Ennobled Power, Passion and Purpose

Insulating ourselves from growth (whilst paradoxically chasing it at the same time) doesn’t work.  Life is about LIFE:  movement, change, exploration, growth, connection, creativity.  Birth, Death, Rebirth. 

When these cycles are paralyzed and stuck, our lives don’t flow.  And we can be stuck personally, nationally, collectively. 

But it can also be that in the grander scheme of things, we are living through the crossroads-time of being in-between paradigms, with uncertain feet in both camps. We may be simply traveling within the evolutionary wave that is taking us forward, like the movement from the Dark / Middle Ages into the Renaissance.

Only it’s happening much, much faster now. And we can’t insulate ourselves from it.  In our timeframe and lives, the New is exploding and explosive.

Most of us are continuing to delete and dissolve what we cannot take with us into the New, and that which we cannot delete is being transformed into fresh energy for ennobled Power, Passion and Purpose.

The Holy Grail in Spain Journey II takes us outside our known parameters, again and again into that Passion, Power and Purpose.  It’s core themes all magically intertwine for greater Life, Authenticity, Freedom, Beingness,
Creativity and Self-Realization. 

lt’s the journey and pilgrimage to step into one’s own Holy Grail. To heal the wasteland, just like in the myths of old…and to become our Truest Selves. To not just ‘reform’….but to find new Treasure, TRANSFORM and embody the Fire of a New Being.

We look for, and find, the Treasure Within…..whilst we walk the path of those who have walked in those very places before. For that richer, more embodied way of living and being that will come from stepping into the alchemical mysticism and magic of ancient and beloved Spain.

For these purposes and for many others, I invite you to consider undertaking September’s Holy Grail in Spain II ~ embodying the Sacred Fire.

Come, meet life with Passion and Fire again.  Awaken to your Truer Nature in the company of those seeking the same in these momentous times.

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