Mindfully Navigating Exponential Technological Change

Mindfully Navigating Exponential Technological Change

~ blockchain, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence: how they are radically changing our lives forever ~

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Thank you for so much research and collating it into a format that the uninformed can absorb! Absolutely groundbreaking, cutting edge, brilliant, concise and inspirational. SR, California

I’m interested in what IS crypto-currency really and how is it going to work.  But I don’t have time to find my way through the quagmire of information online.  I enrolled in this webinar series because i know this presenter, Fatima Bacot, will have nailed it with research, clarity & delivery.  It’s truly first class!  KVN, Victoria


The world is going through a time of accelerating change and upheaval – economically, environmentally, politically, technologically, culturally.  Volatility is everywhere and our lives are being greatly impacted.

In all this, our sense of security, certainty and stability can feel very shaky, as we struggle with the exponential rate of change that can be uncomfortable and that certainly is reflected in many areas of our lives simultaneously:  our finances, relationships, careers, health, where we live, who we are, our identities, our lifestyles and goals.

What are blockchain, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence (AI), and how are they disrupting and revolutionizing our lives? 

How do you adapt to these inevitable waves of change and ride them more smoothly?


In this 3-part downloadable series, you will learn:

  • how technological innovations such as blockchain, cryptocurrency and artificial intelligence are manifestations of humanity’s powerful desires to be free in Key Life Areas
  • how these very same technologies are driving great upheavals and disruptions that are literally re-designing life as we’ve known it
  • as well as how to successfully navigate and flourish in this very new, emerging reality with agility, openness and self-mastery

The Online Series addresses the crumbling, outdated structures we are leaving behind, the impact and exciting potential of these revolutionary technologies, as well as provide mindful solutions as part of our significant crossroads and turning point. 


Fatima Bacot’s overall grasp on what is truly going on in this world is groundbreaking.  Fatima’s succinct and well researched CryptoCurrency webinars are astutely thorough, with every angle explained … walking through each step as to how to set up, stay secure, purchase, & more. Fatima’s Visualisation/Meditations are appropriate for each webinar, stepping anyone through from not knowing anything, even those with anxiety & fear, on how to self talk your way through to emerge and be successful in this ever-changing and fast-paced world.  JBD, Hawaii



  • 3 X 45-60-min online Powerpoint Presentations (see following for extensive descriptions of Session Topics)
  • 3 X 30-minute online Mindful, Heart-Based Meditation to release fear, anxiety, stress and to support agility, adaptability, stability, creativity and certainty

Breakdowns of the Presentations are as follows:

SESSION ONE:   Elements of the Outgoing Models that are being left behind

  • The outdated, Centralized Power-Model: what it is and its increasingly-obvious destructive consequences
  • The outdated Debt-Based Global Banking System:  the ‘money by debt-creation’ fiat model that is no longer working
  •  The outdated ‘Dominator Paradigm’, with the 10% of the richest in the world owning 85% of the wealth, and 50% of the world’s population owning 1% – and enforced by whatever means required to manufacture consent and compliance
  • The outdated Corporations and their ‘legislated rights’ to destroy the rights of human beings and the sacred balance of the Earth and all living things
  • A Worldview Reboot into ‘something entirely different’


SESSION TWO:  Elements of the Emerging, Decentralized Power-Model that is already changing the world

  • Revolutionary Blockchain technology: the promise it holds for freer, more secure, transparent, borderless movement of money, data, identity, culture, commerce, work, ownership, power and citizenship
  • Cryptocurrency: its global proliferation (despite market volatility) since the aftermath of the 2008 global economic crisis as a countermeasure to the control and corruption of our older, centralized banking institutions
  • Artificial Intelligence and why it will change everything within the next 5 years
  • Partnering technological prowess with our best humanity, ethics, empathy, cooperation, love and our very best visions for healing our fractured world
  • BONUS: Astrology & Ancient Calendars:  the forecasted, ongoing, break-up of authoritarian systems through sustained, disruptive transformation. The prophesied time of the regeneration and renewal of Humanity and the Earth


SESSION THREE: How to Navigate Exponential Change and Create your Better Story

  • Conscious Disengagement from the old and opening yourself to change
  • Mindfulness as your ‘ground zero’ of calm
  • Understanding the Power of your Thoughts, Emotions and Feelings to create inner peace and manifest your goals
  • The limiting fears and stories that paralyze you and perpetuate the old
  • Neuroscience, mystics and physics and the power of the Quantum Field
  • Quantum Field = Akashic Records = Blockchain Technology
  • The power of Heart Coherence and your Body’s Chemistry for re-patterning
  • Sovereign Living in a New Reality

Even though I don’t have much technological knowledge, these 3 webinars offered me informative understanding of the overall picture  of how it works, and future banking systems progressing. The information was clear, with much research and resources. Educating ourselves and stepping out of a way too long controlled, manipulative system, is what I always wished for, and this presentation offered me the positive, hopeful outlook for our present time in evolution. The meditations at the end of each sessions, were beautiful, wrapping it all up in an excellent bundle.  SA, Melbourne


You will receive an email with all 3 links and you will only need your computer or phone and speakers.


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Fatima Bacot is a Mentor, Speaker and Writer

Fatima inhabits the global space as an illuminator of the ‘Big Picture’, as well as strategist of the mastery and mindset required to creatively navigate radical change. Her passion is to catalyze individuals and groups to increased awareness, agency and freedom in order to empower vision, conscious collaboration, ethical prosperity and sovereign dignity. 

Corporate:  Working for many years earlier in her career in finance (Canada Permanent Trust, Canada Trust, Permanent Trustee, Pearson Education), Fatima well knows corporate culture and the urgency now of bringing new-paradigm, decentralized, evidence-based, leading-edge technological and optimal mindset approaches to business to improve creativity, integrity, performance, robustness and relevance in the 21st Century. 

Individual:  Fatima brings an incisive spotlight to her clients, compassionately bringing to light outdated, sabotaging patterns. She ‘prescribes’ the techniques whereby clients may heal and master themselves.  She shares the wisdom of the ‘Inner Tools of Transformation’ to free themselves of limitation and to consciously create their realities and bring authentic balance and prosperity to all key life areas.

Fatima presents a visionary yet balanced, razor-sharp clarity regarding the Big Picture of the personal and collective changes unfolding and exponentially accelerating as part of the Shift  – and how to seamlessly navigate and create. She has delivered seminars, web events, workshops, blogs, CDs, mp3s, ebooks, classes, and has consulted privately to thousands.  She has taught in-person throughout Australia, the United States and Mexico, and online globally. 

For Praise for Fatima’s work, go HERE.

P.S. Please share this url with those whom you feel would benefit by knowing this information now.  It’s going to be a big, big ride.