‘Living the Light’ Accelerated Manifestion & Ascension Program

A 7-Session Exclusive Program




  • powerfully accelerate your Growth and Mastery in the Crystalline Grids of the New Earth Energies
  • make a huge leap in Empowerment and Awareness
  • journey powerfully throughout 2012 and beyond
  • understand that Everything is Frequency, and Frequency is Reality
  • live your Highest Holographic Potential
  • advance powerfully into multidimensionality
  • know the power of positive experiences to rewire your brain, DNA, neurology – everything!
  • learn the Art of Effortless Manifestation & Alchemy
  • know and LIVE your Purpose that is JOY
  • activate the Inner Technologies that lead to Abundance, Peace, Freedom and Sovereignty of Beingness
  • transcend limitation and understand what’s going on in the Big Picture
  • learn about the Powers of Focus, the Pineal Gland and the Heart as Gateways to Higher Consciousness and Multidimensionality


Fatima is offering just 2 more Students the opportunity to work with her exclusively, One-on-One, in a 7-Session Program as part of an unprecedented opportunity for Manifestation, Radical Transformation, Sovereignty, Abundance, Empowerment and Freedom in the Holographic, New Earth Crystalline Grids of Consciousness.

Working powerfully from week to week, and accompanied also by your a Council of Nine Intelligences at the Core of the Galactic Central Sun and the Major Arcana of the Tarot de Paris, she will facilitate the journey of your Soul’s Path into unbounded anchoring into the New Earth.


A. Personal Transformation

You will work ONE-ON-ONEwith Fatima at times convenient to you to:

  • bypass any existing patterns of lack, sabotage, limitation, trauma, separation, illusion, projection, judgment, attachment, egoism, fear
  • clear personal and ancestral karma, identities, past lives, stories, blockages, conditioning and imprints
  • clear outdated relationships, worldviews, values, structures and blockages to abundance
  • heal the split between the Masculine & Feminine aspects of yourself
  • clear distortions in your Chakras, mental-emotional-physical-spiritual bodies, and auric field – and bring these into Alignment with your Truth
  • re-connect to the Power Within ~ and know Yourself as Source in Human Expression
  • learn the Art of Effortless Manifestation
  • learn the Art of Protection
  • anchor into Presence and into the All-Conquering Power of Love
  • activate your DNA, Lightcodes, Merkabah, Crystalline Blueprint and Lightbodies
  • know yourself as a co-Creator of Universal Peace. Abundance and Freedom in ever-expanding bandwidths of frequency-possibility
  • anchor into Multidimensional Consciousness and Mastery
  • stay grounded in your body and accelerate its potential
  • navigate in the Quantum Energies of ‘no time and no space’ as joyfully and as powerfully as possible
  • deepen your connection to Source and hear your own Truth
  • recognise yourself as a Limitless, powerful Co-creator of reality
  • understand that your experiences and perceptions are the exact mirror of the thoughts and emotions that you focus on most often
  • move confidently in the direction of your dreams and goals in Spirituality, Health, Wealth,  Finances, Career and/or Relationships as a reflection of Living the Light in the New Earth

The above will be concurrent with Information regarding:

B.        The Big Picture

  • the many (and interrelated) frontiers of change on the Universal Stage
  • the proposed significance of 2012
  • Heart Coherence, LOVE and other Ecstatic States of Consciousness as necessary parts of your Journey
  • Prophecy and the Acceleration of Consciousness
  • Astrological and Galactic indicators of change
  • Earth Changes, Sunspots, Solar Flares, the Galactic Superwave, the Schumann Resonance – and the profound relationship of these to your Evolutionary Journey
  • Crop Circles, Disclosure, Galactic Synchronisation
  • Quantum Physics and the Unified Field
  • The Power of Intent
  • The Power of Critical Mass
  • Understanding that Everything is Frequency
  • The Emerging Consciousness and Species Transmutation
  • Genetic transmutation, the Lightbody, Merkabah and DNA Activation and Multidimensionality….and more


“The Big Picture” component above will be covered by:

  1. The Manual and your One-on-One Mentoring Time x 7 Sessions
  2. Free Access to all of Fatima’s Teleseries, Webinars, MP3s, CDs, Ebooks
  3. Numerous resources that Fatima will make available and alert you to during the Program



The 7-Session ~ 9-Week Program is covered as follows:

1. SESSION ONE: Intro Session to determine your current Path, blockages, any relevant past life experiences and your Highest Path Potential…working with your Application, as well as Astrology Chart

2. SESSIONS TWO – SEVEN: One-on-One Mentoring Sessions covering Fatima and the Higher Intelligences’ ongoing personal recommendations for next steps, resources, tools, strategies and related healing modalities, as uniquely required by you.


