Joy of Living 8-Session Training Program

The Joy of Living

~ an 8-Session Training Program ~

How Would Access to Greater Joy & Prosperity Totally Change your Life?

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“I am in my final week of being mentored by Fatima.  It has been nothing short of miraculous! I no longer run from myself. I accept all of me! I have much more energy because I am not wasting it running and hiding from my inner critic.   About a month ago, when Fatima’s Process ‘kicked in’, I felt free from beating myself up. I actually started operating from a foundation of Joy.  Being me is now a joyful thing and a powerful thing.” Tom S, USA

.Consider These Critical Questions

  • Are you ready for a completely re-written future?
  • Are you happy and in charge of your Life and Energies in the midst of such unprecedented change… or do overwhelm, fear and confidence issues sabotage you?
  • Do you feel ‘connected’ to the Power Within and to the Field… or are you lost, floundering and disempowered in these wild seas of change?
  • Are you feeling Free….or stuck, broke, trapped, confused, in despair?
  • Are your relationships flourishing….or are you feeling alone, unsupported, unloved?
  • Are your Mind-Body-Emotions-Spirit in balance…or do you feel anxious, confused, out of control?
  • Are you simply in need of Mentor who can teach you to live from Joy and where life is increasingly about Play, Prosperity, Freedom, Creativity and Synchronicity?

If you are feeling overwhelm, it’s OK, and….you are not alone. There is great overwhelm, confusion and stress because change is so fast-paced.  Anxiety, depression, fear, burnout, panic attacks are all too common as we shift out of the older system into a New One…and take Freedom, Abundance, Living, Creativity, Possibility and Potential to new levels entirely.

The thing is, these times are necessarily also about the massive learning curve involved in learning how to live, create and thrive in our very fast-moving, disruptive circumstances. 

In this regard, we are urged to let go of limiting ways of seeing and conducting ourselves so we can more joyfully navigate these life-altering frontiers of change.

Anchoring into a new vision for yourself and empowering yourself with new Perspectives and Strategies will powerfully enable you to work with (rather than, against) the Evolutionary Trajectory, as well as ignite and sharpen your Manifestation Abilities on our incredible global road of Transformation, Empowerment, Sovereignty, Free Will and Freedom.

How Would Access to Greater Joy & Prosperity Totally Change your Life?

We are living through a time of turbulent, unprecedented change. 

Consider for a moment how your life has changed just even as a result of digital technology in the last few years.  Nothing is the same, and nothing will be the same going forward.

As we continue to move through 2019, we can see that within all areas of our lives, we are in the midst of transformation with a capital ‘T’.

Specifically, we are transitioning out of an older system where power and influence were centralized in the hands of ‘all-powerful’ authority figures within governments, religion, Big Banking, Big Oil, Big Pharma, the corporations and more.

This older system is/was characterized by ‘lack-consciousness’, control and lack of freedom for the many at the hands of the few. 

The new one coming forward speaks to prosperity, personal empowerment, freedom, integrity.  It’s about independence, unity, sovereignty, collaboration and living more consciously and in abundance, and where Earth is seen as a living, deeply interconnected system, rather than a planet to be endlessly plundered.

It’s an acceleration and flowering of both consciousness and human beings, changing everything about how we ‘do and be’ Life. 

It’s a new Evolutionary Trajectory, and YOU have a front-row seat

Step into the Joy of Living in the 8-Session Training

Old beliefs and ways of being that are incompatible with embracing the already-here New can only generate disturbance. These are beliefs you will most certainly have inherited or picked up from your environment and that cannot support your going forward in the midst of the breakdowns (and breakthroughs) taking place.

In order to experience the Joy of Living in these unprecedented times, you need to understand:

  • the Dynamic Laws of Prosperity & WHAT’S NOW AVAILABLE TO YOU
  • how to work with (rather than against) these ultra-powerful, disruptive energies and influences
  • how to influence the Quantum Field’s responsive, intelligent fields for your Wellbeing
  • how the old energies and systems HOLD YOU BACK
  • the Technology of your Imagination, Thoughts, Emotions and Feelings and how to master these for Aligned Action so you don’t create ‘the old stuff’ over and over again
  • the power of high-frequency states such as Joy, Appreciation, Joy, Enthusiasm, Positive Expectation and Love
  • Heart Harmonics and the power of your Heart for Wellbeing and Manifestation 
  • the importance of partnering with others who are modelling that which you want to now experience (not those in your current comfort zone)
  • massive action in service of your Goals and Purpose

In deepening your understanding and mastery of the above, you can ride these waves of change in ways that bring into your life the people, places, resources, finances, circumstances, ideas and opportunities that correspond to Wellbeing in all areas of your Life.

