Mindfulness and Meditation Level 2


Tues 9 Aug 6:00pm – 7:15pm Maroochydore

“The Level Two Mindfulness Course has far surpassed any ideas and notions I had about mindfulness and how it could help in my life….I have developed a mindfulness practice that is helping me manage work stresses, finding a better balance between work and looking after myself and FINALLY quietening the brutal inner critic that has spent every second of every day berating me for the last 20 years. This course has changed my life.  TT


This Course is for those who have some experience in Meditation, OR want a Refresher, OR for those who have completed the Mindfulness and Meditation ‘Intro Course’ and want the CRITICAL SUPPORT to continue their momentum into Wellbeing.

4-Week Course with Workbook + 11 mp3s, it is for all practitioners (‘beginners’, intermediate, advanced) to deepen the confidence, wellbeing and clarity that naturally increase through ongoing, life-changing Mindfulness Practices, both formal and informal.  This Course will be focused upon experiential training and awareness, rather than Mindfulness and Meditation theory.

“Having suffered from anxiety and depression for most of my adult life, I had attended many meditation and counselling workshops, tried yoga and many calming techniques, read many anxiety self-help and inspirational books, and attended sessions with several psychologists. Whilst I believe everything in my life so far has helped me to become the stronger person I am today, none of the above had helped me in such a way as Fatima & her mindfulness classes. Focusing on listening to the breath, practising body scans, guided meditations, mindful walking and other methods like RAIN, and learning techniques I can use in everyday stressful situations to calm myself have been nothing short of amazing”  HD, Qld


Come take your Practice into Deeper Calm, Clarity, Groundedness, Wellbeing and Empowerment


We have all experienced moments of clarity, peace, insight and happiness:  but how do we ensure that we experience those moments more frequently in our daily lives?  How do we ensure that we dissolve unhelpful, sabotaging, painful habits of thinking, feeling, speaking and acting?  Of purposelessness, depression, overwhelm, anxiety, ‘ascension symptoms’…..especially in these exceedingly fast-changing times?

A single course, or a sporadic Practice is just not enough.

Mindfulness and Meditation are long-term practices for Wellbeing. They are vital tools for living a happy and peaceful life. And the truth is, most of us need support, accountability and guidance to keep going. 

Through ongoing awareness of body, feelings, thoughts and all that is currently present in our lives (our surroundings, how we eat, how well we listen), Mindfulness and Meditation enable us to apply a new kind of agency, calm and awareness to our unhelpful habits….and gently ‘unhook’ from them. We develop the skills, insights and compassion to live in ways that are present, open, peaceful, happy, effective….by paying attention in mindful, specific ways.

“Extremely grateful to be apart of a wonderful program led by a truly unbelievable woman! Thankyou for your help so far Fatima, you are an inspiration.”  BH

“Brilliant Class, brilliant teacher .. so privileged to be a student..Fantastic class, Fatima.” DJ

“I have found especially doing the 2nd Level how things have changed for me. From the breath, breathing, able to meditate/breathe when a situation might come up…Fatima, I actually am looking forward to coming back to do level 2 again as there is no other meditation practices that I have found here on the coast as beneficial as yours….your experience and understanding of life’s situations is what most of us need in our lives.” Deb J

“Really relaxing class tonight. So glad I took some time out for myself.”  HD


In the Intro Course (and if you have Meditation experience) you learned what it was to experience a certain level of non-identification, ease, to ‘be human’ and to observe your thoughts, bodily sensations and emotions for what they are: information only, and passing through like leaves on a river, clouds in the sky, or traffic on the road. This enabled you to cultivate a certain awareness of them, rather than ‘being them’.

In Level 2, you will powerfully and gently build from knowledge and experience already attained, then you learn even more about the mind-emotions-body-mindfulness connection and how to deepen your experience of meditation by incorporating more ‘trouble-shooting’ meditations, longer meditations, as well as mindful movements. There will be teaching on the science of positivity and wellbeing.

The 4-week course will assist you to know yourself better and to develop greater wellbeing, peace, clarity, wisdom and compassion, as well as deeper concentration. 

Here’s what students say about Mindfulness overall:

…the relief has been significant for me – to be able to recognise just how out of control things were for me….the Mindfulness meditation seems to have created a space between the problems I have and me so I can notice what is happening now before it all takes hold of me and that makes all the difference now. Without your wonderful work and communication in the group, I would still be stuck in the swirl of chaos.”  JM

“Wow wow wow …….. what a great 2 months, (Mindfulness Meditation) Level 1 and 2. Laughed and cried, filled with love and support, beautiful group, and great tools for life, thank you Fatima for some time well spent on myself.”  TH

“I’m so pleased I’ve found mindful meditation through Fatima’s classes.  The methods and techniques communicated are intelligent, easy to follow and practical.  I’ve experienced great emotional and stress relief in using the practices.  Fatima’s warmth and engaging nature made the courses thoroughly enjoyable.”  DO


Here is the breakdown of what will be covered in the 4 weeks….

