Life-Defining Times + My Juicy, NEW Offerings Going Forward

Over 20 years ago, the marvelous American author and visionary, Amorah Quan Yin, gave a talk at the Sydney Esoteric Bookshop.  At the end, I bought one of her books and approached her to sign it.  She looked at me, paused a few moments, then wrote:

                   “Fatima, the Earth needs your Sacred Sexuality”.

Back then, I had no idea what Amorah meant, but I’ve never forgotten it.

Since that time, I’ve had the honour to consult to thousands from all walks of life and from all over the world in numerous formats on the paradigm-shifts that were coming (now well and truly here), and on how to masterfully and compassionately address the most crippling problems and powerfully transform life’s key areas.

Subject matter and methodologies involved, for instance, the Global Shift in Consciousness, 2012, Heart Coherence, Mindfulness, Living the Light, Creating Reality, Ascension, Freedom from the Money-Masters, Earthchanges, Solar Flares, the Fifth Dimension, DNA Activation, Diamond Consciousness, the Law of Attraction, Astrology, Chakras, the Tarot, the Mayan Calendar, Quantum Physics, Holographic Repatterning, the Holy Grail, the Sacred Fire, Timeline Jumping, the Black Madonna, Presence, the New Earth and more.

And now, the subject matter of the Sacred Feminine, and most particularly Sexual Energy, is back to being front and center in my focus. The time has (finally) come for me to fully dedicate myself to sharing the Teachings, as well as why it’s critical for us now.

Our Evolutionary Crossroads

The Astrology tells us that we are at a significant crossroads and life-defining moment right now.  The overarching theme is the Return and Rise of the Sacred Feminine (and Masculine), and by extension, the departure from, and final collapse over these next years of, patriarchy and all its toxic structures of control, destruction, continual warring and the like.

The Sacred Feminine half of all us that has been repressed for 5,000 years is healing, returning, emerging, re-embodying, waking up and becoming active…and will change EVERYTHING.

(For a review of theses significant themes, see January’s blog, “The Radical Rise of the Great Feminine in 2018″ HERE).

Many of us are realizing that operating and even meditating in the ‘old (masculine-based) way’ as we once did, is just not working anymore.  That’s because the answers are within the healing and galvanization of our Sexual Energy (also known as Kundalini Energy, Sacred Fire Energy), our neurology, our DNA, our Heart Energy, our chakras, etc.  In short, in our Feminine-ruled bodies. The last place we’ve been taught to look.

(Global physicists, personal and spiritual leaders, scientists and more the world over all attest to this radical, limitless Power Within.)

All this corresponds to the ‘lost and repressed’ domain of the Feminine.

The thing is…

We are at an evolutionary point when it has become very clear that we cannot evolve any further WITHOUT HEALING OUR BODIES, AND MOST PARTICULARLY, OUR SEXUAL ENERGY of all core wounding, body-shame and repression, because we require this highly potent, powerful energy AND our bodies in order to make the transition to new ways of being in all our Power, Realization, Creative Agency and Abundance.

Our very bodies are the Vehicles/ Vessels of our own Empowerment and Manifestation Capability.

On a personal level, I’ve continued to hear the message,

               ‘Go deeper, and deeper still’

…and for me, this has required that I go deeper into my body, and VERY DEEP in order to listen, feel for, retrieve and reclaim ‘new’ information and understandings beyond the mind, beyond scholarship, beyond the known parameters of ‘tuning-in’….and from within any core sexual wounding and body-shame.

This speaks to the Ancient Wisdom and Intelligence, housed in the body and longing for release, expression and to be creatively shared, and we ALL have it, but….patriarchy has done enormous damage to our abilities to access it and the results have been humanity living in lack, survival, insecurity, and under warring, controlling, fear-based, authoritative systems.

It’s the Feminine Wisdom that is within the bodies of BOTH women and men.

Humanity is longing to reach the Womb Grail Castle, to break the devastating spell of separation, which has kept them apart for so long ~ A & S Bertrand


My Juicy, NEW Offerings Going Forward

And so, offerings going forward will be centred upon facilitating women and men to heal and liberate their sexual energy and heal their body shame for their conscious empowerment.  It will involve transformational classes and mentoring, sacred dance workshops, and spiritual travel so that both women and men can come to meet life and all their relationships in fulfilment, creativity and joy for their total Shift in Consciousness and for the co-creation of a brand new paradigm entirely.

These are:

  • “Dancing the Feminine Mysteries:  a Weekend Immersion”  Melbourne & Sunshine Coast, Australia, in July / August.  We will be working with chakras, sacred circle, sexuality and sacred dance to honour and liberate stuck energy for increased Joy and Freedom of Being.   Dates and Venues TBA.
  • Online “Women’s Mysteries Mentoring Program”: 7 weeks, beginning in July.  Diving into our Sexual Energy and bodies;  our deepest desires and wounding;  dance therapy, breathwork, channelled information, visualizations, archetypal Goddess energies.  A Daily Practice, plus weekly ‘Soul-Homework’.  Dates and Times TBA.
  • Online “Monthly Full Moon Temple”:  beginning in July.  Updates on each month’s Astro signature, and to celebrate and heal in meditation and visualization.  Date and Time TBA
  • The Sacred Fire Experience in Marbella, Spain:  26th Oct – 3 Nov. All details HERE
  • The Holy Grail in Spain ~ embodying the Sacred Fire II:  North-eastern Spain.  Date TBA
  • The Sacred Fire Experience in Croatia – Date and Venue TBA, but anticipating April 2019
  • Launch of the Black Diamond Rose Mystery School & Ceremonial Order:  for the deepest diving into Sacred Sexuality Mysteries for Transcendence and Embodiment.  Details TBA

As always, the themes and methods as written in the paragraphs above will be woven in as intuited and required, like so many puzzle pieces that have been re-purposed and ‘suddenly’ now fit anew.

My Overall Vision going forward is to facilitate as many women and men as possible into even greater levels of conscious empowerment and embodiment so they can step forward as powerful movers-and-shakers in their lives, bringing healing to the planet and changing the course of history from destruction to creativity, peace and prosperity for all humanity.

And, lastly…

REMINDER:  Diamond Consciousness Readings Specials to end of May

The Consultations provide exceptional diagnosis regarding distortion patterns, and who you are and where you are currently headed under these influences.

They provide clarity regarding Relationships, Finances, Health, Career and Soul-Purpose so that you can work WITH the continuing stream of powerful Energies.

They bridge our journeys into transformational awakening, clarity, resourcefulness, liberation, inner knowing, sovereignty, empowerment…pointing the way out of deep traumas, addictions, old beliefs and ties to the toxic ways that are collapsing all around us right now.

Crucially, they are specifically solutions-oriented in this time of dramatic upheaval as we learn to play with the boundless possibility and cross-pollinating potential of the Quantum Field

60-min Recorded Session:  Normally, AUD $235 ~ only $175
90-min Recorded Session:  Normally, AUD $350 ~ only $275
Currency Converter HERE


I look forward to the journey with you of personal and collective creative unfolding, prosperity and Joy…dancing within fields of infinite potential.

In Love,
Fatima x

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