Letter from Girona: Journey to the SACRED PLACES Within

As part of this 2 weeks here in Girona, I am again in deep development, not only to cross all the t’s and dot all the i’s of the accommodation, restaurants, tours, transport for April….but to live the shamanic elements of the Black Madonna / Dark Feminine, Holy Grail and the Sacred Fire .and let these move me energetically to shift, shift, shift what has been outgrown and to live all the more fully.

Hours before I left for Spain, I wrote you,

…a pilgrimage is something that takes people out of their ordinary life and cares – removes the known scaffolding of their life – and that sends them on a walking meditation into the unknown with a singular purpose:  deepening their connection to their spirit by arriving in many sacred places.” 

I must admit, there have been many moments in the last 10 days here in Spain when I’ve felt gripped by a ‘what the hell am I doing here’ sort of feeling.  Almost a ‘dread’ if you will, particularly because at this point I am traveling alone.

However, the thing is:  I am traveling alone deliberately so.  I am consciously choosing to remove the scaffolding of my life, old ideas, timelines and emotions…in order to transform and to thus experience myself and my life in a totally fresh way.

To that end, I watched “El Camino” with Martin Sheen online the other night.  I’ve been re-visiting Patrice Chaplin’s writings regarding her pioneering spiritual adventures right here in Girona.  These are about embarking on personal journeys of transformation, just as I have done, and as Participants in April will do during the Tour.

And yet, whilst I am drawing from the experiences of other ‘pilgrims’ and pioneers from both recent times and ages long past, I am not looking to walk in others’ footsteps in this sacred landscape for the meanings they personally derived:  I am drawing on the energy and wisdom of such footsteps in order to more consciously walk my own ‘Camino / Way’ in a much more authentic, real, passionate way.

Such journeying brings one face to face with the deeper aspects of what makes one tick and why one sees the world in the way that they do.

Such journeying takes you outside your own known, comfortable perimeters and re-positions you in relationship to yourself and to Life Itself.

It’s a deliberate choice to move, move, move to deepen personal connection on the rawest of terms vis-à-vis the elements in one’s surroundings where the routine givens of ‘everyday life’ have been removed.  It’s a deliberate choice to be challenged to see, feel, and hear differently.

In moving through Barcelona last week and now Girona, the hopping on and off new subway and train systems, endless winding along mysterious stone alleyways in Gothic and Jewish Quarters of old, staying in assorted BnBs, eating exotic foods and conversing as best as I can in Spanish (my Mother’s native tongue)….I was inviting myself to see and experience what I have previously NOT seen and experienced.  Not just ancient cities and all that they hold, but also internally.

On a Soul-Level for us all, the unknown (and the taboo) is deliberately sought out to break though the stagnation, confusion and exhaustion that invariably come when we’ve been too busy being ‘good’, liked and approved of, ‘spiritual’, ‘right’, ‘successful’, ‘safe’ or just simply….stuck in a rut and wondering how it happened and what it’s all about.

The various elements I’ve shared with you these last months of Spiritual Travel, the Dark Feminine / Black Madonna, Holy Grail, Sacred Fire are all magically intertwined in my now.  And, of course, I must live them in order to co-create the container of Transformation for April.

In the state of Catalonia (where I’ve been living for the last 10 days), the Black Madonna is known as ‘La Moreneta’ and she is revered as its patron saint.  Her place of veneration is Montserrat, the 2nd stop on April’s mystical journey of transformation.

When this particular life-change was intuitively rocketing into my life during July – October last year, I had no idea it would herald living in Spain and be inextricably tied in with the themes I was to write you about in January:

When the Black Madonna/Dark Feminine archetype arises in your life, what comes next is a fierce re-organization into a truer form of who you are so that you can live your full potential, happiness and further realize your gifts.

The thing is:  when this no-nonsense force arises from within, you can be sure you will actually have been asking for change for quite some time.  You will have been asking for greater authenticity, joy, fun, happiness, truth, creativity, money, intimacy.  Adventure.  You will have been longing to be involved in work or relationships that validate you, and are true for you. That recognize and celebrate your talents and gifts. You will have been asking for a shift in your relationship.

The Dark Feminine / Black Madonna shows us what and where we’ve driven down who we really are, how we really feel behind the fake smiles we give when we’re trying to ‘be good’ and gain some approval or power or peace.  Or when we’re putting up with situations and people that grieve us, the making OK that which is not OK.  She holds the sanctity of our true selves and where the truth lies.  Truths that can set us free creatively and purposefully, but that we may be too scared to admit to ourselves and to embrace.

She is black because She has herself been through the fires of transformation.  The Black Madonna comes to establish a new order.  A new way of being. 

Sometimes this ‘fierce reorganization’ can be through an unwanted experience or setback that forces a re-think and a life-change.  Something that has the result of changing you forever.  They are considered ‘Persephone Experiences’ psychologically and mythologically where we go from one way of being in life….immature, unformed and unaware….to one that is more conscious, awake, aware, empowered and far more connected to our creativity.

We step into the Holy Grail of ourselves….another powerful motif of our Tour.

The Holy Grail is many things to many different people worldwide.  Its heritage is rich. For myself, I accept them all as invevitably leading to the Union with one’s True Self.  Whole, embodied, real.

The YOU that is perhaps lost in the milieu and minutiae of life, driven down by others’ ideas of what’s right, driven down by depression, overwork, confusion, others’ expectations.  Driven down by a global patriarchy that has suppressed our connections to our bodies, emotions, creativity and to the Source of all things.

The ages-old Grail Quest is the Quest for the Self.  One’s True Self, one’s Sacred Fire….and the alignment with that Self and that Fire. It’s the archetypal Quest that retrieves what has been lost.

The Sacred Fire is the Life Force itself.  Called Kundalini in countless traditions, or Holy Spirit, for example, it’s what’s alive in each of us and that connects us to Living Intelligence and Unconditional Love, but that can also be put out and driven down by the false.  It moves through our bodies, nervous systems, chakras and corresponds to eternal transformation, rebirth and passion.  The Fire of Being.  The Fire of Life.

It is my Heart’s Desire to willingly undergo my transformations, again and again.  My own setbacks and triumphs again and again.  As consciously as I can.  To live more fully.  To see.  To know.  To be challenged.  To dare to look and find the Treasure Within.

During the “Holy Grail in Spain Tour” in April, this is what will be profoundly facilitated so that Participants can experience a new, fuller way of living and being.  Perhaps to retrieve the ‘something that is missing’, and become whole.

In April, we will be welcoming initiation, activation and inspiration by stepping into the alchemical mysticism and magic of ancient Spain.

For those at the sometimes-uncomfortable crossroads of great change in their lives, I invite you to consider undertaking April’s “Holy Grail in Spain Tour ~ embodying the Sacred Fire”. 

15 Days of Alchemical Power, Passion and Purpose in Spain
With Fatima Bacot
15 April – 30 April 2018
Barcelona ~ Montserrat ~ Solsona ~ Zaragoza ~ Huesca ~ Girona

I invite you to COME ALIVE in 2018.

In Love,
Fatima x

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