Diamond Sexuality Consultations

The dance of Sexual Energy within ourselves is the most powerful, creative Energy we can galvanize.

Learn how to ignite and flow the power of your Sexual Energy. Discover what's blocking you and what to do about it.

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Sexual Energy is deeply and intrinsically related to Personal Evolution, Wellbeing and Happiness. It is deeply connected to the unique and creative expression of your Soul Purpose in all areas of your Life, including your most intimate relationships with others.

The yin-yang dance of Sexual Energy is the most powerful Energy that we can galvanize. Unfortunately, Sexual Energy is also the most repressed, but because we come from Sexual Energy itself, from this very dance, it is vital to understand it and free it up for our Happiness.

Given all the conflicting patterns and messaging, this can be overwhelming even if you feel the need for change deep within. How you manage your Sexual Energy affects all areas of your life intimately. But….even if you are in pain and you know your relationships, work, health and finances are all crying out for assistance, the way forward can be fraught with fear, shame and confusion.

Sexual Energy is a dance of both Feminine and Masculine energies.  The Play of Consciousness Itself.  It is about Alignment with the Power and Worthiness of Who We Really Are. It is about Reclaiming Ourselves at all levels of our Beings… for when we are out of balance and not being true to who we are, we are unhappy, unwell, joyless.


The thing is, you are taught to KEEP AWAY from the Power of your Sexual Self:

  • You are NOT taught that what is ‘scripted’ and patterned deep within can make or break you in terms of your Sexual Freedom.
  • You are NOT taught how to embrace true Intimacy in yourself and in your Relationships
  • You are NOT taught that those deep, deep patterns set up pathways in your brain, body and emotions that affect every area of your life…including your Sexuality
  • You are NOT taught that Sexual Energy is a Bridge to your True Self and to Higher Consciousness, Wellbeing, Happiness and Abundance
  • You are NOT taught the relationship between your Sexual Energy and deep self-worth, self-knowing, self-respect….for Spontaneity, Bliss, Joy and Embracing Life!

Even many global personal development teachers have come to realize that although they have spent countless hours on personal and spiritual development, they remain disconnected, depressed, depleted, disturbed, angry and unsupported in their relationships, health, finances and self-esteem.

Without healing the deepest of levels of Sexual Energy in our chakras, emotions, DNA, in our upper and lower bodies…..we remain divided and at war with ourselves, our bodies, intimacy, finances, creativity, with others and with life itself. 

We simply cannot move forward.

To free up Sexual Energy is to free yourself into creating a new path for yourself entirely.


Are you longing to….

  • welcome true, conscious intimacy with yourself and in your relationships
  • understand, ignite and embrace the power of Sexual Energy
  • attract and allow Conscious Partnerships and Love into your Life
  • experience Union at all levels of Consciousness
  • be in touch with your body and emotions
  • experience the Divine Alchemical Marriage and the merging of the Sacred Masculine and Feminine
  • release ancient traumas, imbalances and embedded patterns that block access to who you really are, others, your happiness, prosperity, abilities and evolution
  • merge more deeply with yourself, your partner and your Soul / Higher Self
  • become cellularly anchored into your body
  • consciously evolve and establish clear boundaries and increased self-respect, self-worth and Joy
  • discover and live your Freedom, Connectedness, Prosperity and Multidimensionality
  • magnetize a new template and reality to truly live your JOY in Conscious Partnership
  • live your Soul’s Purpose to the full

…then it’s time to take a step forward into claiming your Sexual Energy

Book your Diamond Sexuality Private Consultation and let’s dive into:

  • Your Parental Sexual Model & History
  • Feelings about your Body, Emotions, Sexuality, Intimacy, Relationships, Creativity, $, Health
  • Where you feel stuck in terms of Sexual Energy as a Creative Force
  • Where you feel stuck in Relationships
  • Who you are, Gifts, Talents
  • Hopes, Goals & Influences
  • Your current connection to the Universal Source
  • Your current State of Manifestation Ability in all areas
What does your Consultation Cover?
a.  60-min Live Recorded Session with Fatima.  Diagnosis of imbalances, blockages and distortions.  Getting your queries and concerns answered.  Getting down to what steps you can immediately take
b.  Follow-up Daily Practice emailed to you within 24hrs, uniquely developed for you by Fatima over the course of another hour after your Live Session for the steps, formulas, ‘prescriptions’ and tools forward to:
  1. Dissolve what is uniquely blocking YOU;
  2. Open the door to reclaiming your Sexual Self and Sexual Energy..

Where are the Sessions Held?

Sessions are conducted either in-person or via Skype for recording purposes.  To download Skype for free, click here. All Sessions are recorded and emailed to you free of charge within 15 minutes of the close of the Session.


  • Fee for Recorded 60-Minute Session + Your Follow-up Strategy:
    Price: $495.00

Please email Fatima at admin@fatimabacot.com with any queries.

Please Note:

1. Cancellations: In the event that you need to reschedule, please give at least 24 hours’ notice, otherwise your Fee is forfeited.

2. Recordings: And finally, whilst every attempt is made to record your Session and works without fail 99% of the time, technology isn’t always guaranteed, as we know. If you want to be able to listen to the Session again in the days ahead, please make sure you have a back-up in place.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available also. Please follow the same Session Fees process most convenient to you (as listed above) and then send Fatima an email with the subject header “Gift Certificate” and the recipient’s name and email address. Fatima will be in touch with your recipient via a special email ‘gift card’. Gift Certificates are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

N.B. Please allow up to 2 weeks’ waiting time for your scheduled Session as Sessions are strictly limited to 2 per day at the present time.

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