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...consciously leading from the 'future position vantage point' critical to ethically innovating, staying relevant and succeeding for profit, people and planet in the midst of volatile global uncertainty...

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Being the Eye in the Storm When all Hell is Breaking Loose

~ Leading from the Future-Position Vantage Point ~

Business leaders have unique, highly complex challenges when it comes to running their organizations:  fluctuating financial trends, older leadership models, long hours, demanding shareholders, pressing staff issues, information overload, relentless globalization, migrating labor markets and the ruthless need for tighter margins.

And, female leaders and entrepreneurs can also be faced with extra, unique challenges as they navigate still-prevalent gender bias. Unequal pay, sexism, bullying, boys’ clubs, less access to capital, doing more at home than their partners: these are among the well-documented facts that inhibit female performance and leadership pathways, and that sees their numbers dwindling as they navigate the business world.

For all leaders, and as technology advances exponentially in blinding real-time and calls for ethics and social responsibility in business increase, the goalposts are shifting radically.

Leaders must steer their companies to operate from a base of transparent stewardship, responsibility and agency in order to to ethically chart the next 1-5 years with certainty, success and agility in the midst of mounting volatile global uncertainty.

More than ever, as architects of the powerful, organizational foundations of their companies, leaders are challenged to:

  • secure and maintain competitive advantage in our increasingly globalized, borderless commons
  • transition their organizations from a potentially ‘Reactionary Model’ to an ethical, diverse ‘Creator Model’ for business, shareholders, people and planet
  • transform out of old-style hierarchical leadership into the quantum, future-seeing, conscious leadership now critical for success and relevancy
  • develop the leading-edge vision to chart the ‘Master Plan’ for the next 1-5 years

 Fatima Bacot

As a trainer and mentor to thousands over the last 15 years, Fatima Bacot assists her clients to powerfully and intuitively stay on top of their games and lives, with renewed vision, energy, clarity and purpose, and without burning out. 

Fatima’s Sessions provide the quantum, scientifically-based strategies for leaders to learn to conscientiously think, feel and behave as though the desired outcome for their companies had already happened and to pull that outcome into the present. In so doing, they are able to develop their company’s ‘Master Plan’ going forward, and simultaneously maintain adaptability, even when ‘all hell is breaking loose’.

Instead of blindly throwing more work, longer hours and more input at problems, with Fatima’s assistance leaders are better able to see the forest for the trees and the future with exceptional clarity. This only comes from being centred, present and masterful…..and knowing when and how to switch off.

6 Session Private Consulting Package

Fatima offers a 6-Session package that enables:

  • Certainty, agility and resilience in uncertain circumstances
  • Increased intuition for creative adaption and leveraging of human potential
  • Future-focused collaboration, innovation, differentiation, scaling
  • Exceptional, confident, on-point performance
  • Increased bottom-lines
  • Reduced procrastination, overwhelm, stress
  • Reduced anxiety, tech-overwhelm, depression, PTSD
  • Increased energy levels, better time-management and focus
  • Enhanced empathy, adaptability, calm and creativity
  • Improved Work / Life Integration.
  • Improved succession-planning


  • How and where are Sessions conducted? 
    Sessions can be in-person or online or via phone.  All Sessions are recorded.
  • Do I have to commit to 6 Sessions?
    Starting with 6 Sessions is an excellent way to embed new perspectives and strategies and start seeing powerful results.  Should more be required, this is easily done.
  • How often are we in Session?
    This can be discussed at the outset to determine existing commitments and availability

Contact Fatima Bacot

To inquire if the 6-Session package is for you or someone in your organization, please contact Fatima Bacot on:    admin@fatimabacot.com

Also Available

Fatima Bacot is also available to deliver speakers, seminars and workshops to address the above, modern workplace challenges.  If you would like to schedule Fatima to come to your organization, please email as above. 

About Fatima Bacot

In her own journey, Fatima has experienced the severe mental, emotional and physical stresses involved in running a business. Doing all things, wearing all hats, covering all bases. Sacrificing happiness. Workaholism.  Not enjoying her successes because of the need and the drive to innovate, differentiate, stay relevant, keep up in the face of ever-increasing competition, led her to burnout, overwhelm, and more seriously, depression, lack of resilience and motivation.  She felt like an  ‘imposter’.

She is committed to helping business leaders to be their very best so that they can cope with the rate of change, the competition and have the intuitive clarity, creativity and energy to solve the world’s biggest problems and serve humanity in conscious, ethical, uplifting ways.

Please contact Fatima on:    admin@fatimabacot.com

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