Holy Grail in Spain Journey II ~ embodying the Sacred Fire

Holy Grail in Spain II - embodying the Sacred Fire

a deeply-experiential, sense-electrifying Journey through Barcelona, Montserrat, Solsona, Zaragoza, Huesca and Girona
~ APRIL 2020 ~

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12 – 27 April 2020

10 Participants ~ 15 Nights

Your Guide:  Fatima Bacot


Are you at a time in your life where you want to experience a new way of living and being?  One that reflects your authentic self?  Are you in a major transition?  Maybe even ‘stuck’?  Are you looking for deeper meaning?  Are you at a point in your life where you would like to welcome greater Power, Passion and Purpose?  Do you need a transformational adventure to shake you into reinvigorated Joy and Empowerment?

If you are ready to free yourself from old patterns that keep you small and limited, and become your Truest and most Powerful Self, then Fatima Bacot, Catalyst, Illuminator and Strategist, invites you to this Soul-Awakening, Life-Changing Journey.

This deeply-experiential, sense-electrifying Journey is for you if you feel the call to dive into profound Alchemical Transformation in an exquisite, powerful, sacred and very surreal landscape.  It’s for you if you know you have a bigger Purpose within and a calling to embody and share Who you Really Are. 


Many legends relate to the Holy Grail.  For some, it is said to represent the cup from which Jesus Christ drank at the Last Supper. For others, it is said to represent the Divine Feminine in the form of the Virgin Mary or of Mary Magdalene.  It is a subject rich, rich in cultural tradition and esoteric myth, with many in different parts of the world claiming it for many different reasons.

During our Journey, we will be combining aspects of these with the esoteric aspects of the Grail as the Sacred Marriage (“heiros gamos”) between the Sacred Feminine and Masculine within…to alchemically ignite and embody the Sacred Fire within, and to revolutionize our lives and give them all the more passion, creativity, meaning and purpose.

Holy Grail Tour Participants ~ Monasterio de Piedra, Nuevalos, April 2018

Our Journey

Starting in Barcelona, we will travel throughout the Pyrenees in the northeast of Spain. It is an area rich in Grail Myths and references to the Black Madonna, herself affiliated with Isis from earlier times, and also affiliated with the Grail, the Virgin Mary, Mary Magdalene and the ‘Sacred Feminine’ of deep mystery, deep wisdom and sacred sexuality/sensuality (long repressed by organized religion).  We will visit areas associated with the Knights Templar and the Grail, and with places that may have served as the inspiration for the tales of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table.

Each day begins with each participant anchoring into their intentions to synchronize to their Highest Good.

Enjoying 4-star accommodation, our journey will take us through medieval cities, Gothic cathedrals, Romanesque churches, mosques, monasteries, landscapes, nature reserves and pagan sites of great mystery throughout the stunning Spanish landscape to steep ourselves in the energies of these powerful places of legend, cultural tradition, myth and centuries-long devotion. 

In unexpected places, and ‘traveling back in time’, you will discover hidden treasures in a country so rich in fiery passion, music, art, mystery, dance, diverse food, literature and deep mysticism.

The 2-Day Immersion

Finally, we will end our tour in Girona, the ‘immortal city’, for a critical 2-day Immersion combining dance, meditation, the Tarot, the Qabbala, Astrology, mandalas and more so that you can fully Embody the Sacred Fire and become the Grail. 

Girona is a place long-considered an interdimensional portal and that, in centuries long past, enjoyed a flourishing culture which embraced Christian, Gnostic, Jewish and Muslim ideals, Troubadours, Basque influences and so much more.  It is a land of many secrets and its multidimensional power flourishes still.

Overall this Tour will take us through important sites of great telluric and geomantic power.  We will take up many threads of consciousness of past, present and future in places where we can ‘walk between the worlds’.  We will allow time at the various points to absorb energy and to be activated by it.  To plant seeds of intent.

In so doing, you yourself can become a Grail chalice through which the Sacred Feminine and Masculine energies of the Source may move through for you to co-create the realities of your dreams. 

