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Many people don’t know that how I came to work in this field is as a direct result of my very personal battles with anorexia nervosa, depression, suicidal tendencies, extremely low self-worth, a feeling of ‘not mattering and having no right to be alive’,  and an extremely crippling ‘inner critic’.   These arose out of many unresolved childhood and generational traumas that created tremendous internal suffering, self-sabotage and pain that I hid from almost everyone.  The shame was overpowering.

In my journey, I have used solely holistic approaches.  This admission is not to devalue allopathic approaches in a unique individual’s journey; it is only to share that although I did visit a psychiatrist once about 30 years ago, I instead ended up independently researching and choosing holistic, integrative perspectives and strategies all the way along.

As I continued, I came to consciously appreciate and heal these imbalances.  I learned that they were meaningful and important and were, in fact,  critical pointers to many inner gifts.  That is, they were less about ‘what was wrong with me’, and more about ‘what was uniquely right about me’.  It took me many years to validate and compassionately embrace this understanding, let alone feel compassionate towards myself.

And now, as I see the unprecedented stress, disconnection and breakdowns people are experiencing, I want to reach out on a grander scale to bring my story, caring perspectives and strategies to hundreds, if not thousands of people, throughout Australia….to help them to know there are so many options available to free themselves of anguish and pain.  Many ways to become whole, balanced, vital, alive, FREE.  To become your own best friend.

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