenge may be an ongoing negative energy such as anxiety, depression, fear, burnout, panic attacks, rage, overwhelm, stress or self-judgment.

…Or we may be experiencing anguish, ‘ascension symptoms’, disappointment, despair, regret, lack of motivation, or powerlessness.

…We might be dealing with issues relating to relationships, finances, partners (or the lack thereof), important life decisions, the loss of a loved one or life transitions. 

…We could be facing significant health issues, including chronic pain, fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, HIV, cancer, and sleep problems

…We could feel we are paralyzed by fear and indecision, low self-esteem, insecurity

…We might be experiencing a lack of focus, direction, or purpose….and settling for less than our potential


Lotus2What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness is a very simple form of meditation for active, full and open attention on the present. Buddhist-based, it is now entirely mainstream and openly embraced in the West as a non-dogmatic, non-religious method to naturally and non-critically observe your thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations to enable enhanced wellbeing.

Mindfulness moves us into engagement, power and awareness with the present moment, neither trapped in the past nor projecting into the future, or engaged in repetitive procrastination, distraction and sabotage. It moves us beyond learned judgments that our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations are ‘good’ or ‘bad’, and into being more neutral and compassionate with ourselves.

In Mindfulness Meditation, we come to the understanding that our thoughts, feelings and bodily sensations are all transient. That these come and go continually (like leaves on a river, or traffic on a road) as a very natural part of life, and that we need neither struggle with them, nor be bound by them. We powerfully come into awareness of negative patterns that do not serve us.


The Reported Benefits of Mindfulness

The reported benefits of Mindfulness across all areas of our lives and in many different circumstances are many, inclusive of:

  • Reducing stress and anxiety; improving immune system
  • More focus and energy; positive emotions; enhanced memory
  • Greater sense of ease and perspective;  purpose and meaning
  • Sleeping better
  • Relaxing more; reduces ADD, tech-saturation, stress, depression, PTSD
  • Greater self-awareness and wisdom;
  • Deeper levels of self-acceptance, altruism, compassion
  • Richer and deeper experience of day to day life
  • Helping students in the classroom and with their studies
  • Improves our relationships
  • Studies and articles on the benefits of mindfulness meditation

(adapted from Mindfulworks NZ)


Mindfulness2Private One-on-One Mindfulness Training:

*FREE 30-min Consultation

We aren’t always able to get ourselves to a Public Course or Workshop, or to meet the requirements within these frameworks in a regular manner due to life’s demands.  And neither are we always able to implement the strategies that we may be aware of without someone to support us.

This is why flexibly working One-on-One is an extremely powerful way to incorporate the different types of formal and informal practices within Mindfulness into a busy life.

Most of us ‘live inside our own heads’, stuck in the past or projecting into the future,  disconnected from emotional awareness, and with even less awareness of our bodies.  And so, much of our Mentoring will center upon integrating the mind (thinking), the heart (feeling) and the body (acting).   When these three are gently integrated with Fatima’s intuitive and practical support, your life begin to flow and to flourish….enabling your personal growth, the ability to take charge of life, find comfort, and move into greater Wellbeing.

This is the empowerment that comes from accountability and working deeply with someone who hears you and can suggest meaningful ways forward.

The first Consultation will typically consist of you learning the benefits of Mindfulness, as well as sharing you and Fatima reviewing your Private Consult Form for what it is you are wanting from the One-on-One Mindfulness work together, along with the practicalities of your daily schedule.  This initial Consultation may be 2-hours long, depending upon what is being shared and the training required.

During the initial Consult, and keeping in mind the outcomes you would like to experience, Fatima will make her recommendations of simple  Formal and Informal practices for you to implement and experiment with.

After the first Consultation, weekly or fortnightly Mindfulness Sessions of approximately one hour each will be undertaken to check in and until you feel secure enough to successfully undertake the practices yourself. 

Each Session will organically refine the approach in ways that are most suitable for you to adopt, but generally operates like this:

  • Open-sharing to review where you are at, how you’ve been traveling since you and Fatima last connected, any breakthroughs and awarenesses
  • Mentoring support and listening for your on-going meditation practice
  • 15-minute formal breathing meditation together to sit in awareness and presence
  • uniquely-tailored Mindfulness strategy and guidance that you can use to reframe key areas of life
  • MP3 Recording of the session sent within 15 minutes of the Session’s end, so you can go over anything you missed AND benefit from our recorded guided meditation session between Sessions 
  • Various Mindfulness resources as required such MP3 Guided Meditations

One-on-One Training is available with Fatima via landline or Skype, from anywhere in the world.  She is also available by special request to train from her home in Coolum Beach, Queensland.


  • Hourly Fee for One-on-One Mentoring:  $95
  • 4-Session Mentoring Bundle:   $350  
  • 8-Session Mentoring Bundle:  $595

Please email Fatima at admin@fatimabacot.com to arrange and book your Free 30-min Consultation to discuss the needs and queries relevant to you right now and how Fatima may be able to assist you to explore the challenges you are facing in your life.

Whether you are new to Mindfulness or already have an established practice in Mindfulness or Meditation, if you would like to feel….

  • happy and in charge of your Life and Energies… rather than in overwhelm, ‘failure’, fear, and with confidence issues sabotaging your Happiness
  • ‘connected’….rather than lost and floundering, depressed
  • Free…rather than stuck, confused, in despair
  • relationships flourishing….rather than feeling alone, unsupported, unloved
  • your Mind-Body-Emotions-Spirit in balance…rather than anxious, stressed, panicked or powerless

….Mindfulness can powerfully support you.  Email Fatima NOW at admin@fatimabacot.com to arrange and book your Free 30-min Consultation to discuss the needs and queries relevant to you right now and how Fatima may be able to assist you to explore the challenges you are facing in your life.

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