  • Intro Session x 1.5 hours: to determine blockages, imbalances, goals, time available, current practice (if you have one), the program materials, review of your Application Form and Astrology Chart, strategies you might like to include – and to officially start the Program, laying out the Daily Practice and Personal Statements and methodologies.
  • Following Sessions Numbers 2 to 5 are 1 hour  each: held weekly at perfectly mutual times to monitor your Progress, make necessary adjustments to your Program, your energy fields and Goals, and to facilitate you to the next  level in your Evolutionary Journey.
  • Following Sessions Numbers 6 & 7 are also 1 hour each, but:  held fortnightly at perfectly mutual times to draw out your time with Fatima in order to further anchor you into the New Earth…along with, as above, to monitor your Progress, make necessary adjustments to your Program, your energy fields and Goals, and to facilitate you to the next  level in your Evolutionary Journey.

Ultimately, you and Fatima will be moving as quickly as possible to anchor you into operating as an Abundant Co-Creator in all arenas of your life.   You and Fatima will move through the Pre-Session Report you will have emailed the day before in order to determine the next strategies/turns in the rubic’s cube of your reality at the leading-edge of the Shift.

The ‘goal’ is for you to learn to operate Joyously and Abundantly within other dimensions, possibilities and landscapes, and in an Empowered energetic consciousness of yourself.

3. All Sessions recorded and uploaded online within 24 hours for you to listen and refer to again.

4. Detailed email follow-ups after each Session from Fatima:  her Session Notes and expansion of that which was covered, updates to your Program, along with various attachments and links as required for your advancement.

5. Email access to Fatima and the Higher Intelligences regarding queries that may surface for you in between Sessions, if necessary.

6. Access to various ‘Big Picture’ Resources, as mentioned above

7. Weekly email Links of relevant articles, videos, etc to help you throughout the Program, with the Abraham material featuring powerfully.

One-on-One Sessions are conducted either by landline or Skype.  Skype calls are recorded for you to listen to again at your own leisure, to deepen your understanding of your process.  (Skype is a free program that is easily uploaded to your computer and makes all communication between you and Fatima free of charge.  You can download Skype at www.Skype.com)

As part of the Program, you will also:

  • Receive some Articles regarding the nature of the times we live in
  • Be required to read or re-read:
    • Eckhart Tolle’s book, A New Earth’
    • ‘The Vortex’, by Abraham-Hicks
  • Be mailed and emailed the relevant materials that you will start with by 13th February
  • Keep to the extremely simple and time-economical Daily Practice
  • Maybe work with an Excel Spreadsheet if discipline on your part is particularly difficult
  • Keep a Daily Journal – bullet points are fine – with that information forming parts of your Pre-Session Report
  • Write simple Session Notes during each Session – and email them to Fatima regarding learnings, breakthroughs, your experience of the Session, impressions, etc
  • Provide Fatima with a Pre-Session Report of all your successes, queries and results — by 12 Noon the day before the next scheduled Session.
  • Create a Vision Board, if you haven’t already got one



1.         Simple Manual with background information, plus outlining of specific exercises and strategies designed to eliminate the ‘old’ and empower you to your Highest Potential and attract the Highest Manifestations in your Purpose, Healing Capabilities, Consciousness, Health, Abundance, Spirituality and Relationships.  Breathwork, affirmation, visualisation, reprogramming, goals.

2.         Downloadable material (ebooks, mp3s, teleseminars, webinars) made freely available to you from the Keys of Shambhalla site.


This Abraham-Hicks Video on ‘The Most Profound Question’ powerfully and playfully spells out the ‘goal’ of the ‘Living the Light’ Accelerated Manifestation & Ascension ProgramAre you ready to release the ages-old resistance to Being Who You Really Are and accept your Magnificence – and be your life from That for the sheer enjoyment of The Ride?  Have a look and a listen…and let’s play together!