Those who join the Tour are ‘called’ and will form a constellation of energies specific for these times.  We will have met before, in other times and places, for the Sacred Teachings and as Mystics of the Sacred and Holy Fire.

Holy Grail Tour April 2018 ~ San Juan de la Peña, Montserrat, Barcelona, Girona

What is possible for YOU by joining the Tour?

  • Stepping into the alchemical magic of an ancient land and exhilarating culture, with its beautiful language, exquisite food, breathtaking sites, passionate people and surreal landscapes
  • Igniting your inner fire and nurturing the conditions for transformation and creativity in yourself, and in all areas of your life…in some of the most impacting locations on the earth
  • Empowerment, healing, renewal, awakening, clarity, enthusiasm, connection
  • Releasing ties to the past, self-sabotage, confusion, karma…bringing Self-realization, Passion, Power and Joy to live more fully as your wisest, most free and loving Multidimensional Self
  • Powerfully participating in the Global Shift in Consciousness and bringing more Light and Love to the planet and humanity
  • Receiving new tools of transformation, and reclaiming dormant gifts, talents, perceptions, abilities and life force energy
  • Taking steps into your future as a much more empowered, on-purpose, Soul-centred individual, with the ability to encounter life more deeply and to share your gifts generously
  • Developing your new plan for the next phase of your life
  • Becoming more open to magic, synchronicity, creativity and intuition whilst in the passionate embrace of a scintillating culture, country and its people.

Holy Grail Tour April 2018 ~ Barcelona, Alquezar, Montserrat

Abbreviated Itinerary Highlights (for full Itinerary, email HERE)

We will stay in 6 key cities and to villages and towns around them in an alchemical journey of ceremony, food, dance, play, healing, initiation, meditation and sheer joy.

April 12 – 14 – Barcelona.  Settling into the hotel, introductions and orientation, plus welcome Dinner and Flamenco Show.  Taking a guided city tour of Barcelona (also visiting Antoni Gaudi’s exquisite Sagrada Familia).  Staying near the world famous La Rambla in the historic Gothic Quarter.  Visiting the Church of Santa Anna, which houses a Black Madonna.  2 nights.

April 14 – 16 – Montserrat, staying near the Benedictine Monastery in beautiful Monistrol.  Traveling up to Montserrat by rack railway to embrace its spectacular views and leylines.  12thC Black Madonna, “La Moreneta”, the ‘Queen’ and Patron Saint of the state of Catalonia, in the Basilica…and revered throughout NE Spain where we are traveling.  A pilgrimage to the Santa Cova (Holy Grotto) and short excursion on the Camino Catalan. Walking to the Cross of St Michael and taking in the spectacular sweep of the Llobregat Valley. 2 nights.

April 16 – 18 – Solsona.  The Cathedral of Santa Maria de Solsona for its stunning Black Madonna. The Mother of God of the Mountain Pass to see three Black Madonnas in the beautiful town of Sant Llorenc de Morunys and the site of a Marian apparition. We stay right in the Solsona’s magnificent, historic medieval centre.  2 nights.

April 18 – 20 – Zaragoza for the Black Madonna in the exquisite Basilica de Nuestra Señora del Pilar, with its Goya paintings and the site of a Marian apparition in 40AD.  A visit to the Monasterio de Piedra (Cistercian Stone Monastery) south of Zaragoza in Nuevalos with its overwhelmingly beautiful park, waterfalls, caves, trails and mountain range. 2 nights.

April 20 – 23 – Huesca where the Grail first came from Rome with St Laurence in the 3rd C.  We visit the Monasterio de San Pedro de Viejo where the Grail was hidden in the 8thC. The spectacular Sierra y Cañones de Guara nature reserve and the Templar city of Alquezar.  We drive north to Santa Cruz de la Seros (associated with the Knights Templar) to view a replica of the Grail within the sublime San Juan de la Peña Monastery.  3 nights.