Prosperity Consciousness as a Key to Your Unique Joy of Living

More than just about ‘Money’ (and as critically important as Money is to us all as a means of exchange, freedom and security), Prosperity Consciousness is a way of meeting life from a place of sovereignty, unity, expansion, growth, trust, connection and aligned action.

It relates to powerful feelings of confidence, esteem, appreciation, worthiness, and the ability receive..

Cultivating these states enable us to magnetically draw abundance into all areas of our lives.  They result in JOY, and in good fortune, stability, support, resources, health, options, relationships and taking up opportunities.

Prosperity profoundly symbolizes the personal relationship we have with the Energy of Creation, the magnetic Quantum Field, the understanding that Everything is Frequency / Vibration…and with qualities of receptivity and allowing.  It reflects the knowing, and trusting in, of our intrinsic worth and value, and of thriving.

When we are disconnected, we are unable to act.  We are paralyzed.  We close ourselves off from support, money, joy, ideas, resources, relationships, health, inspiration, fun, motivation, action. We are fearful, controlling, broke, sick, alone, grasping, worrying, dysfunctional.  We betray ourselves and we end up bankrupt in numerous areas of our lives. We find ourselves chasing after the elusive ‘more’ to fill the emptiness, or we continually try to ‘fix what’s wrong’.

Consider instead feeling fulfilled, creating and contributing from an authentic, true, expanded You in ways that feel purposeful, fun and joyful.

The 8-Session ‘Joy of Living’ One-on-One Program

Over 8 Sessions with Fatima (during days and times mutually convenient) you will be deep in self-reprogramming and self-rescripting in order to bypass ‘your old self’ and anchor ‘your New Self’. 

From Session to Session, new ‘scripts’ will come your way for you to activate and develop for your New Life, each one building upon the next, as part of your New Core Foundation.

How this Looks is as Follows

1. Session One x 1hr: to determine your current Path, blockages, any relevant life experiences and your Highest Path Potential. Working in depth to determine blockages, imbalances, goals, time available, current practice (if you have one), the program materials – and to officially start the Program, laying out the initial Daily Practice and methodologies.

2. Session Two – Session Eight x 1hr:  covering Fatima’s empowering personal recommendations for next steps, resources, tools, strategies and related healing modalities, as uniquely required by you for your chosen outcomes and Goals, and to inspire, activate, facilitate and ‘break you through’ to the next level in your Evolutionary Journey.

3.  Sessions are generally run Weekly or Fortnightly, depending upon how you are feeling….at times mutually convenient.

4.   All Sessions and Fatima’s personal recommendations are recorded and emailed to you within 24hours, after Fatima has devised your next set of unique practice components.

5.  Ongoing recommended components for a suggested Daily Practice

6.  Ongoing recommended reading and video material

7.  Recommended Self-Review (to be emailed to Fatima 24hrs before the Session) 


A Choice of Daily Practice Strategies

  • Mindfulness / Breathwork
  • Guided Visualization mp3s on Sabotage Release;  DNA Activation;  Relationships;  Health;  Wealth; Love, Gratitude & Ecstatic States
  • Exercise / Body Movement
  • The Technologies of Imagination, Thought, Emotion, Feeling
  • Conscious Creation Statements to Program Prosperity (changed by from Session to Session, based on what the Session has revealed)
  • Heart Harmonics Process
  • Re-scripting & Living from the Outcome / Embedding New Outcomes in your Timeline (NLP)
  • Massive Action

PLUS: 100+ Video Resources of the world’s greatest Teachers and Scientists, covering the Power that is within YOU right now, and the Limitless Quantum Field of Living Intelligence.

