Faith Without Works and Spiritual Bypassing

A huge ‘disconnect’ exists in some ideologies that there is a ‘New Earth’, out there, somewhere. 

That is, now that we’re done with this one and its challenges and chaos are all too much, ‘somehow’ a brand new one of pristine, utopian economies, oceans, people, forests, politics, reefs, technology, species, fish stocks, ecosystems, money, glaciers, religion, peace and gender will magically materialize. 

However, the changes we seek won’t simply come through prayer and visualization, and they certainly won’t come from anything other than what we choose to very pragmatically co-create.

Wishing simply doesn’t make it so.

Faith without works is dead, it has been said, and faith without works, along with spiritual bypassing, is most assuredly a contributor to the many challenges we face globally.

Ancient prophecies that spoke to the renewal and regeneration of humanity and the Earth said there would come a time when we could choose to galvanize ourselves, consciousness and all at hand, to make real that renewal and regeneration for ‘a New Earth’.

It was a potential and a possibility only, not a given.


If a beloved family member was convulsing in your living room, you wouldn’t simply meditate and visualize the best outcome whilst waving an incense stick…any more than firemen meditate and visualize that a blazing forest fire will somehow go away, or that rain will magically come whilst they sit in their firetrucks.

They may indeed be praying and the rains may thankfully come, but they are also engaged in focused action, as would you be for your family member.


The thing is, a ‘New Earth’ is a potential only.  A reflection of a beautiful world so many want….and that can manifest when we act to practically bring it into manifestation. 

It won’t simply be there on waking up one morning. 

Nothing that matters has ever happened that way. No architecture, music, painting or book. No piece of legislation, declaration or constitution. No ballet, rocket ship or civilization. No meal, haircut or organic rice milk. No right to vote, speech, be educated, own land, assemble, protest. No system, highway, heart transplant or house.


These have all been mere potential, inspiration and desire first, then claimed, oftentimes fought for, and then actioned into existence by sustained processes and efforts.


We have one Earth.  It is some 4 billion years old and is both ‘old and new’.  It simply is.  It brims with multidimensional capabilities and potential.  It has the scintillating, teaming materials, biodiversity, building blocks, possibilities and codes for all species and for whatever it is we want to manifest.

What does the renewal and regeneration of humanity and the Earth look like to you? 

What is that ‘New Earth’ potential in your Heart (economic, political, cultural, technological, environmental, for instance), and how are you pragmatically and practically participating in its on-the-ground, real manifestation?

Is there a disconnect that has you waiting for an event, something or someone outside yourself to materialize the various forms of ‘a New Earth’?


Faith without works is dead and spiritual bypassing a pox on us all.

Stop praying and get your hands dirty.

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