April 23 – 27 – Girona known for its outstanding pre-Roman and medieval architecture and its powerful leylines.  We visit highlights in the Old Quarter (Barri Vell) and also the site of Torre Magdala (Magdalene Tower) in the Frenchwoman’s Garden where it is believed there was an appearance of our Lady of the Cup (thought to be Mary Magdalene). It is said that the Torre linked to the Magdalene Tower in Rennes-le-Château, France, and creates a magnetic interdimensional portal that connects to Egypt and thus into other legends of the Holy Grail, the descendants of Jesus Christ and Mary Magdalene, the Merovingians and the Templars.

2-Day Immersion:  Then, in deeply mystical Girona, with its powerful past of pagan, Christian, Jewish, Islamic, Basque and Troubadour influences and where so many cults and religions have flourished, we will experience the key 2-day Immersion that will combine dance, meditation, the Tarot, the Qabbala, Astrology, mandalas and more so that you can fully Embody the Sacred Fire and become the Grail.  4 nights.

April 27 – Depart Girona.  (There are buses and trains that go directly to Barcelona Airport in just 90-mins.)

Keep in Mind:  the above, and the schedule of accompanying teachings and processes, is an outline only.  Sometimes sites are unavailable (which cannot be foreseen at the time of planning), or weather, bad roads and other obstacles may arise which mean spontaneous changes must be made to the itinerary as part of our transformational Journey.

Please keep your heart and mind wide open in a spirit of deep magic, adventure, initiation and flexibility with respect to the experiences life will bring us and should change be necessary.  We are looking to co-create sacred space in all locations, and to deepen awareness and empowerment, both personally and as a group. 

Level of Difficulty:  Walking, basic hiking in mostly flat areas. For your overall enjoyment, it is recommended to start a regular walking practice.

Participants of April 2018’s Journey had this to say: 

I can honestly say, although I have been on other tours before, that it has been the most enjoyed, profound, sacred tour experience for me.  Everything was planned to perfection, resulting in an easeful, relaxed, pleasant outlay of sightseeing, visiting some of the most sacred sights around Spain, also allowing for spontaneity in the moment, intuitively feeling the direction of where or what to do next, as well as following the planned itinerary.  Fatima offered us a variety of unbelievable, priceless experiences. Also with her loving, caring, gentle way, catered for all our individual needs – being attentive and totally supportive of our physical and emotional needs as presented.  This has been a tour rich with history, abundant information offered, breathless nature, sceneries, sight seeing spots, indulging in the amazing, unique monasteries, castles, short Caminos etc etc.  Fun, laughter, beautiful meals & beverages shared – lifetime friendships & connections now formed, as we participated in meditations & personal sharing. Wrapping it all up in our immersion days, expressing through dance movement, releasing, recreating within ourselves, making way for the new.  Fatima, I congratulate, applaud you, in orchestrating it all to the finest detail, with such beauty, grace & creativity – allowing, directing this tour in such a perfect way.  This has been much, much more than a tour- but a transformational, beautiful, unforgettable experience in the midst of glorious platforms of the beautiful, full of life & passion, Spain!  You envisioned, this journey/tour-  you planned, you manifested, you offered with heart and soul – and We Received.  A rating of endless stars.”  Silvia, Australia

“Each place we went from our first day at the Sagrada Familia and lunch at Paisano’s being treated as queens, to the magical mountains of Montserrat and our encounter with the La Moreneta, the energy at the feminine, the Black Madonna, became a touchstone for all of us in our own femininity and what that means and has meant throughout time.  Clearly, on several occasions, we all sensed we had been a sisterhood before, and from this sacred trust arose all manner of self-knowing that would not have occurred without these places and people that only you could have brought together.  In our travels to many more beautiful and powerful places than I can recall specifically, what lingers is the personal revelations and a sense of connection throughout time, along with a heightened trust in my own intuition and knowing.  To spend the last two days with you and my sisters for the purpose of integration – through meditation, dancing, and truth telling – brought together all our experiences in a way that was so precious that I cannot imagine having missed it.  You are masterful. You are tuned in. You are, for lack of a better term, the real deal. You are on your path, following your guides and calling, which is to bring forth the confidence and power of other women so we may come together, envision the world our hearts know is possible, and carry on in our lives with a greater sense of purpose and ever-more love in our hearts.  I bow to your wisdom, your intuition, and your extraordinary skillfulness in the work you so joyfully and lovingly present to those fortunate enough to spend time with you in a life-enhancing journey where veils dissolve and spirits shine with clarity to do what we each came here to do.  Carry on, beautiful, amazing Fatima, and know that my gratitude is beyond words. ‘Thank you’ will never be enough… you are a most clear channel and skillful, heart-felt facilitator. I am already missing you and each of my new sisters but happy and grateful for all we shared! Aysha, Spain

