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Reclaim your Feminine Power and Unleash the Wild Woman Within

Eight Sacred Principles and Simple Practices
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Your journey starts here with your (FREE) Guide:  “How to Reclaim your Feminine and Unleash the Wild Woman Within”

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My 26-page guide is a powerful Introduction to…

The Eight Sacred Principles of Feminine Power:

  1. Owning your Feminine Power
  2. Embodiment
  3. Sexual Radiance
  4. Surrender
  5. Worthiness
  6. Erotic Intelligence
  7. Abundance
  8. Sovereignty

…plus simple Suggested Practices to heal yourself and step into your Feminine Power.

“Fatima, what an amazing thing that you and your writings and thoughts have landed in my path. Thank you for sending me what I need!  Your testimonials support your work, like big huge time.  I am glad you came into my life!”  DL, Canada  


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