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Just wanted to say, Fatima, the (first) Money Masters talk and meditation/channeling was a phenomenal experience. Of course, so much to attempt to digest: comprehending it all will take multiple listenings. But, a most blessed contribution. Thank you.” D Edwards, California




As an accompaniment to my most recent Blog, ‘Personal Dignity and the Cabals of Control’ right HERE…..  This Series is an offering to assist others into deeper understandings of these dynamics….


…How is it that a small number of private shareholders owns the world’s central banks and that these are lethally connected to the World Bank, the Jesuits in the Vatican, and other overarching bodies?  How is that these bodies determine not only detrimental financial policies and trade agreements in sovereign nations, but are also directly related to our deteriorating personal rights and freedoms, our environment, stock markets, the launching of wars for profit and strategic influence, the demolition of economies and nations, freedom of information and expression, the manipulation of the gold supply……and more?


How did this totalitarian state of affairs come to be?

How is that these bodies consider themselves to be ‘above the law’, and operate as such?

Where do we go from here in the reclaiming of all our rights and our futures?

What do we do in a fast-changing, explosive global climate, with one revelation after another accelerating at unprecedented levels?


 The ‘Freedom from the Money-Masters Series’ proposes to address such questions as well as provide pathways forward.

In this timeframe of volatile change and in the black-out and deliberate dumbing-down occurring at the hands of corporate-controlled media, many are struggling between the old and the new, looking for clarity and empowerment. Although struggle for many is painfully reflected in the area of personal finances, the truth is…….it’s a much, much bigger picture than that.

In the Series, we will be traveling some historical markers, along with the stark results as reflected around the planet today, and looking deeply into ourselves at the consensually-created root causes, beliefs and distortions of Consciousness that have kept this state of affairs in place within ourselves and at large, in order to ultimately  free ourselves into the New.

We need to understand that Knowledge is Power, and that coming to understand how power has become concentrated in the hands of the few at the expense of the many………is Key in the re-evaluation and re-empowerment of ourselves….from the Inside-Out, first and foremost.

We need to be asking ourselves:

Who are we really?  How powerful are we really?

What is the Purpose of all that is happening?

What is my place in this?

What is the new story I can write for myself about my life, and for my children?


cosmic consciousness1THE 3-SESSION SERIES CONSISTS OF:

  • …..LECTURES:  3 X 55-minute Information-Rich Lecture (see following for extensive descriptions of Topics)
  • …..MEDITATIONS:  3 X 30-minute Dynamic, Heart-Based Meditation to release distortion and anchor Empowerment
    …..WORKBOOK:  to chart your own development as you progress



***SESSION ONE:    History with the Money-Masters ~ thoughts on how we got here

  • ‘Legally’ through numerous laws and the “money by debt-creation” model
  • Ideologically/Spiritually through the imagined fall from Grace and the subsequent default into perceived unworthiness, guilt and separation/disconnection from Source and the identification with false beliefs that keep us entrapped in victim-consciousness and the poverty cycle
  • The ages-old battle for control of the Earth

Other Aspects

  • The unpegging of the money supply from the gold standard, money by debt-creation, fiat money (90% of money supply through fractional reserve lending – there is no ‘money’), and the tie in to the City of London, the World Bank, IMF, Jesuits/Vatican, etc
  • The ownership of the world’s central banks (the Federal Reserve, the Reserve Bank of Australia, Bank of Canada, Bank of England among them) by a small group of for-profit, private interests who determine the money supply, credit, interest rates, inflation, depression, recession. These private shareholders have more power than elected officials
  • Hoarding of the world’s gold, silver, gems and jewels in the ongoing lie of ‘lack and scarcity’
  • The suspension of your Sovereign Rights and your tie-by-debt/servitude to those that control the Supply
  • The crippling distortion that is Unworthiness, Guilt and Servitude


***SESSION TWO:    our Present Circumstances and the Opportunity for Freedom

Thoughts on the old ‘Dominator’ Paradigm:

  • The consumption-based, Dominator Paradigm (ref Riane Eisler), with the 10% of the richest in the world owning 85% of the wealth, and 50% of the world’s population owning 1% – and enforced by whatever means required to manufacture consent and compliance
  • The pathology of: “I am my Money”, “I am my Things”, “Money is Freedom”
  • The ‘Shock Doctrine’ (ref Naomi Klein) and the dominance of the Corporations in every sector of our lives. Corporate rights superseding and destroying human, national, international rights…. and the sacred, biospherical balance of the Earth and all living things
  • Bank and corporate bailouts and licenses to continue with ‘business as usual’ at the people’s and the Earth’s expense for generations to come, reflected in home foreclosures, joblessness, further privatisation of the common interest into the hands of elites, bank bonuses, subsidies for big business
  • G20-decided austerities forced upon the people, the destruction of sovereignty and rights at large, systemic destruction of the middle class
  • Interest and the debt-money system of slavery
  • Record bank profits, $1.5 trillion spent annually on global military expenditure, juxtaposed against destruction of entire ecosystems and human beings, crippling poverty

The Opportunity for Freedom:

  • An awakening/awakened, activist global population
  • Our Apocalyptic landscape as the necessary means by which we see all that we have consensually created – and dynamically choose otherwise
  • Pluto in Capricorn and the breakdown of financial and governmental structures to 2024
  • Uranus in Aries and the lightning-like ringing in of the New and the uprising of humanity
  • Tracking where are all these breakdowns and challenges lead us
  • An internet connecting us and disclosing all
  • Following the money and the tyranny….
  • Whistleblowers galore exploding the lies and the cartels
  • Beyond ‘Us and Them’ ~ All is One ~ There IS no ‘Them’:  TAKE RESPONSIBILITY NOW
  • The forecasted time of the regeneration and renewal of Humanity and the Earth
  • The Power of Presence to dissolve distortion
  • Honouring all players and aspects as integral parts of our Collective Creation into a New Evolutionary Trajectory


***SESSION THREE:    Living the Radiant Life ~ Evolving into the New

  • Who you Really Are and moving powerfully through these times
  • Galactic Evolution, Transfiguration and Universal Consciousness
  • The Power of the Planetary Crystalline Matrix
  • Abundance as the natural state of the Universe – claim it, be it!
  • The New Earth Ascension Timeline of Universal Consciousness, Abundance and Peace
  • The Powers of Presence, Forgiveness, Acceptance, Heart Coherence and Thought to release all Victimisation and Fear
  • Thinking for yourself as a Sovereign, Eternal Being
  • Manifestation in Harmony with the whole
  • Conscious Engagement & Evolutionary Activism – grassroots support and organisations to empower you
  • DNA Transformation and Aligning with evolutionary energies to transform all aspects your life
  • Trusting and living from the Understanding that Empowerment leads to Supply




You will only need your computer and its speakers to listen live.  Links will be sent accordingly.



The Fee for  all 3 Teachings, 3 Meditations and Workbook is only $75: 

Price: $75.00

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