“Needless to say, this was one of the best decisions I have made in long time. We started as a group of women that did not know each other as our common denominator was Fatima.  We ended the tour feeling we are all sisters, we feel strongly connected.  We all shared lots of laughter, fun, tears, knowledge, culture, delicious food and so much more.  These are all memorable moments that will stay with me forever.  I am still integrating within what this experience meant to me. There was so much to see, taste, smell, live, experience that’s hard to describe.  I can only say that by participating in this tour, I have been able to reconnect with my own inner fire, my own inner passion for life; which somehow it was dormant as a result of a decade of family and personal illnesses and hard times.  Now I feel vibrant, full of life again, somehow, I feel that a very little Flamenco dancer resides in my heart and when I have days that I feel like giving in, she wakes me up tapping her shoes and saying: -it’s time to Flamenco again!!!  Thank you so much Fatima for the unconditional love and dedication you have poured into the manifestation and execution of this exquisite journey.”  Sonia, Australia

“The tour was very rich in friendship and profound in its depth of communing with the sacred.  Fatima had done a lot of research into the Black Madonna, the Holy Grail and the Templars which provided greater context enriching the experience even more.  We stayed and ate at many interesting and diverse places.  Fatima was a responsible and excellent facilitator inviting us to reflect on our responses and what significance it might have in our daily lives back home. Thank you again for everything Fatima.”  Karina, Australia

“What an amazing, fascinating & transformative trip it was…in terms of commitments made, spiritual development & increased awareness of many things physical & spiritual , discussions enjoyed & just being in the company of like-minded positive group members. With your inimitable skill & attention to detail you arranged everything so thoughtfully so we were always comfortable on our travels. And we were blessed by the help of so many nice & cooperative people & restaurants etc. – of course we were! Thanks so very much for your leadership & teaching.”  Tina, England

“This was an amazing pilgrimage. Fatima’s selection of sites and meticulous organization of every last detail allowed us to feel safe, cared for, loved and fully supported and thus able to experience fully the power and sacredness surrounding the Black Madonna and the Holy Grail. The background and historical information on each site and area visited reflected the enormous amount of research undertaken by Fatima.  Fatima’s spontaneity and zest for life ensured that there was much fun and laughter particularly at meal times where we experienced beautiful Spanish food and wine. This together with the special bond travelling with soul sisters created so many special memories.  The 3 day immersion at the conclusion with meditations and dancing allowed gentle releasing of many old stuck patterns. I left feeling a wonderful sense of freedom and lightness.  Words cannot describe the gifts Fatima brings to this changing world. I would highly recommend this tour for anyone wanting fully supported transformation in an enjoyable way.”  Carolyn, Australia

“The trip was executed in a very professional, fun, loving way and manner by Fatima.  We were transported and elevated to some incredible places in Spain.  Thank you again, Fatima, and  your assistant, Aysha, and all other Participants, to make it a very memorable time for sure!  Wishing you the very very best, and thank you for ALL you have been and done for me.” Paloma, Mexico



Upfront:  $6,250AUD (US$4440)Twin Share  OR  $7,375AUD (US$5240)Private Room

Instalments:  $6750AUD Twin Share (US$4800)  OR  $7,875 (US$5600)Private Room


  • 15 days variously of teachings, intent, ceremony, deep conversation, breathtaking landscapes and sites
  • all program costs, excursion and entrance fees
  • historic information for sites visited
  • all ground, luxury transportation for duration of the Tour
  • 4-Star luxury accommodation (except for Montserrat).  Two Single Rooms available.  All others Twin Share.  Private bathrooms, wifi, vegetarian options, etc for 15 nights.  Double or queen-sized bed for couples booking is on a request basis and subject to availability and re-confirmation upon check-in.
  • ceremonies, initiations & meditations at sacred sites
  • the 2-Day Immersion in Girona
  • All breakfasts + 6 dinners 
  • Fatima’s expertise in her teachings as per ‘About your Guide’ above and that she will be weaving into the Tour as scheduled and spontaneously intuited.

