Dropping Conditioned Attention

Carlos Castaneda was an American anthropologist who met a powerful shaman (medicine man) called Don Juan Matus in 1960 whilst conducting anthropological field work along the US-Mexico border.  He subsequently became Don Juan’s pupil and later went on to write numerous bestselling books based on Don Juan’s teachings that have since been translated into 17 languages. 

Under the tutelage of Don Juan, Carlos learned about Three Forms of Attention:

The First Attention is culturally conditioned and confined to the world of our five senses.

The Second Attention orders the world of the unknown – that is, that which is beyond the limitations of our five senses.

The Third Attention integrates the first two, enabling us to access that which is otherwise unknowable.

As part of the Shift these last 30 years, we have been rapidly leaving behind reality based, for the most part, on the First Attention – that which is culturally conditioned and solely confined to the limited, mechanistic, materialistic world of our five senses.

Courtesy of the Shift, we are progressing into Third Attention territory, with the view to accessing all the more fully the world of the Second Attention.  This is ‘the territory’ from which inventors, creatives, visionaries, philosophers and mystics have always drawn their inspiration.

Many people, across a number of disciplines (be they scientific, spiritual, philosophical) are observing a re-booting taking place, where we are waking up to numerous levels of perception, feeling, desire, view, points of attention. 

Ancient calendars say it is part of a grander, orchestrated movement in order for Consciousness to reveal Itself to Itself, and for humanity to renew and regenerate both itself and the earth. 

However we experience this, and by whatever name, it represents an enormous re-booting of the system, of life as we have known it, and how we engage personally, culturally, socially, spiritually, technologically, politically, economically, collectively and more from here.

This re-booting will enable us to see ourselves and reality more clearly as time goes on.  (Right now it’s mostly messy and highly stressful for most people.) 

We shall have greater understandings of the nature of reality.  We shall see how reality is responsive to what we think, feel, say, believe, and how we act as a result.

“All matter originates and exists only by virtue of a force… We must assume behind this force the existence of a conscious and intelligent Mind. This Mind is the matrix of all matter.”   (Max Planck, Nobel Prize-winning Father of Quantum Theory)

Intelligence is everywhere.  Everything is ‘speaking’ and seeking to get your attention to play. 


How you can further drop your conditioned reliance upon the First Attention and, like the world’s inventors, creatives, visionaries, philosophers and mystics…come to access Second Attention understandings that will uniquely assist you to live a richer Life and that will support you to give your greatest Gifts in a thriving planetary consciousness?

Adapted from “The Acceleration & Flowering of Consciousness” © Fatima Bacot 2007

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