YouTube Preview Image


NO. Fatima and the Higher Intelligences meet you precisely at your current belief system/worldview.  Fatima is also happy to incorporate any of your favourite Tools, Beliefs, Practices and Strategies.  Techniques and terminology are fluid, although there will be a simple Daily Practice that will be a mandatory part of your Focus Training

This Daily Practice will consist of 15-20 minutes in the Morning and again at Night, as well as 1-2 minute blocks during the Day x 3 times/day (which can be undertaken whilst you are making a cup of coffee, waiting in a bank line up, for example).  This Practice is non-negotiable and is the lynchpin to you starting to create seamlessly with the incoming high-voltage energies of the Shift.



The Tuition for this exclusive 7-Session Mentoring Program is:

AUD $2500 (approx USD $2600), if paid in full upfront. Please CLICK HERE for currency conversion for your location.


AUD $2750 (approx USD $2850) if paid in flexible fortnightly or monthly payments. Please CLICK HERE for currency conversion for your location.

  • Payment Methods: payments accepted via Paypal or Credit Card, and for Australian participants via Cheque, Money Order or Direct Debit as well.
  • Non-Refundable Deposit required immediately upon acceptance as a Student:    $250

Please Note: there are no refunds.  If you sabotage yourself in the Course by abdicating the Sessions and Processes without contacting Fatima to reschedule, you sabotage yourself financially and forfeit the Session also.


Living the Light Student Application Form.doc



Keys of Shambhalla International is completely focused upon Transformation and Quantum Acceleration in the holographic, Crystalline Grids of the New Earth.  Working exclusively with Fatima in such an intense manner fast-tracks your Evolutionary Journey by sealing off the limitations learned in the past and catapults you into your Power and Purpose for this lifetime, and empowers your ability to be on the cutting-edge of Accelerated Manifestion and Empowerment…into 2012 and beyond.




“Working with Fatima is a unique experience which will throw Light into the deepest corners of your psyche to liberate your Consciousness.  Her intuitive skills enable a razor-sharp capacity to see into your Energy Fields for potentials, possibilities, traumas and blocks lying hidden within, and to then assist you to come forward as the Joyous, Magnificent, Abundant and Sovereign Creator that you are by recognizing Yourself.”

“Fatima is one unique, caring, committed, loving being, with having the gifts to put you on the right path in preparation for the new earth..I have gone through an amazing journey and come out a new person!! I look at the world and my life in completely new ways and the results have been miraculous…Fatima has been there all the way, helping me, guiding me, going through my defrags and roller coaster rides.. The support with connecting to her guidance, the tools, the love, the weekly goals, check-ups was everything I needed to get where I am today. Fatima gives so much to each session, it’s like you are the only one in the world that matters at this moment to her…”

Please CLICK HERE for other, numerous Testimonials regarding Fatima’s excellence in approach and internationally-acclaimed capabities.



YES!  I want to sign up IMMEDIATELY and guarantee my place in the Program!


Living the Light Student Application Form.doc

Upon your acceptance as a Student, Fatima will contact you to set up a date and time to commence your Mentoring and specifically, to decipher the Blueprint that you are dealing with and the first steps forward.

Yes!  I am deeply interested but need more information…

Please call

Australia: 0405 398 280

International: + 61 405 398 280

(Please CLICK HERE for Timezone Converter for your location)

Or email:


… to discuss all queries and whether or not this Accelerated Path is correct for you at this time.

Fatima sincerely looks forward to working with you!


And Finally….

A. this is not a ‘fix-it’ Program and you will not be doing ‘story’.  This is about writing new stories and having marvelous adventures in Consciousness!  All Journeys are unique and sacred, but you will be working very closely with Fatima and the Higher Intelligences to cover as much of the above as quickly and practically as possible.  Your progress will be entirely dependent upon the focus and attention you place on it as a Co-creation with Source, and as an expression of your Unique Blueprint.

B. All images have been lifted off the web and the Artists are unknown to Keys of Shambhalla.  If you are the Artist, please let us know immediately, and we apologise in advance for any unintended breach of copyright of your fine work.  Thank you.

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