MEXICO: The Astrology of 2020 & Beyond

The Astrology of 2020 & Beyond

~ Explosive, Disruptive and Totally Transformational ~

San Miguel de Allende:  Sunday, 4 August

* * * Early Bird Available until Tues, 30 July * * *

In January 2020, an historic line-up of planets in Capricorn, along with other disruptive placements, will herald major, sweeping changes in our personal lives, as well as in employment, politics, the corporations, technology, the environment, share markets and banking. It’s going to look very chaotic and dysfunctional.

It’s all about transformation and transitioning from the old into the New. Personally, it can bring on crises in your Health, Relationships, Finances, Career and sense of Purpose as you detox and clear the decks.  It can feel like a ‘dark night of the Soul’.

It’s a time of new beginnings and unexpected opportunities, and the doors we need to walk through, and doors we need to slam shut.

These energies are about empowerment and new interpretations of reality if you can ride the evolutionary wave…and onwards into a powerful, new path of wellbeing.

All such placements are accelerating us through gateways, across bridges….and beyond our old comfort zones and security blankets. They are delivering us all to greater truths, freedom, collaboration, embodiment and wellbeing.

The more prepared, aware, centred and mindful you are, the easier your personal journey will be, and the more you can receive.  The more you receive, the more you can share your gifts and creativity with your loved ones, communities and the planet.

This is a 3hr Interactive Workshop covering:

  • Prophecy, Astrology, the Big Picture – and what this volatile time means collectively and for your Purpose, Soul, Health, Wealth, Finances and Relationships
  • How Presence and your own Heart can ease your Path and guide you
  • Understanding your potential and Sacred Purpose
  • The importance of intent and staying ultra-grounded in your body
  • Healing outdated emotional and mental patterns of fear and limitation
  • Shifting your perception of the Universe from random to intelligent and loving

PLUS: Group sharing, Intention-setting and Guided Chakric-Astrology Meditation for empowerment, healing and manifestation.

ALSO: major discounts on Private Astrological Sessions for all attendees. 

What to Bring: pen, paper, water



LifePath Center

Sunday, 4 August

1pm – 4pm

Address: Rinconada de la Aldea 29, San Miguel de Allende


  • Early Bird until Tues 30 July: 275MXN
  • Final Week or at the Door: 350MXN

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About Fatima Bacot

Fatima Bacot is a Corporate Shaman, Trainer and Speaker, a facilitator of Sacred Journeys and Archetypal Astrology.

She has been a researcher and practitioner of the world’s Wisdom Teachings since the age of 18, and serving as a bridge to Higher Consciousness for the last 25 years, in both Corporate and Personal settings, covering the inter-related disciplines of psychology, the esoteric, quantum physics, the occult, philosophy, and comparative religion.

Her passion is in facilitating others’ freedom, awareness and transformation for the co-creation of a New Evolutionary Agenda. She has delivered seminars, web events, workshops, blogs, CDs, mp3s, ebooks, classes, and private consultations to thousands globally. She has taught in-person throughout Australia, the United States and Mexico, and online globally.

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