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Empowering 21st Century Leaders & Workplaces into the 'Future-Position' Vantage Point necessary to navigate exponentially-accelerating disruption and uncertainty

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Languages Spoken:  English

Travels From:  Gold Coast, Australia


Suggested Topics

  • Women Leading with the ‘Worthiness Key’ from the Future-Position Vantage Point
  • Cultivating the Future-Position Vantage Point for High Impact Quantum Leadership
  • The Future-Position Vantage Point in the Mindful Workplace
  • Prometheus Unbound: The Creative Fire in a Blockchain/AI World

Fatima inhabits the global space as a speaker, trainer and catalyst of the ‘Future-Position’ mastery and mindset required as a vantage point to embed new systems and to creatively navigate radical change, as particularly expedited by technology.

She has consulted to and trained 1000’s of individuals in private, in groups and in the workplace throughout Australia, the United States and Mexico, and online globally.

Her passion is to support principled business leaders to conscientiously operate from a base of transparent stewardship, responsibility and agency to ethically chart the next 1-5 years with certainty, success and agility.

Working for many years earlier in her career in finance, Fatima well knows corporate culture and the urgency now of bringing new-paradigm, evidence-based, optimal approaches to business to improve creativity, problem-solving, performance, robustness and relevance in the 21st Century. 

Fatima brings an incisive, engaging manner to groups, powerfully bringing to light outdated patterns and operating models and mindsets, and pointing the way forward and how to facilitate it. She presents the quantum, revolutionary, science-backed strategies whereby clients may rewrite burnout, overwhelm, uncertainty, self-sabotage….and tap into the futuristic, ethical solutions required for all leading-edge businesses now. 

Her unique message will be specifically tailor-made for your group.

Fatima’s Topics Include:

Women Leading with the ‘Worthiness Key’ from the Future-Position Vantage Point

According to a February 2018 Forbes article, “…women are still lagging behind when it comes to leadership roles in business. Today, only 26 women are in CEO roles at Fortune 500 companies, making up 5.2% of the female population…”

With women so poorly represented in powerful positions, their voices, talents and perspectives are missing when it comes to the decisions that affect us in all areas of our lives.  They cannot contribute the solutions so required now to solve humanity’s greatest problems.
The article lists challenges with:  being treated equally, receiving support from other women, growing their revenues, confidence, speaking up, building alliances with decision-makers, becoming a member of the C-suite, asking for money, owning their success, dealing with ‘Imposter Syndrome’, perfection, re-entering the paid workforce and other issues.
  • Bypassing the historical and current ‘glass ceiling’ with the Future-Position Vantage Point
  • Addressing Imposter Syndrome
  • Future-Casting from the Reactionary Model to Creator Model
  • Eliminating sabotaging ‘scripts’ and patterns and confidently leading with Feminine Power and the Worthiness Key
  • Habit-change via neuroscience / neuroplasticity / epigenetics / nanotechnology
  • Heart Coherence science

Cultivating the Future-Position Vantage Point for High Impact Quantum Leadership

Business leaders have unique, highly complex challenges when it comes to running their organizations:  fluctuating financial trends, long hours, demanding shareholders, pressing staff issues, information overload, relentless globalization, migrating labor markets and the ruthless need for tighter margins.

And most particularly, as technology advances exponentially in blinding real-time, the goalposts are shifting radically. Leaders must steer their companies from the ‘future-position vantage point’ critical to confidently innovating, scaling and succeeding in the midst of volatile global uncertainty, disruption and dealing with the specter of irrelevance.


  • Reactionary Model to Creator Model
  • The Future-Position Vantage Point for outcomes in the now
  • Addressing Imposter Syndrome
  • Habit-change via neuroscience /neuroplasticity / epigenetics / nanotechnology
  • Heart Coherence science

The Future-Position Vantage Point in the Mindful Workplace

Workplaces are everywhere challenged within our global marketplace, and through leaders and staff burdened by overwhelm, anxiety, stress, tech-PTSD and rampant absenteeism, costing billions per year.  Science-backed Mindfulness is assisting companies and individuals the world over to bring agility, resilience and engagement, along with increased bottom-lines, better time-management and focus. 

Mindful Workplaces enhance adaptability, collaboration and significant leverage of human potential, along with improved Work / Life Integration and optimal wellbeing.  Workplaces with their Future-Position Vantage Point anchored take workplace cultures to new levels.


  • Introduction to the neuroscience behind Mindfulness
  • The Future-Position Vantage Point for transformed workplaces
  • How to recognise your stress triggers
  • 3 mindfulness tools and meditations to relieve stress and anxiety for mental and emotional clarity and focus
  • Mindfulness to enable greater understanding, collaboration and managing of multiple priorities

Prometheus Unbound: The Creative Fire in a Blockchain/AI World

Prometheus stole the fires of creativity for humanity from the gods and suffered eternal torment for it as it was deemed humanity was not ready for such power.  Are we ready now?

During her presentation, Fatima will share her perspectives on the exteriorization of consciousness through the internet, cryptocurrency, blockchain and AI, and how these are a manifestation of humanity’s powerful desires to be free from exploitation and control.

Fatima will be offering her thoughts on the ongoing break-up of ‘traditional systems’ through sustained, disruptive transformation and unheralded inventions, and that potentially point to a decentralized, living system of more freely moving ideas, commerce, identity, information, communication, and relationships – expedited by conscious technology.

In our liberation from older paradigms, yet knowing the dark side of innovation and our own human natures, Fatima will present her perspectives on:

  • 7 Key Business Principles:  Promethean, Evolved, Holistic, Connected, Integrated, Thriving, Legacy
  • How do we partner technological prowess with our best humanity and bring to the table ethical businesses, cultures and nations that value human beings, human capital, empathy and cooperation, or will the dystopian ‘dark side of the Force’ surface in another form? 
  • How do we ethically harness the Promethean Fire that is the opportunity within technological prowess? 
  • Like the Golden Fleece or the Holy Grail, what is the greater vision that we can imagine for ourselves in collaborative, thriving networks of more awakened mass consciousness?  
  • What is the better story we can now create to lead ourselves toward nothing less than the healing of our fractured, uncertain world?

Also Available re the Above Topics

2-4 Hour Experiential Workshops

Day Long Retreats

What You can Expect from Fatima

  • Prompt, professional replies to your phone calls and email messages.
  • A personal consultation prior to your event to better understand your audience.
  • A professionally prepared, dynamically delivered presentation focused on achieving the outcomes you want with your audience.
  • A custom resource page, exclusively created for your attendees, containing the slides used in the presentation, along with helpful links to books, articles and other resources.
  • A quick follow-up communication after the event to make sure your expectations were met.


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