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Total clarity for the Radiant Prosperity of your Relationships, Finances, Health, Career and Soul-Purpose

...for what you MOST need to know about magnetizing Prosperity...

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Prosperity is more than just about ‘Money’:  it is about YOU and your relationship to Self-Worth, Self-Value and Self-Love.  This relationship reflects your capacity to receive and is reflected in ALL areas of your Life.

Let me ask you…

  • how would Prosperity change your life?
  • how financially free do you feel? 
  • do you feel limited, stuck and broke, not just in your finances, but in other areas of your life?
  • do you believe Money is ‘not spiritual’? 
  • do you believe there isn’t enough for everybody?
  • do you hold yourself back in life through lack of confidence?
  • are you experiencing shame, embarrassment and feelings of being left out?
  • do you feel rejection and being unsupported in life? 
  • do you believe that people who are prosperous are selfish and greedy?
  • are you crippled by lack of self-worth and self-esteem?
  • do you feel you are working for hard for so little…to the point of exhaustion?
  • do you live in fear, survival, doubt, shame, guilt, loss?
  • do you lie to yourself about how you really feel about your life and wear a mask?
  • do you continue to magnetize what you don’t want in relationships, finances, health?

You are not alone.

Do you know you are holding yourself back with beliefs and toxic imprints that don’t support prosperity?  Beliefs you may inherited or picked up from your environment?

Prosperity relates to powerful feelings of esteem and worthiness.  These in turn create wellbeing and abundance in all areas of our lives.  They result in in good fortune, stability, support, resources, health, options, relationships and opportunities.

Prosperity profoundly symbolizes the relationship we have with the energy of creation, and with qualities of receptivity and allowing. It reflects the knowing, and trusting in, of our intrinsic worth and value.  And thus, it is about honouring ourselves and our deepest needs, and is deeply connected to Love.

When we are disconnected from our personal sense of worth and value to ourselves and to all existence, we close ourselves off from our Highest Good.  We become fearful, controlling, grasping, worrying, dysfunctional.  We betray ourselves and we end up bankrupt in numerous areas of our lives because we are disconnected from ourselves and our worthiness to receive.

To live in true prosperity involves replenishment into a deep and loving connection into our emotional bank accounts, our worthiness and an understanding of the Quantum Field and an Unconditionally Loving Universal Energy.  It involves knowing our inherent connectedness to all life, that results in the material and emotional resources to feel safe, comfortable and happy, as well as to feel fulfilled with what we are doing, creating and contributing from an authentic, true space.

In not being deeply connected to the worthiness, value and love deep within, we find ourselves chasing after the elusive ‘more’ to fill the emptiness, or we continually try to ‘fix what’s wrong’.

When we are out of balance and not being true to who we are, we are unhappy and cannot thrive.

The thing is, though…

We are not taught that what is ‘scripted’ and patterned deep within can make or break you in terms of your Prosperity in finances, relationships, careers, health, or in a workplace.  We may crippled by feelings of lack, fear, guilt, shame.

We are not taught that we are often asking for and focusing upon all the things we don’t want in our lives and that we think is a problem instead of focusing on what we do want.  This results in creating the same things over and over again. 

In order to free yourself, you need to discover what is uniquely blocking you internally so you can open the door to reclaiming and restoring Prosperity in ALL areas of your Life.

You must see how your old patterns are always seeking comfort in past behaviours that keep you trapped in loops that hurt and disempower, and that keep you broke in life.
In order to live at your next desired experience in your relationships, career, finances, health and sense of purpose, you have to let go of what no serves you.  You have to re-script yourself from the inside-out.
You have to take the journey within to where the ‘false you’ lives so that you can reclaim your prosperity.  Your True, Prosperous Self. 

What does Prosperity look, taste, feel and sound like to you?

Let’s find out!

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What does your Session Cover:
a)  60-min Live Recorded Session with Fatima, covering your challenges, where you personally feel stuck/unclear… and what you want to achieve in Career, Finances, Relationships, Health, Travel, Life Purpose.  Getting down to the bottom of what’s going on.  Getting your queries and concerned answered.  Getting down to what steps you can take.
  • diagnosis of imbalances, blockages and distortions;
  • clarity regarding all concerns and queries

b)  a Follow-up Daily Practice emailed to you within 24hrs, uniquely developed for you by Fatima over the course of another hour after your Live Session is completed for the steps, mindfulness meditations, formulas, ‘prescriptions’ and tools to:

  • Dissolve what is uniquely blocking YOU
  • Open the door to a thriving Prosperity in your specific key areas of life

The aligned focus that you get from working with Fatima…is priceless… It will change your life exponentially for the better, even if it’s already great!” DS, Australia

.Where are the Sessions Held?

Sessions are conducted either in person, or via Skype (for recording purposes).  To download Skype for free, click here

All Sessions are recorded and emailed to you free of charge within 15 minutes of the close of the Session as a complimentary service.


  • Fee for Recorded 60-Minute Session + Your Follow-up Strategy:
    Price: $495.00

Please Note:

1.   Cancellations:  In the event that you need to reschedule, please give at least 24 hours’ notice, otherwise your Fee is forfeited.

2.   Recordings:  And finally, whilst every attempt is made to record your Session and works without fail 99% of the time, technology isn’t always guaranteed, as we know.  If you want to be able to listen to the Session again in the days ahead, please make sure you have back-up.

Gift Certificates

Gift certificates are available also.  Please follow the same Session Fees process most convenient to you (as listed above) and then send Fatima an email with the subject header “Gift Certificate” and the recipient’s name and email address.  Fatima will be in touch with your recipient via a special email ‘gift card’.  Gift Certificates are valid for one year from the date of purchase.

N.B. Please allow up to 2 weeks’ waiting time for your scheduled Session as Sessions are strictly limited to 2 per day at the present time.

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