The Journey also includes:

  • A 20-min Recorded Session with Fatima in the weeks before our Journey begins so she can feel into your needs and how to best support you on Tour, and how you can best support yourself.
  • Access to a Private Facebook Group – so we can connect pre-Tour (where you can ask Fatima questions and receive up-to-date info), during the Tour, and stay connected post-Tour.
  • Pre-Tour Group Call – so you have the chance to connect with everyone, share your intentions and learn how to best prepare yourself for Transformation
  • Post-Trip Group Call – to help integrate your experience and learnings once you’re back home

Not Included:

  • Airfare to/from Spain and airport taxes
  • Transport to / from airports
  • Personal costs such as laundry, taxis, postage, snacks, drinks outside of meals (including water, tea, coffee), alcoholic beverages, valet service, internet service (free in our hotels) and telephone calls
  • Passports (photocopy, just in case) + any Visas required
  • Medical/accident/travel/baggage/personal liability insurance to mitigate the risk of unforeseen circumstances, illness, etc.  It is highly recommended that you purchase insurance.
  • Excess baggage charges
  • Lunches & dinners (except as noted above), although food is INexpensive in most of this area of Spain
  • Tips for drivers, taxis, guides, restaurant staff
  • Travel from Girona to your next destination at the end of the Tour
  • 100% guarantee of gluten-free, vegan, gluten or dairy free options (Although we will do our best to assist and be attentive, please do be mindful when booking and bring the supplements you may need.) 
  • Private excursions, recreational activities not mentioned on the Itinerary
  • Any other item unspecified in the Fee or the Itinerary

We have chosen to not include all meals to allow you maximum freedom of both choice and exploration.

Questions?  Get on a call with Fatima for total clarity and to workshop things.  Please email admin@fatimabacot.com


Payment Terms

Payment can be made via clicking the button below for Paypal or Credit Card.

Direct Deposit or International Banking Transfers options available also.  Please email admin@fatimabacot.com



Upfront Twin Share

Price: $6,250.00

Upfront Private Room (only 1 now available)

Price: $7,375.00



$6750 – Double Room / $7875 Private Room

Individual and flexible payment plans are available. Please inquire immediately at  admin@fatimabacot.com

AUD$1000 – immediate non-refundable Deposit: 

Price: $1,000.00

Balance – due in instalments or one lump sum.

Suggested, Flexible Terms:

$1,438AUD Twin / $1720 AUD Private – Nov 12, 2019   
$1,438AUD Twin / $1720 AUD Private – Dec 12, 2019   
$1,438AUD Twin / $1720 AUD Private – Jan 12, 2020   
$1,438AUD Twin / $1720 AUD Private – Feb 12, 2020

Currency Converter is HERE

Payment in full is due 60 days before the start of the Tour…by 12 Feb 2020…unless otherwise uniquely arranged. 


Cancellations must be made in writing.
$1000 is non-refundable, whether upfront payment or part of instalments.
All refund requests subject to the following:

After 1 Feb 2020, 40% of full fee is non-refundable.
After 12 Feb 2020, 60% of full fee is non-refundable. 
After 1 Mar 2020, 80% of full fee is non-refundable.
After 12 Mar 2020, 100% of full fee is non-refundable.

No refund for unused portions of the tour, including but not limited to, missed meals, hotel nights, sightseeing and the 2-Day Immersion. 
Important Note

Fees are based on the exchange rate between the Australian Dollar and the Euro as at May 2019.  Should the rate fluctuate greatly before the start of the Journey in 2020, fees may need to be adjusted.


Important: Please review all Terms and Conditions HERE.

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