How Am I Using my Power Today?

This is a time long foreseen and anticipated by seers, indigenous peoples, visionaries and mystics as the renewal and regeneration of humanity and the Earth.

It is a time when leading-edge scientists are shattering long-held theories of a mechanistic universe, where the mind may perhaps have soul-like qualities, but the body, nature and the universe have only the qualities of a ‘machine’, with this ‘machine’ able to be reduced to parts and laws, all completely known and demystified, and open to being conquered and controlled.

Leading-edge science says otherwise, just as the mystics have always said:

“There are no clear answers yet, but I believe that the clue lies in the notion that beneath the physical levels of human existence – our bodies and the quantum realm of molecules, atoms, quarks and leptons – is a unified field of pure, abstract, universal Consciousness.” (Dean Radin, Chief Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences)

We are in a moment, now, at the culmination of billions of years of evolution, to be fully awake and cognizant of what is ultimately the shift from the egocentric and mechanistic to the multidimensional soul-centric within a Unified Field of subatomic particles. 

Such particles are non-local.  That is, they have no fixed position in either time or space, are everywhere all at once and pop in and out of the universe thousands of times per second. 

And they are responsive to intention, thought, emotion, feeling, frequency and vibration.

Which is to say, you have a co-creative bearing upon how you experience reality and agency upon what shows up in your reality. 

And it’s also to say, you are freer than previously believed and not at the mercy of a fixed, mechanistic universe, ideology or sense of purpose.


We are in the midst, as witnesses and participants, of a grand revealing that is facilitating personal and planetary transformation, along with the opportunity for mature stewardship.

Now, more than ever, we are awakening to the power within and our inherent connectedness to all, right from the subatomic level.

Now, more than ever, we see both wise and unwise use of power.  Through our experiences, we are coming into wiser and wiser uses of that power within.

And so we break the trance of automatic pilot and reflect, “How am I using my power today?”

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