WEEK ONE: The Power of Moment-to-Moment Mindfulness

  • Introduction and how we will be journeying together
  • Where YOU are at. Your Intention for the Course
  • Revisiting what Mindfulness is and its benefits.
  • The mind / beliefs as the root of our pain, anxiety, depression, reality
  • The inner critic
  • Short Exercise One: the 3-minute Breathing Space Meditation
  • Short Exercise Two: the 1-minute Conscious Observation Practice
  • Longer Exercise Three: the Body Scan Meditation (foundation Practice)
  • Longer Exercise Four: Mindful Breathing / Awareness of Breath Meditation


WEEK TWO: The power of Mindfulness for Emotional Balance

  • Difficult, painful emotions and sabotaging behaviours
  • What are some of our more difficult emotions?
  • Exercise One: Mindfulness Exercise RAIN (Recognize + Accept + Investigation + Non-Identification)
  • Exercise Two: Mindful Walking (for Movement-based awareness and re-aligning out of ‘automatic pilot’ and into the Present)

: Mindfulness and the Awakened Heart

  • The science of Heart Coherence (based on the research of the HeartMath Institute) and the Emotional Guidance Scale
  • Generating the power of the Heart-Field
  • Self-Acceptance, Compassion, Kindness, Happiness, Love
  • Exercise One: Conscious Heart-Breathing for Wellbeing
  • Exercise Two: Loving-Kindness Meditation


WEEK FOUR: The Power of a Life In Balance

  • Find healing from the past and move on in life with enthusiasm and love
  • The importance of establishing a personal meditation practice
  • Going forward
  • Short Exercise One: Three Senses Meditation
  • Longer Exercise Two: The Bell Meditation
  • Longer Exercise Three: Guided Mountain Meditation

Throughout there will be discussion in pairs and groups to help you get the most out of the course.

Home practice is a key component and there is a simple Workbook plus 11 mp3 recordings prepared for you by Fatima to guide you through the daily mindfulness practices, covering the main content of the course, plus the ‘assignments’ for home and ‘on the-run’ practice.

“Thank you so much for your classes. I got a lot out of it and enjoyed your facilitation style.” KW

“I just wanted to say Thank-you for your teachings, it’s been so beneficial to be able to really relax my body and mind! I have been trying to learn this for so long. Thank-you.”  TT

“I just wanted to say a big thank you.  When I first started your class I felt so so lost and since doing mindfulness I feel more able to cope.”  TC



WHEN:          Tuesdays x 4 from 9 Aug 2016

TIME:             6:00 pm – 7:15pm

WHERE:        O Wellness Centre ~ Unit 5 / 13 Norval Court, Maroochydore.  (On the first floor.  Plenty of parking.)

FEE:               $95 includes all 11 mp3s + Workbook (REPEAT STUDENTS ONLY $85)


To pay $95 (new Students) OR $85 (repeat Students of Level 2) via INTERNET BANKING, please email Fatima on admin@fatimabacot.com

To pay $95 via CREDIT CARD or PAYPAL, please CLICK HERE


We know that the reported benefits of Mindfulness across all areas of our lives and in many different circumstances are many.  So, come deepen your Meditation practice and be supported to be:

  • happy and in charge of your Life and Energies… rather than in overwhelm, ‘failure’, fear, and with confidence issues sabotaging your Happiness
  • ‘connected’….rather than lost and floundering, depressed
  • Free…rather than stuck, confused, in despair
  • relationships flourishing….rather than feeling alone, unsupported, unloved
  • your Mind-Body-Emotions-Spirit in balance…rather than anxious, stressed, panicked or powerless


About Fatima Bacot:

Fatima Bacot is a Mindfulness Trainer, New Thought Teacher, Mentor and Author.  She is a leading facilitator for MindfulnessWorks NZ/Australia, and has also been a practicing Astrologer and Metaphysical Teacher since 1990.

Fatima presents humanity’s far-ranging, exponentially-unfolding ‘breakdowns and breakthroughs’ in contexts that are illuminating and accessible.  She teaches how to navigate change in ways that are balanced so you can thrive.

Additionally, in her private and group work, Fatima brings an incisive spotlight to all her clients, compassionately bringing to light outdated patterns. She ‘prescribes’ the techniques whereby clients and students may heal and master themselves.  She shares the wisdom of the ‘Inner Tools of Transformation’ that enable them to consciously create their realities, and to bring authentic balance and prosperity to all key life areas.

Fatima teaches classes, presents workshops, teleseminars and webinars, gives presentations, and consults privately.  She has taught in-person throughout Australia, the United States and Mexico, and online to thousands globally.

To view various Testimonials of her contributions to the lives of others, please CLICK HERE.