Launching Spiritual Journeys with the Dark Feminine

This message follows on from the themes shared then in that one of the other offerings that I received in meditation last year (and that I didn’t mention) was to launch spiritual travel journeys under the name of “Dark Feminine Tours”.

As you may recall from Tuesday’s post regarding the powerful Dark Feminine / Black Madonna archetype:

“In times of shift from one age to another, the Dark Feminine / Black Madonna archetype becomes important. She always surfaces in times of transition to restore us, truth and our lives. To re-invent us and take us into the passionate mystery of ourselves.

“The Black Madonna comes to establish a new order. A new way of being. She plugs us into the living, interconnected system that is the Universal Soul (Quantum Field), with everything conscious, alive and dancing.”

LAUNCHED!  Dark Feminine Tours

The purpose of Dark Feminine Tours is to transform men and women who are powerfully desiring to experience and establish a new way of living and being.  Participants are in major transition, feeling stuck, uninspired, exhausted.  They feel like ‘something is missing’, or they are looking to take their lives into deeper meaning, joy and abundance with a more authentic, much freer self.

Dark Feminine Tours initiate, activate, shake and inspire participants into a flourishing personal life as part of a thriving planetary culture made up of switched-on, consciously empowered men and women.

Stepping into the alchemical mysticism and magic of ancient lands and cultures assists to conclusively release toxic ties to the past, self-sabotage, confusion and karma.

Ultimately, in the alchemical fulcrum of our zeitgeist called the Global Shift in Consciousness, participants are catalyzed to reclaim dormant gifts, talents and perceptions that have lain buried under imposed cultural conditioning….perhaps for decades and lifetimes.

For those at the sometimes-uncomfortable crossroads of great change in their lives, I invite you to consider undertaking a Dark Feminine Tour to set your energy ‘right’ in 2018.

The Mystical and Historical Significance of April 2018’s  “Holy Grail in Spain ~ embodying the Sacred Fire” Tour

The inspiration arose as an intuition in deep meditation last August:  “The Holy Grail in Spain ~ embodying the Sacred Fire”, I heard.  It coincided with the no-nonsense messages I’d been receiving since July to jettison what had been my long-existing career (as mentioned in last week’s Blog) and put together transformational experiences for those desiring major changes in their lives.

Although I was still moving through the shock of having to jettison what had gone before, I was also excited to embark upon this “Holy Grail adventure” in the surreal, mystical, ancient landscape of my ancestors.

Knowing very well the French association with the Holy Grail, I spent 2 weeks voraciously researching day and night the links to the Spanish association to the Holy Grail.  I discovered that the Cup believed to have been used by Jesus Christ at the Last Supper had been brought to Rome by St Peter. There it stayed for two centuries until Pope Sixtus II and four of his deacons were killed as part of the “Valerian Persecution” (set into motion by Roman Emperor Valerian in the year 258) and sacred Church treasures were confiscated.  However, the Grail Cup was taken into safety near Huesca, Spain, to keep it out of Emperor Valerian’s grasp.

Seen as the symbol of humanity’s search for God, over the centuries the Holy Grail (Santo Chaliz) moved throughout Spain to ensure its safety from invaders, including to the monastery of San Juan de la Peña and later to Zaragoza, amongst many other places. It was venerated and protected by Holy Oath by Spanish Knights Templars.

By some accounts also, it is this Holy Grail from which sprang forth the legends of the Quest for the Holy Grail that were immortalized by the 13thC German knight and poet Wolfram von Eschenbach and also by Chrétien de Troyes, a late 12thC French poet and troubadour. The inspiration for the Grail Castle is said to derive from perhaps the monastery of San Juan de la Peña or that of Montserrat.

Huesca, San Juan de la Peña, Zaragoza and Montserrat are just some of the key places of great geomagnetic, telluric and mystical power that Tour Participants will visit in April during the Tour.

Going deeper still, the Holy Grail has also been powerfully associated with the Feminine (specifically, both Mary Magdalene and the Virgin Mary), with the Quest relating to recovering the Sacred Feminine that was ‘lost’ and cruelly driven under by patriarchal religion.  It is this Sacred Feminine that, in being repressed, became the celebrated Black Madonna / Dark Feminine of both myth and legend.

As such the 6 key places Tour participants will be traveling to are deep deeply affiliated with the Dark Feminine, the Black Madonna, Marian apparitions, the Holy Grail and the Knights Templar, with aspects of these traditions also arising out of the ancient association with the Isis Cult that flourished throughout certain regions of Spain during the time of the Roman Empire.

In this sense, participants will be undertaking their own transformational, ‘Holy Grail Quest’, with the Sacred Fire embodied as one’s resurrected Life Force as they walk in the shoes of the thousands that have walked these very same paths before.

There remain places yet to join other likeminded participants.  For all information and to join the Tour, please CLICK HERE.

Departing for Spain 23 February

I leave for Spain for 3 months on 23 February, as guided last December.  All I know at present is to ‘book 5 nights in Barcelona’.  The rest of my time there, barring the “Holy Grail in Spain ~ embodying the Sacred Fire” Tour from 15-30 April (CLICK HERE), is an unknown to me.  I will be entirely guided in my personal travels by the energies of the Dark Feminine / Black Madonna archetype
I sense I will be travelling to each of the Tour’s 6 cities (Barcelona, Montserrat, Solsona, Zaragoza, Huesca and Girona) in order to map out our space.  And yet, not only is going ahead like this to allow the Dark Feminine to reveal to me the Deeper Mystery of our undertaking together, but also to prepare my own energy fields as your Guide so that I can all the more channel through the catalysing energies for all Tour Participants at this most critical time in the Global Shift in Consciousness.

In closing, it is becoming increasingly clear that this year is going to be a year like no other in that the Feminine polarity, long repressed under the social system called patriarchy, is going to all the more conclusively bring through the changes needed as part of a much more conscious power-sharing with the Masculine polarity (that has also suffered under patriarchy) for a New Evolutionary Trajectory entirely.

It is most necessary that we abandon our old stories and reclaim our energy and passion.

Spirituality is no longer about being ‘out there’,  ‘Ascension’ or so detached as to be ‘dead on arrival’ in one’s life:  it’s about BEING HERE….fully embodied and engaged, singing out the song of your Truth.

I sincerely hope you will join me in Spain in April for the “Holy Grail in Spain ~ embodying the Sacred Fire” Tour.

In Love,

Fatima x

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