In this Way You:

  • learn how to re-script your Life for the better in Relationships, Finances, Purpose, Career, Health, Spirituality
  • bypass any existing patterns of lack, sabotage, limitation, trauma, separation, fear
  • clear karma, past lives, blockages and imprints
  • clear distortions in your chakras, mental-emotional-physical-spiritual bodies, and aura
  • re-connect to the Power Within
  • learn the Art of Manifestation
  • partner and co-create with the Quantum Field
  • know yourself as a Limitless Co-Creator of Reality
  • stay grounded in your body and accelerate into the New
  • successfully navigate our fast-changing times
  • deepen your connection to your own Truth
  • understand the unerring Law of Attraction in depth
  • understand that your reality is the exact mirror of the thoughts and emotions that you focus on most often
  • move confidently in the direction of your dreams and goals in Spirituality, Health, Wealth, Finances, Career and/or Relationships

Sessions are conducted online.  Fatima will send you a Zoom link and assist you with this if it’s new to you.

Ultimately during this Program, you and Fatima will be moving as quickly as possible to anchor you into Complete Creative Control and Allowing in all arenas of your life. You will be tracking your thoughts, emotions and manifestations/results, powerfully and scientifically as part of your Training and seeing yourself as the Master of your own Life.

The ‘goal’ that leads to all goals is for you to be in Alignment, to take Aligned Action, and learning to Create your Life Joyously and Abundantly.

What is the Tuition Fee for this Program?

The Tuition for 8 Private Sessions with Fatima and all resources and materials is:

AUD $2795 (approx USD $2050 at time of writing) if paid in full upfront. Please CLICK HERE for currency conversion for your location.

Price: $2,795.00



AUD $2,995 (approx USD $2150 at time of writing) if paid in installments (as privately arranged with Fatima to suit your circumstances uniquely). Please CLICK HERE for currency conversion for your location, and email to develop your Installments Plan

  • Payment Methods: payments accepted via Paypal or Credit Card, and for Australian participants via Direct Debit as well.
  • Non-Refundable Deposit required immediately upon acceptance as a Student if paying in installments: $500 
    Price: $500.00


  • powerfully accelerate your Growth and Mastery
  • make a huge leap in Empowerment and Awareness
  • know the secret of how Affirmative Thought, Feeling and Action bypass baggage and reprogram you into your Power and Co-Creativity
  • learn the art of taking Aligned, Leveraged Action to manifest your Goals and live all that is possible right now….emotionally, financially, mentally, in your relationships and in your health
  • discover Prosperity Consciousness
  • experience flourishing relationships and balance your work and family life
  • learn the Art of Manifestation
  • understand what’s going on in the Big Picture
  • fully live the Joy of Living!!


About Fatima Bacot

As anyone who has worked with her is aware, Fatima always has her finger on the pulse of what’s going on globally, she knows what’s going on for people at the deepest levels, she knows the latest research and trends….and she has the solutions that are unique to each individual.

Fatima offers the opportunity to work with her exclusively, One-on-One, over 8 Life-Changing Sessions (taken weekly or fortnightly, depending upon what YOU need).

NOTHING will be off limits. EVERYTHING will be allowed to be workshopped, processed, intuited into, reframed, reconfigured, upgraded, envisioned so that YOU can come into Full Alignment with your Power, Purpose, Abilities, Action-Steps and Goals…….and learn the Secrets to manifesting that which you know is true for you.


By registering for the Joy of Living Program, you are choosing to make a profound commitment to change at the deepest levels.

Oftentimes, transformation begins the moment you choose to register. As with any significant process, you may experience some trepidation and fear as the possibility of a changed future emerges. You may feel doubt. This is perfectly normal.

As a result, and in order to support you in your intention to transform, we offer no refunds after you’ve registered, excepting the following exception.


There will be no refunds prior to the start of the Program. However, if you fully participate and practice your learnings for another 30 days after the Program has ended and you still don’t feel that you’ve received any value, we will gladly give you a full refund. To apply for a refund, submit a “Request for Refund” email to, and attach your written reflections to demonstrate that you have fully engaged the process for the first month after the Program. The refund window will close thirty days after the finish of the course, and refund requests must be submitted by that date. Thank you.

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