Inspired by Your Despair and Anger

The human species itself is quite literally undergoing an enormous evolutionary rewriting and discarding of the repressive stories we have believed and lived for so long, based on the oppressor and oppressed, worthy and unworthy, acceptable and unacceptable, victim and victimizer, leader and led archetypes. 

The rewriting is a biomutational process, taking place both internally and externally, deep within individuals and outpictured locally and globally in all the structures of our lives. 

We are stepping through an evolutionary window, waking up to bigger and bigger ‘Big Pictures’, levels of intrinsic, deep connectedness and potentials of personal capability, resulting in whole new fields and possibilities of expression, beingness, identity, talent, responsibility, goals, worldviews and infrastructure.

In this mix, amongst many of us, are the common denominators of what it is we are focused on co-creating as we surge forward to transform, revolution and supersede destructive, selfish and ignoble agendas. The hate speech. The culture of nastiness.

Such common denominators are cultivated and celebrated care, empathy, kindness and dignity. In this way we can feel invalidation…and capably address it.  We can feel an inner gps, and be guided accordingly, mindfully, impeccably.

We can bring fresh, highly conscious perspectives that recognize that the Earth and its inhabitants are not commodities to be trashed or sold cheaply to the highest bidders, but are in fact rare, valuable, worthy, sacred, unique. That everything is part of a multidimensional ecosystem, where all players and parts are integral to the full-functioning and wellbeing of the whole.

Yes, many of us are writing new, empowered stories for the collective in the 21st century. 

And yes, we see ourselves as caretakers not only of the present generation, endeavouring to restore what’s been lost, but we see ourselves as caretakers of future generations, too.


The increasingly awake and mobilized collective is losing patience with the old and becoming all the more strident in its desire to established greater wellbeing through conscious and revered partnerships within a living, conscious, intelligent system. 

The thing is….

We don’t live in a democracy.  And before you gasp at this blasphemy, ask yourself: 

  • Do governments better serve corporations or living beings?
  • Does the judicial system hold CEOs accountable for their destructive acts?
  • Does life on earth have as much standing in a court as does a corporation?
  • We all know the answers to these questions. (Derrick Jensen)

Polarized clashes are inevitable:  stay out of ‘us-vs-them’ futility and all forms of enemy-consciousness.

Rather, be inspired by your despair and anger.  Then, knowing you’re the one you’re waiting for, set your sights on the very best, imagine, collaborate, create, be practical, manifest, follow-through. 

Over and over and over, be the change.  Show how it’s done.

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